Chaper 229 – The Tournament(29) (Part 1)

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[For: 4, against: 0]

[Entering the stage.]

We arrive on a desolate wasteland.

Under the cloudless blue sky and the boundless wilderness, I can’t help thinking that this place was haphazardly made by the gods.

Fortunately it’s very spacious because the horizon can be seen no matter which direction you look.

Our opponents stand 200 meters away from us.

Those guys should be the stage’s targets.

I was a little surprised when I saw the message showing that the gods created this stage specifically to test me.

The gods are unable to accurately measure my capabilities.

It’s been like this for quite a while.

Kirikiri, who had warned me that a stage would be extremely difficult, had to shed tears of sadness in front of me when I returned after easily clearing the floor.

Although, she only cried because we had betted on cake.

It is unknown what gods have prepared to test me or whether their arrangement can properly measure my capabilities.

So I believed that my opponents on this stage would adapt to the corresponding strength of the challengers.

But the gods’ method is way simpler than I thought.

They prepared a welcome ceremony for me.

My enemies are donned in the same clothes with the same two swords as me.

Using my face and body, they exude the same pressure as me.

It’s a great choice.

The most recent actual threat I faced is the mirage on the 17th floor during the 35th floor trial.

The easiest method to measure my strength is to create a mirage with the same powers and magic as me.

The mirage I met on the 17th floor had better equipment and abilities, but I still managed to get the upper hand.

However, I’m not confident I can surpass these guys.

[In 600 seconds, the stage will start.]

“Big bro… Those things look just like you.”


There are 6 mirages.

It matches the number of contestants.

Do I have to overcome not only my own mirage, but the mirages that spawned as a result of this party?

I don’t know why there are six mirages.

“Listen, everyone.”


“Run away. Don’t look back. Don’t stop until you reach the end of the stage.”

I point in the opposite direction of the mirages.


The frog begins to run the moment I finish speaking.

Soon after, Lee Hyung Jin also starts sprinting.

The frog is quickly overtaken by him.

The next one to run is John.

It becomes clear which players are from hell difficulty based who’s escaping immediately.

Oh, I see. They both just hate Lee Joon Suk.

Maybe they don’t like Lee Jin either.

“What are you doing? You guys should go too.”

Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin, who are dazed staring at the two hell difficulty challengers and frog fleeing, start running away themselves.

Lee Joon Suk sprints with Lee Jin in his arms.

Flashes of electricity and light on his body seems to come from a mobility technique related to his lightning power skill.

After seeing them off, I slowly walk towards the mirages.

A transparent barrier between us blocks me since the stage has yet to start.

I lean close to the barrier to observe my mirages.

“How exciting.”

[This could be extremely dangerous, warrior. ]

[Why don’t you call those people back? They can be used as disposable shields.]

[Or they can be used to test the capabilities of the mirages.]

Ahbooboo and Seregia say one thing after another.

“No. Their presence will only hinder me.”

[We don’t know what kind of mirages these are. On the surface, they seem to have the same level of strength as you, warrior, but I can’t estimate their hidden potential. Since they’re the creation of gods, they may be stronger than you, so your choice needs to be carefully considered.]

[The stage will begin after 540 seconds]

“Don’t be a wimp.”


“It doesn’t matter if they’re made by gods or whatever. As long as they only equal me in power, I’ll win.”

* * *

[Stage will soon begin.]

[What’s the plan? ]

“To try my best.”

I don’t know since when.

I have been concealing my limits.

I don’t know my upper limits because I’ve never come close to it, so even the gods should be unable to calculate my limits either.

What was my reason for it?

Maybe it’s because a martial arts magazine had advised readers to keep their skills hidden.

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t want to show off everything.

But more important than that, I have yet to meet a situation where I’m pushed to my limits.

No matter what kind of situation I come across, there is no need to preserve my spare energy if it’s dangerous enough to warrant my full strength.

What’s more, I have no reason to hide my potential when the gods gracefully sent six mirages to measure my strength.

My soul sword exits her sheath.

Ahbooboo soars around my area to assist me.

[This is bad. Those mirages possess the exact same swords as you. Are they all fakes? Just copies of me, right? ]

Ahbooboo complains.

Perhaps they are.

I first met Ahbooboo inside the stage, but he became my reward for successfully clearing the 26th floor.

Maybe the Ahbooboo that the God of the Sky gave me is genuine.

Maybe not.

[The stage commences.]

As soon as the message appears, I rush forward.

I rush towards the mirage positioned on the far right.

The mirage spreads Talaria’s Wings and brandishes his swords.

It’s not surprising that the mirages possess the same power skills as me.

I activate my skill as our sword auras collide.


Blink is one of my oldest skills, I received it after clearing the 2nd floor.

I’m experienced enough to use it as easily as breathing.

I blink in the same location, but in a different stance to slash down the mirage’s blade .

But the mirage wields his sword again without yielding to my offensive.

I underestimated the enemy.

I sacrifice my right arm to brandish the sword with my left arm.

My slash creates a trail of aura that tears the space along with the mirage into pieces.

The mirage shatters upon death.


A trivial end.

Vital organs like the heart and neck are in pieces so his resurrection isn’t a worry.

“Isn’t he much better than I’ve heard?”

One of the mirages whispers.

Despite losing one of their comrades, the other five are indifferent.

“He’s more reckless than the rumors stated.”

“We’re reduced by one from six, but he sacrificed one of his arms in turn. I can’t count that as a fair trade.”

Listening to their snarky remarks, I’m furious at how dense they are. 

I snatched my right arm that was sent flying in the sky.

I ripped off the sword equipped on my right arm by holding the arm in place with my mouth and grabbing it with my left hand.

“Don’t be too hasty, challenger. We only came to measure your limit. We have no intentions of harming you. ”

“Are you guys apostles?”

I inquired about the mirages.

“Why do you think so?”

“If you guys were truly my mirage, you would not be so weak.” 

Several mirages laughed.

What a bunch of nuts.

If these guys were truly my mirage, they would never die so easily.

In fact, the mirage who just died had sensed the attack from my left hand.

But he couldn’t resist it.

I would have stopped it.

I’m capable enough to stop it.

But the mirage couldn’t.

He had the leisure to react and should’ve recognized the attack beforehand. 

Despite knowing this, he still didn’t react so he must’ve believed he could’ve resisted it.

He must have thought he could take or evade my attack and then he prepared his next move.

My true mirages would’ve stormed me the moment I rushed over to one of them.

Instead of standing there and laughing like this.

They are not my mirages.

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Chaper 229 - The Tournament(29) (Part 2)

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