Volume 1 – Prologue

The Heavenly Saint Dynasty had been thriving for more than one hundred years, its emperor was wise and the officials loyal; the whole country was rich and strong, and the people lived and worked in peace. It was the largest country in the Divine Mainland. With a hundred years of prosperity, the Heavenly Saint Dynasty had never been kept up with by small countries, which could only pay tribute as auxiliary countries every year.

However, behind its prosperity, the hidden troubles and grafters were increasing. It was exactly in the period of throne shifting, so beneath the peaceful surface lurked many schemes and secrets. Among those powers, the Four Royal families – the Rong Royal family, the Yun Royal family, the Prince Moral family, the Prince Filial family were the most striking ones.

The emperor was getting old, while the Crown Prince and other princes were at their best ages. Those old Royal Highness of the Four Royal families gradually withdrew from the historical stage, and a new generation of youngsters carried on and stood out.

The young men of the royal families were all talents of both literary and military capacity. While behind, they plotted against each other and brought about numerous terrors. But no one would expose himself in broad daylight. Therefore, the situation stagnated.

Li Yun, the youngest and most talented general of the National Security Agency, once died for the country, and her soul fell into another world. As a result, she was reborn in the Yun Royal family in the Heavenly Saint Dynasty, as the only daughter of the first wife, Yun Qianyue.

Her arrival would bring a breakthrough.

Volume 1 - Chapter 1 (Part 1)
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