Chaper 229 – The Tournament(29) (Part 2)

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They’re just people who put my body on.

So it’s easy to guess who these people are.

Gods cannot directly interfere to that level, so their disciples must be in control.


One of the mirages confirms my suspicions.

Their arrogant tone is really unpleasant.

I recall the mirage I faced on the 35th floor.

My current situation is opposite to the 35th floor.

My mirage rivaled me in skills and power, but my experience was superior.

This time they have superior experience.

I calmly analyse the situation.

They can use my powers from a higher realm, but they also have limits.

 Note: This is a repeat of floor 35, I’ll try to look at the world again to see if it’s truly realm. I recall one of the definitions we had was “state of being”. I believe it something like “different dimension” or “different level” in terms of power scaling. I’ll continue to work on this. – GodlyCash

My limit is their limit.

This is a confrontation between apostles who can use my powers from a higher realm and me using my powers more skillfully.

“This will be fun.”

Firstly, let’s upset the situation.

I mold my aura in the air and spin it.

“Stop, challenger! We’ve only come to test your limits! “

“Lalala, I can’t hear you~.”

“We should subdue him before testing him.”

The mirages speak a few words to each other then spread their wings and rush towards me.

Aside from them, I sense an additional threat from a different direction.

I know what that threat is.

My technique, Spatial Rift Mind Slash, unfolds before me.

When I used it, I never noticed that the technique was so conspicuous.

It seems necessary to improve this skill to be more covert.

After breaking through the barrage of Mind Slashes, I calmly attack the apostles.

It’s clear that the apostles have yet to familiarize themselves with my strength.

They’re trying to unleash attacks that exceed my limits, so they repeatedly miss opportunities.

I can’t overwhelm all five of them at the same time, but I can maintain aura spheres with one arm alone.

Designate Opponent, that increased my power proportionally to my opponent’s level, and Perseverance, which increased my strength proportional to the number of enemies, are very helpful here.

Zit Pop is almost finished.

The apostles that had rushed at me in irritation and impatience start to form faces of discomfort and embarrassment. 

Now, they step back with obvious panic, unlike the beginning.

However, they did not try to stop my Zit Pop.

The apostle formed their own aura spheres.

They were invisible, but those must also be Zit Pop.

You guys want to perish with me?


“Let’s go to hell, you bastards.”

The invisible aura spheres start to glow from the generated heat.

“Zit Pop.”

* * *

Another flash.

Under the collisions of Light Swords, everything burned and everyone was blinded, but those problems were insignificant.

Everything in this area has already been consumed by flames.

The empty wasteland can no longer be found as a result of being melted by flames.

Sensing that the whole space is filled with light and heat, this is what I envisioned hell to be like.

No, the God of Light would enjoy this so it’d be heaven to certain gods.

I can leisurely sort my thoughts thanks to my light sword.

The first two forms of Light Sword can be simplified as stabbing and slashing.

As the friction between the accelerating aura intensifies, so does the dissipating light and heat.

The destructiveness of this skill is far beyond the capacity of the users.

If used improperly, the user will be in a more perilous situation than the enemy. The user will not be safe even if the technique is used successfully. It can still be considered a suicidal technique.

It’s very powerful, but it requires too much focus and skill to use.

By the time I mastered the first two forms, I considered discarding the technique.

If the knight on the 16th floor hadn’t mentioned the peculiar third form, I wouldn’t have continued to hone it.

The third form of light sword returns to its foundation as a defensive swordsmanship.

Light Sword is a technique that burns and destroys everything including the user, but the third form is a defensive technique.

It is counterintuitive.

I once thought that this insane technique was created to destroy the world and see who would survive in the end.

The completion of the third form requires me to rotate the energy.

The third form is the sustainable use of Light Sword.

An omnidirectional attack.

It doesn’t matter where I direct the technique, everything will be destroyed by the Light Sword.

So I twist and rotate this force, turning myself into the eye of a typhoon to escape from the storm.

When I was left with no power and a weak body on the 35th floor, I used Light Sword to slay the demon king.

“Time Confinement.”

I use Time Confinement again.

As time slowed down, everything else slowed along with it.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve activated Time Confinement since the beginning of this battle.

Our initial confrontation feels like distant past.

One of the apostles’ Light Sword is being absorbed by our immense chain of energy.

Compared to the intense concentrated rings of energy, the Light Sword seems weak and insignificant.

I don’t sense this with my eyes.

Because of the strong light, my eyeballs are in a constant state of recovery and can no longer function.

Even if my eyes were still functional, this is not a fight that can be observed with the naked eye.

The world through the eyes of magic is magnificent.

The six rings formed by intersecting light and heat are slowly rotating.

Time is supposed to slow to a near halt through Time Confinement, but the world around me continues to move slowly.

Six rapidly rotating rings are absorbing everything in the surroundings.

Little by little we close in on each other.

The five apostles and I initially tried to distance ourselves, but the force of attraction pulled us closer together.

But I can’t withdraw any energy.

I’ll die on the spot the moment I hold back.

On the contrary, I need to pour more strength to keep it under my grasp for fear of losing all of it.

The end is approaching.

The rings of energy will collide soon.

The result is obvious.

Everything will be engulfed in flames.

It is fun to imagine a landscape filled to the brim with the inferno.

I observe the massive flow of energy in Time Confinement.

Time Confinement abruptly ends and the rings of energy that were moving slowly now rotate violently.

[Warrior! We’ll die if it goes on like this!]

Ahbooboo screams.

We understand each other so well.

Despite the fierce clash, his voice is conveyed with clarity.

[It’ll be fine.]

After leaving him with that sentence, I reactivate Time Confinement.

I feel Ahbooboo nearing his melting point so I wanted to safeguard him in the inventory like I did with Seregia, but I don’t have that kind of luxury right now.

I continue examining the clash and flow of energy within the slowed world.

I don’t know how many times I can use Time Confinement before we die together.

Perhaps I should worry more about my concentration and mental limits rather than the time limit.

The efficiency of Time Confinement has vastly improved compared to the past.

I don’t know if it’s due to the improvement in my concentration or simply the will of the God of Slow.

If I can maintain this efficiency, I’m certain I can use Time Confinement thousands of times more before my death.

In other words, if I can’t maintain my concentration and mental strength, death is inevitable. 

If I persist, I’ll be able to enter a new realm.

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