Volume 1 – Chapter 6 (Part 2)

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Li Yun snorted in her heart, his speech sounded really sophisticated and impeccable. He first illustrated what would happen if the Empress spared her punishment, then begged mercy for her. However, he never said that Li Yun shouldn’t be put into jail.

The Crown Prince sure was a ruthless man!

The Empress seemed to have long expected this situation, as she was not surprised at all after listening to the Crown Prince’s words. She didn’t say any words but showed a look of hurting while lowering her head. Then she looked at Li Yun again with a trace of pity in her eyes but replaced by solemnity after a blink, reproaching, “My son is right, with the Yun Royal family and bengong behind her back, she actually acts more and more wantonly. Yesterday she burned down Wangchun Tower, maybe on another day, she would even set a fire in the imperial palace. Bengong dear her a lot as her mother died early, but I have never thought she would be so anarchic and arrogant like this.”

The Empress’s words sounded vigorous as they conveyed her anger and disappointment. She paused and then continued, “Today, hundreds of people died in this big case, which really chills bengong. If bengong don’t punish her, I will be ashamed of being the motherly model of the nation as well as her aunt; His Majesty and the people will also feel upset about this, not to mention the Yun Royal family. So there are hundreds of reasons for bengong to put her into jail. His Majesty will adjudicate on her guilts!”

Muhou…” The Crown Prince looked at the Empress with his face full of grievances and pleadings.

The Fourth Prince watched the Crown Prince’s play and sneered, but didn’t say any word.

“Son you don’t have to say anymore!” The Empress waved her hand and undoubtedly interrupted the Crown Prince, “you are the Crown Prince, His Majesty and the Heavenly Saint Dynasty rest their expectations on you, you can’t be too soft and indecisive like a woman. Or how could you succeed His Majesty and rule the world? Yue’er is so anarchic that she actually committed such a crime, your pleading is killing her instead of saving her. As long as she would learn this lesson and mend the errors, she could understand you and bengong!”

Damn it! After hearing the Empress’ words, Li Yun was completely speechless!

She had thought the Crown Prince was cunning enough, while the Empress also didn’t fall behind. They were already not simple persons after living in the imperial palace for so many years! The Empress really got something as she could stay in the position safe and sound until now. While the Crown Prince might also survive many sneak attacks and plotting. Now both of them led a decent life, they must get something!

Their talking was the invisible blade without causing bleeding – one said she should be punished but interceded for her; the other kept repeating “the motherly model of the nation” and said the punishment was for her good.

Li Yun actually admired both of them! What was shameless? They proved that! She should really learn from them!

“What are you waiting for? Draw her down!” The Empress looked at those two imperial bodyguards, ordering in a dour tone, “put her in the jail of the Punishment Ministry and watch her carefully, let His Majesty decide how to dispose of her!”

“Yes, Her Majesty!” They responded immediately, then start to drag Li Yun outside again.

“I will save you, don’t be afraid!” The Fourth Prince said to Li Yun in a thready tone.

Li Yun was slightly moved but she didn’t say any words. People like to make promises, but only after they really fulfill their promises, that will count! She was not a person who could be easily fooled. If she fought back in the imperial palace, her guilts would be doubled by the Empress, at that time, those palace guards would set out. She was new here and knew little about the imperial palace, there seemed to be no way out for her…

Therefore, the calamity of imprisonment was inevitable! All right, she could take this opportunity to check if the jail of the Punishment Ministry was firmer than the National Security Agency. When in jail, she would wait to see if anyone would save her; if not, she could come up with ideas to save herself then!

Li Yun held grievances, but she had no choice! She quietly allowed the imperial bodyguards to carry her out.

It was also quite in the viewing platform, dozens of people were watching this scene. Several girls couldn’t suppress their joy and excitement, after all, one less rival to compete for the Crown Prince, how could they be unhappy? Even though Yun Qianyue could survive in the jail of the Punishment Ministry, the chance and support for her to become the Crown Princess would run short. On the other hand, would they allow her to survive?

While the Crown Prince and the Empress were quite surprised at Yun Qianyue’s silence. She acted so differently from before, no blustering or wrangling! They looked at each other and thought that this spoiled girl might be dismayed by this event.

The Fourth Prince always felt something wrong with Yun Qianyue today, but he couldn’t describe how and what. He just took a glance at the Empress and the Crown Prince, then lowered his head down, pondering.

“Haha, I win!” Suddenly a gay male voice broke the silence, sounding joyous. With that people heard that someone pushed the Go board away and stone pieces fell on the ground, then two stone pieces flew toward Li Yun. Accordingly, after two groans, the imperial bodyguards who carried Li Yun passed out one by one. Then Li Yun heard clothes rustling on the desk, it sounded like someone stood up and walked toward her. He strolled briskly and laughed, “Sister Yue’er actually shares the same part of my demeanor! Burning down filthy places like Wangchun Tower is a good deed! From my point of view, not only is sister Yue’er innocent, but she is also a great contributor! When I set fire in Hongxiu Tower (sounded like a whorehouse as well), then uncle Majesty commended and awarded me a lot!”

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