Chaper 230 – The Tournament(30) (Part 1)

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[Lee Joon Suk’s Perspective]


I couldn’t guard against the shock waves that came from the distance.

I’m trying my best, but I’m limited to simply surviving.

The shock wave’s impact tosses me into the sky and sends me rolling on the ground.


I feel like one of my ribs popped out.

The explosions have been going on for more than ten minutes so nobody in the party escaped unscathed.

We should just be thankful that no one has died yet.

I trip during my rush to escape, I pause, then examine my surroundings.

The battle zone in the far distance is shining a light so difficult to look at, it feels like a second sun has appeared.

Thanks to this light, the world in front of us dyed white.

Whether it’s lush green trees or bright red fruits, all of them become painted in this single color.

The earsplitting roar continues like a song.

The rumble felt like the sound of the wind acting as background music in this white world.

The heat wave scorches my back.

The source of the heat wave is so far from me and yet I’m burned to this level, it’s incredible.

“Hey! Lee Joon Suk! Come on!”

Cries Lee Hyung Jin.

Lee Hyung Jin is surrounded by a white barrier he has set up to withstand the shock waves.

Everyone is hiding under his shield.

I grab my waist and stagger towards Lee Hyung Jin.

My heart feels sluggish.

Am I really going to die like this?

Meanwhile, another shock wave from the explosions hits my back .

I almost lose consciousness because of the sudden impact.

I’m sent flying by the force and into Lee Hyung Jin’s protective barrier.

“Be careful landing! Mass Teleport!”

Lee Hyung Jin rips the scroll and shouts.

In the next moment I’m teleported into the air.

It’s literally the void.

There are no walls, ceilings, or floors.

We’re in the air tens of meters from the ground.

Lee Hyung Jin teleported us into the sky using his vision instead of specifying coordinates in order to prevent anything from overlapping.

We could’ve overlapped with birds, but Lee Hyung Jin ignored this risk and continued to teleport several more times.

Besides, no ordinary bird would live to fly in this environment.

Teleport is a very dangerous spell because it forcibly moves the body without any precautions,  but we’ve used it so often today that there is no need to worry.

My ribs are dislocated, but I manage to stand on the ground.

The frog lands safely with Lee Jin on his back. 

Although the frog’s body is a dog’s, it is still a frog after all since he’s unharmed after falling from the sky.

We arrive to a high mountain ridge through teleportation.

Our current location is quite far from our previous point so the heat was nowhere near as dangerous.

While I scanned the surroundings, I felt something come up my chest.

A washbasin of blood spews out from me.

After spitting out the rest of it, I drink an  elixir from my inventory.

The nuclear weapon-like explosion could contain radiation which could explain my weakness and exhaustion.

I’m a man of great endurance, but despite being supplemented with high quality potions, I still couldn’t prevent my condition from declining.

The moment I exposed myself to the poison, my eyes, nose, and mouth started bleeding along with my skin melting.

My visceras feel like they are being burned over fire.

If Lee Hyung Jin hadn’t warned me to recover by drinking an elixir, I might have died on the spot or commited suicide to escape the pain.

“Are there any elixirs left?! “

Lee Hyung Jin shouts.

We are very close to each other, but I’d have to shout at him to communicate.

So instead of shouting back, I just shake my head to tell him that there are no more elixirs. 

Lee Hyung Jin’s face darkens.

He points to Lee Jin, who’s convulsing on the ground.

Lee Hyung Jin and the frog were protecting Lee Jin this entire time, but she still crossed the threshold of life and death many times due to the secondary poison released by the explosion alone.

She’s already consumed six bottles of elixir.

She doesn’t have any elixirs left, neither does Lee Hyung Jin so she’s no different from a corpse.

Lee Hyung Jin ponders for a while, then takes out a strange sphere from his inventory and brings it right in front of Lee Jin.

Then Lee Jin disappears, leaving behind only the sphere. 

“What is that!?”

Lee Hyung Jin answers with a yell.

“A monster ball!”

 Note: I’m so tempted to change this to pokeball or pocket monster ball. – GodlyCash 


I was stunned for a while, then Lee Hyung Jin clarifies himself.

“It’s a life support device contained in a subspace! This is my only one!”

Lee Hyung Jin delivers me the important information as short as possible.

John Overton is wearing something akin to a gas mask and gives Lee Hyung Jin a thumbs up.

Suddenly, the mountain begins to shake.

The ground fluctuates up and down as if it were an ocean wave.

Having experienced such a strange earthquake for the first time in our lives, everyone looks back reflexively.

There is no need to hear this as it can easily be seen.

We see the vast expansive forest just down the mountain where we had just teleported from.

The forest is on fire.

The shock wave from the explosion is rapidly flattening a city-size forest.

The forest was already burning down and now it’s being swallowed by the shock waves leaving behind no trace of it behind.

It looked as if God took an eraser and started erasing the vast forest off the face of the world for his own amusement.

Looking at the scene from the mountaintop felt like watching an invisible monster devouring the world.

“Mass Teleport!”

After shockwave flattened the whole forest, it begins to close in on the foot of the mountain, so Lee Hyung Jin readies against it with another teleportation.

I look around after another successful and dangerous landing.

This time we arrive on a shoreline.

I look back, but the mountain range blocks my view.

They’re the mountains we were just on. 

The explosion’s roar became more manageable with the mountain in between, but most importantly, we’re no longer directly exposed to the extreme light.

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