Volume 1 – Chapter 8

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Just after Ye Tianqing finished, there were dozens of imperial bodyguards dashing from all directions and then pointing at Li Yun with swords. At the same time, Ye Qingran and the Fourth Prince, who stayed very close to Li Yun, were also surrounded by these bodyguards. Obviously, these men were confidants of the Crown Prince, because they were loyal to him.

Li Yun was thrilled by them, just before the Empress ordered these imperial bodyguards to arrest her, they acted quite reluctantly. But now the Crown Prince just gave a word, they moved so quickly, looking like that they dared not disobey him. She didn’t understand why the Crown Prince would trouble the original owner so far. She looked at Ye Tianqing with fists clenched in her sleeves – he would better pray that he would not be caught by her, or he had to pay for her suffering today.

The Empress was naturally aware of that, so her face look bad, but she didn’t say anything to stop them.

The Fourth Prince then looked at Ye Qingran, seeming to ask “what can you do with this”.

The sullenness just stayed on Ye Qingran’s face for a short while, then he gave a faint smile and stroked at his clothes casually. Seeing his movement, all those imperial bodyguards were startled and stepped back vigilantly. Then he said slowly, “I have been out for only seven years, now the situation seems to have changed totally! In the past, people in the whole imperial palace plus the outside would be afraid of seeing me, then what happened? Who gave you the balls to point at me with swords?”

Though the last sentence sounded flat, the atmosphere in the viewing garden suddenly went down.

Those imperial bodyguards suddenly retreated one more step. Their bodies were shaking, and the swords in their hands almost fell. Because Ye Qingran stood so close to Li Yun that they dared not to approach, all they could do was to surround Ye Qingran and the Fourth Prince. Now they were looking at the Crown Prince Ye Tianqing, waiting for his next command.

Some present people recalled the old days. Seven years ago, who in the Heavenly Saint Dynasty would neglect “the Devil Incarnate” young Lord Ran? He never killed people and was always cordial to others; however, once he made up his mind to torture someone, he would make the person feel like it’s better to die than to live. He had plotted with countless people, and few in the palace could break out from his scheming; wherever he showed up, there would always be someone running away and evading meeting him. Even His Majesty could do nothing with him. Later, the Elder Prince of the Prince Moral family finally came out to assign him the task of going out to study and experience, and then the whole imperial city could settle down. In these seven years, people almost forgot about him. But now remembering what he had done before and seeing his fake smile, everyone felt thrilled inside.

Many a girl also remembered that some bold girls had shown their affection before this young Lord, and then they were thrown to the Lotus Pond by him. It was said that this was just an innocent trick, while for those boys who had offended him, he would do worse. Thinking of that, the light of admiration in these girls’ eyes towards Ye Qingran immediately decreased, but they were still fascinated by his handsome.

Li Yun admired his imposing attitude a lot, as he did nothing but people were all afraid of him. She thought again and was sure that he must have done something shocking before, so that those people were scared by him now.

“Well, Qingran, for these years you have been away, the situation is indeed different! These servants behave more and more unruly.” Glancing at these swords that pointed at him, the Fourth Prince continued, “you have come back now, teach these servants a good lesson for fuwang. Or with someone harboring them, they even forget who they really are.”

When finished, the Fourth Prince peered at Ye Tianqing.

Ye Tianqing looked expressionless, but his eyes got darker. He suddenly shouted at those imperial bodyguards angrily, “I have asked you to arrest Yun Qianyue, why do you point at fourth brother and young Lord with swords?”

“Please forgive us, His Highness!” Those imperial bodyguards were already scared by Ye Qingran, now hearing the Crown Prince’s words, they all threw away swords and kneeled down.

“A group of waste, get your ass move and put her into the jail!” Ye Tianqing was obviously irritated. He didn’t expect that those people who he had cultivated with efforts were so weak before Ye Qingran.

“… Roger that!” Those imperial bodyguards immediately got up and tried to catch Li Yun bypassing Ye Qingran.

“Too late, you think I will let you go so easily?” Ye Qingran put up a casual smile and waved his hand. A red light flashed through his hand, it was a small scarlet snake that flew from his sleeves. Instantly dozens of people screamed, dropped their swords and fell to the ground holding their arms.

A Carmine Lycodon Snake (possibly refers to the Indian wolf snake)? Li Yun got stunned; she didn’t expect to witness such a good thing in this place.

Watch out the snake!!!

Ye Tianqing’s face distorted, he reproached in a deep voice, “Ye Qingran, you hurt people in the imperial palace and go against my command publicly, what you want from that?”

The Empress was scared and turned pale as well, but she tried to be calm. She had never seen such a powerful snake.

Those girls around didn’t scream as they didn’t see clearly what Ye Qingran had just done but only found those people fell to the ground, several among them were even looking at Ye Qingran with admiration, thinking that whoever could win the heart of young Lord Ran would be the happiest girl in the world. When they observed that Li Yun was staring at Ye Qingran with enthusiasm (actually it’s because of that snake), they became quite jealous. Why could this anarchic and stubborn girl have young Lord Ran protect her? So annoying!

“It looks like that you have obtained some good things!” Seeing that snake obediently returned into the sleeves of Ye Qingran, the Fourth Prince laughed, ignoring the Crown Prince’s sullen face.

“I always get many good things; do you want to have a look?” Ye Qingran raised his brows and asked the Fourth Prince.

The Fourth Prince’s smiling face suddenly froze. He shook his head, “It would be better to leave these good things to those who need them.”

Ye Qingran snorted, “Look at you, you are as chicken as before. Get no balls.”

The Fourth Prince was irritated, he glared at Ye Qingran, “You get balls? All you know are simply some dishonorable things, or uncle Prince Moral wouldn’t have driven you away from the imperial city!”

“It was because I found this place boring, so I went to travel to refresh myself.” Ye Qingran refuted.

“Now that this place is boring, why do you come back?” The Fourth Prince questioned closely.

“Simply because the outside is getting boring, while the imperial city becomes amusing again now, so I came back!” Ye Qingran replied bluntly.

The Fourth Prince was provoked by his answer; he swung his sleeves and said indignantly, “You always have an excuse.” After that, he still felt unsatisfied, soon continued in a low voice, “You can say whatever you like if you could save Yun Qianyue from his hands today.”

“I don’t know why you are so keen to save her, out of affection or out of profits?” Ye Qingran moved his lips insignificantly, but the Fourth Prince could hear him clearly.

“It’s none of your business. Do you save her without purpose?” The Fourth Prince winked and said in a voice that only the two could hear.

“I…” Ye Qingran looked at Li Yun and found her staring at his sleeves; the corners of his mouth curved slightly. He turned to look directly into the inquiring eyes of the Fourth Prince, chuckled and then became serious, responding without any feelings, “It has nothing to do with you!”

“You…” The Fourth Prince was too angry to say any words, he could only curse secretly. Even if this little devil could go out for more than ten years to study and experience, he would still be the same.

They were absorbed in battling with each other, totally forgetting the furious Crown Prince and the surrounding moaning imperial bodyguards.

“Ye Qingran, you hurt people publicly and went neglect the command of the Empress and me, what on earth do you want to do? Do you hear me? Being away for seven years, I have thought you would behave yourself, now you are even more anarchic!” Ye Tianqing only saw they moved mouth but heard nothing; moreover, no one paid attention to his words, so his face looked worse. For so many years, there was one who dared to go against him. While this hateful Ye Qingran dared to oppose him as soon as he returned.

“I’ve heard you, brother Crown Prince, you spoke so loudly that even the surrounding plants quivered. I am so scared! But brother Crown Prince, you really have no tender and protective feelings for the fairer girls. Anyway, sister Yue is an outstanding beauty. Even if you don’t like her, how could you be so ruthless to put her into jail? You are ruthless, I am not. I cherish those fairer girls most. I am unwilling to see an alluring flower wither in the jail. What a pity!” Obviously, Ye Qingran didn’t care about the Crown Prince’s words. With several sentences, he offset the killing intention of the Crown Prince instantly.

Here the Fourth Prince was cursing in his heart – Ye Qingran was too shameless, would he have tender and protective feelings for the fairer girls? Nonsense!

The Crown Prince flew into a fury, and there were blue veins swelling in his forehead. He fixed his eyes on Ye Qingran, but the latter still looked cynical. Then he oppressed his fury gradually, turned his head away from Ye Qingran and accentuated slowly, “You just returned, let’s put this aside.” After that, he looked at Li Yun and said, “people always say that a femme fatale will bring disasters. Today you almost achieved in arousing conflicts between us brothers, though I have intended to teach you a small lesson, now it seems not enough.”

Li Yun was completely expressionless towards this man; she just looked at him indifferently.

“Come forward, my secret bodyguards, put Yun Qianyue into the jail of the Punishment Ministry. If she dares to resist, take her down regardless of death or injury. If someone wants to help her, arrest him as the accomplice regardless of any consequences.” His voice was not loud but full of power. The vicious light in his eyes was quite obvious. Now he finally demonstrated the advantages and majestic presence of being the Crown Prince of a nation.

As soon as he finished, over a hundred of people in black suit dashed out from all directions, and they bypassed Ye Qingran and the Fourth Prince and surrounded Li Yun in a short while.

Li Yun remained static because she knew once she moved she would die or get injured at least. Seeing these secret bodyguards summoned by the Crown Prince, Ye Qingran pouted his thin lips, his eyes also looked dim. He didn’t anticipate that Ye Tianqing would press Yun Qianyue so far, and he had attempted so many times, but Ye Tianqing still refused to make a concession. With hands clenched, he was thinking about whether to take action or not. He could save Yun Qianyue easily, but the consequences would be not optimistic. Ye Tianqing would definitely accuse Yun Qianyue of being a femme fatale that aroused conflicts between them brothers, which was guilt much more serious than burning Wangchun Tower. His Majesty would never allow this to happen. He was not a kid anymore, so he couldn’t go too far. If he went against the Crown Prince publicly in the imperial palace or killed anyone here, His Majesty would not let him go easily.

Considering this, Ye Qingran lowered his head much to his annoyance, thinking about solutions.

The Fourth Prince looked at these secret bodyguards with his mouth slightly curving. Even if he could not Yun Qianyue today, he was half successful by inducing Ye Tianqing’s secret bodyguards to show up. As for Yun Qianyue, he chose to wait and see how this little devil would do with her.

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