Volume 1 – Chapter 9

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The chilling kill intention of these secret bodyguards shrouded the entire viewing garden, a dead silence fell.

Those rich young ladies all turned pale out of fear, they usually fought with sisters-in-law and concubines over trifles at most, how could have they witnessed such a thrilling scene before? Apart from the admiration, awe and horror also developed in their hearts when they looked at the Crown Prince again, so they subconsciously stepped back.

The Empress did not say any word since Ye Qingran intervened in this matter, and now she simply stood by and watched them.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect brother Crown Prince to be more and more powerful in these seven years. These secret bodyguards are all first-class men of sacrifice! I haven’t had a fight for a long time, let me try these secret bodyguards. ” Ye Qingran looked up and gave a relaxed smile.

Ye Tianqing looked sulk and he warned, “This is not a joke, think it through. Not everything can be a game.”

“Okay, so dull. Seeing sister Yue is in danger, I have thought about being a hero to her rescue; therefore, she would put her true heart on me instead of brother Crown Prince. Then I can learn how it will feel when someone has a crush on me. But brother Crown Prince refuse to give me the opportunity, I am so sad.” Ye Qingran immediately put on a sad face and took a glance at Ye Tianqing with bitterness.

Ye Tianqing looked better as he heard no more opposing comments, so he just ignored Qingran and waved to these secret bodyguards, the latter took Li Yun out accordingly.

“Muhan, you own sister is going to be imprisoned. As her elder brother, you simply sit by and do nothing? People would even think of me as her brother!” Ye Qingran looked at the meditating young man who was still sitting steadily beside the jade table and staring at the board and pieces.

Li Yun was stunned and looked at that man. Was he her elder brother?

The Crown Prince also took a glance at that man, and then his expression changed slightly.

“Yeah, the two of us are fighting hard to save sister Yue but failed, you, as her elder brother, should act so indifferently.” The Fourth Prince looked at that young man as well.

Hearing their words, that man slowly raised his head to take a casual look at them, and then turned his gaze away, saying without any emotions, “Yue’er has His Majesty as her uncle, Her Majesty as her aunt, grandfather is sick in bed but still clear-minded; moreover, she has just made some small mistakes. So is there any need to send out the secret bodyguards of His Highness to arrest her? They are making a big fuss over a minor issue. I just find it really unnecessary so I stand by. She is just a little fragile girl. Whoever in this place has killed more people than she does, are we all guilty?”

Li Yun gave a sigh of praise secretly, ha, this was the true awesome man.

Ye Qingran went blank and then burst into loud laughter. His voice regained boldness and he seemed very happy, “That makes sense, you are absolutely right. Brother Muhan, I used to underestimate you, hahaha…”

The whole viewing garden was full of his laughter, and he looked at Yun Muhan as pleased as punch, “Exactly, whoever in this place has killed more people than she does, and she just made a small mistake. There is no need to send off the secret bodyguards. Not to mention that uncle Majesty, Her Majesty, and Elder Lord Yun are still alive, who dares to bully sister Yue? Haha…”

Looking at the serious Yun Muhan and complacent Ye Qingran, the face of the Crown Prince was getting more and more sullen.

Ye Qingran ignored the sulking face of the Crown Prince, waving at Li Yun delightfully, “Sister Yue, just go to jail and live there with an easy mind! The jail of the Punishment Ministry is a good place, not everyone can go there. Brother Crown Prince is offering you a favor, because if you are arrested, the gossip will stop soon, and then you will be free after having a good time in jail. As long as uncle Majesty, Her Majesty and the whole Yun Royal family won’t fall from power, who dare to kill you?”

After that, his eyes suddenly lit up, “If you find it boring to live alone in jail, I can be your companion. Okay, it’s deal; do you know how to play dice or madiao*? Crickets Fighting or Mahjong? Or…”

Crickets Fighting

“Ye Qingran!” The Crown Prince interrupted Ye Qingran in a sulk.

“Go, let’s live together in the jail of the Punishment Ministry. The more I think about it, the more interesting it is. You can rest assured that with me, you will definitely have fun and won’t get homesick at all.” Ye Qingran neglected Ye Tianqing, turned around and strode towards Li Yun. He waved away the Crown Prince’s secret bodyguards then pulled Li Yun away, and he didn’t forget to call to the Crown Prince, “brother Crown Prince don’t have to send people to lead us, I know the jail of the Punishment Ministry very well, naturally know how to go there. Ah… I haven’t been there for seven years. Are those guards be replaced? Do they remember me? We can have a drink… ”

Li Yun snickered and thought: this guy is really a small devil who fears no one!

Those secret bodyguards looked at each other in dismay and then all looked to the Crown Prince, waiting for his next command.

Ye Tianqing couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up and shouted at Ye Qingran, “Ye Qingran, enough! Don’t take my act of connivance as a sign of weakness. You are more and more arrogant and even defy me in public now. What else do you want to do?”

Ye Qingran stopped, a glimmer of homicidal light revealed in his eyes and then disappeared in an instant. He turned his head slowly and looked at Ye Tianqing’s angry face and smiled, “How dare I defy brother Crown Prince? I can see with my eyes that today you are wearing the Crown Prince court dress. This bright yellow dress is indeed conspicuous, and in Heavenly Saint Dynasty, only you are eligible for it except for uncle Majesty. Even if you lend me ten lives, I dare not to disrespect you.”

His words didn’t calm Ye Tianqing down at all. After staring at Ye Qingran for a while, Ye Tianqing slowly stepped toward Ye Qingran and Li Yun calmly. Everything seemed ordinary, but his steps were carrying a strong murderous intention.

Li Yun looked away to appreciate the scenery, as she didn’t want to see this man anymore.

Seeing Ye Tianqing approaching, Ye Qingran’s look changed slightly, his hand which grabbing Li Yun’s under the loose sleeves also tightened and then loosened. He put on a casual look, smiling at Ye Tianqing.

Before Ye Qingran and Li Yun, Ye Tianqing gazed at Ye Qingran for a moment and said plainly, “I am really curious, how does sister Yue make the Devil Incarnate of our Heavenly Saint Dynasty strive to protect her?”

“Strive to protect her?” Ye Qingran rolled his eyes, “I don’t even try my best OK? If I have done my best, could she still be here? She would have been sleeping in the Yun Royal family’s boudoir now.”

“Then you can have a try!” Ye Tianqing narrowed his eyes.

Ye Qingran also squinted. He seemed to be irritated by this entanglement, speaking slowly, “Since brother Crown Prince are so generous, it would be fine for me to have a try. But if these secrets bodyguards all fail, brother Crown Prince should not cry in front of uncle Majesty and say that I bully you.”

Ye Tianqing’s glaze looked malicious, and he stared at Ye Qingran with his mouth puckered but said nothing.

Ye Qingran’s fingers suddenly moved as he was going to start the fight. Li Yun, who had remained quiet for a long time, suddenly shook off the hand of Ye Qingran and said in an indifferent tone, “Alright, just the jail of the Punishment Ministry? I will go there.”

She didn’t believe that the ancient jail could stop her!

Ye Qingran got stunned and turned to Li Yun. Ye Tianqing also looked to Li Yun.

While Li Yun ignored the two but turned and left right away. She was not a fool, though she was new here, she had figured out her situation now. If she really aroused conflicts between these two cousins, then her arson would turn into a terrible crime. By that time, her survival would be a problem. Even if she had the ability to escape from the jail of the Punishment Ministry, those imperial nobles would never let her go easily. The loss outweighs the gain.

“Keep up, take Yun Qianyue to the jail of the Punishment Ministry!” Ye Tianqing still clenched his fists in the sleeves; as long as Ye Qingran acted, he would fight back.

Li Yun’s behavior amused Ye Qingran, the latter wore a slight smile and thought: this little girl is much more interesting than seven years ago.

Those secret bodyguards got the order and then immediately stepped forward to take Li Yun.

The Empress turned her gaze away and gave an imperceptible sigh, a trace of sadness and sorrow crawled over her eyebrows. The elegant and majestic Empress dress also looked dim because of her expression change.

Those girls who were scared to paleness got excited again: Yun Qianyue, this time even young Lord Ran cannot save you; once you get into the jail of the Punishment Ministry, don’t think about coming out alive.

The Fourth Prince stared at Ye Tianqing and seemed to think of something, his expression kept changing from time to time.

The silence fell in the viewing garden again, only the footsteps of Li Yun being taken away could be heard, neat and in order.

Just then, an elder eunuch rushed from a distance. He was about 50 years old but in very good shape. What he was wearing was the eunuch suit of the court general manager, besides, he held a horsetail whisk. He breathed heavily while running, and in a short while, he was near them and stopped those secret bodyguards.

Ye Tianqing frowned when seeing the old eunuch.

Ye Qingran suddenly became cheerful, “Lu gonggong*, I haven’t seen you for a long time, do you miss me?”

“Oh, young Lord Ran, I miss you a lot, of course. When you have been away for seven years, I have been thinking of you day and night, hoping that young Lord will come back soon!” This elder eunuch looked at Ye Qingran and smiled like a blooming flower. Then he took a bow to the Empress, Ye Tianqing, Ye Qingran, the Fourth Prince, “Pay my respects to Your Majesty, Your Highness, young Lord Ran, the Fourth Prince… …”

“Lu gonggong, what could take you from serving fuwang but come here in person?” Ye Tianqing relaxed his voice and asked.

“Your Highness, I am afraid that only I could handle the errands that Prince Jing had assigned. If others work for me and screw it up, my days will be miserable.” After responding to Ye Tianqing, Lu gonggong neglected the killing intention from those secret bodyguards and turned to Li Yun, smiling, “Prince Jing told me to inform Miss Qianyue that he knew Miss Qianyue have come to the gathering of appreciating poems today. He is playing Go with His Majesty and a round is about to end. Please Miss Qianyue wait for him at the gate of the palace. He will go to the Yun Royal family with Miss Qianyue to visit Elder Lord Yun.”

Translator’s notes:
madiao*: a kind of card game in China, the predecessor of Mahjong

gonggong*: the respectful way of addressing a eunuch who has had his testicles removed.

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