Chapter 195 – Tutorial 35th Floor (14) (Part 1)

“Keak, ueak.”

I coughed up the blood flowing from my throat.

Nevertheless, my body did not recover.

My eyes are still blurry and my hearing is also problematic.

Although, my sense of touch is usable, it is not reliable enough.

My body exuded out chill from the inside.

[You have reached Poison Resistance Level 1.]

I am really tired.

That vicious and crazy man.

The blood that the mirage spit out is the root of my bane.

I had never thought he would mix poison in his own blood.

As far as the tutorial 35th floor, I had never thought that someone would mix poison in his blood offensively instead of using a weapon or limbs as a medium for poison.

I did not test if it was possible, so I did not consider its possibility.

Yet that mirage pulled it off.

This impromptu thought must popped up when he pinned me down and his blood flowed out because of excessive force.

I shot the head that was rolling around.

His judgmental ability was worthy of praise, but I could not regard it finely since I was the victim.

However, from his perspective, it was the best solution in that situation.

If I was poisoned when we were pointing at each other’s neck with weapons, the mirage would have won as time passed.

He could’ve pried information from me while I begged for the antidote in his inventory.

He even thought about the antidote.

I couldn’t touch the inventory, but there was his dimensional bag.

I remembered that there was one or two antidote in the dimensional bag, so I ran over the body of the mirage.

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Soon I found the bag, in which there were a few odds and ends, some food, stamina potions and detoxification potions.

I took the potions out immediately.

I drank the stamina potions first and then the antidote,

There is no need to save them.

They would disappear when I moved to the 18th floor anyway.

[You have reached Poison Resistance Level 2.]

[You have reached Poison Resistance Level 3.]

I drank the antidote and waited for the symptoms to alleviate, yet the poison continued to erode my body slowly as if the antidote had no effect.

The thought never came to me until now.

My poison level.

In order to raise my level of Poison Energy skill, I had taken poison myself.

My Poison Energy skill had risen rapidly to overcome my high Poison Resistance.

I have never heard of a general antidote.

I no longer expect anything from the antidote potion and I intended to use mana to force the poison out of my body.

Even if I didn’t have Poison Resistance, I could get rid of a few neurotoxins just by circulating mana.

My consciousness was almost broken, but I gripped it and forced my body to circulate my mana.

In order to prevent the poison that had invaded my body from spreading again, I blocked the path of their circulation. I planned to gather these poisons in one place and burn them with mana.

When I endured the pain and used mana, I fainted suddenly.

* * *

It was very noisy around.

I don’t know whether this was a phonism sound in my ears or there was actually noise around.

The noise that hurt my head continued until I lost consciousness again.

* * *

[You have reached Poison Resistance Level 11.]

Consciousness returned with a message that the Poison Resistance Level was still rising.

As soon as I woke up, I used my mana reflexively to check my body.

The condition of it was the worst.

My limbs couldn’t move and the poison still remained.

It was fortunate that I survived even after suffering from such extreme poison.

My eyesight is cloudy.

However, I am very lucky.

In order to stay awake, I couldn’t use mana. I thought I would see nothing and spend time in the darkness with my blurred vision, but I managed to spot something.

My body was covered with large leaves.

I don’t know how much I had sweated, but the ground was soaked in my sweat.

It was uncomfortable because the leaves were on top of my body.

What was strange was that I felt the warmth of the leaves.

I tried to focus my vision and found that there was something like mud between the leaves.

It seemed that the warmth was flowing slowly from the leaves themselves.

I was lying in a forest because all around me was only grass and trees.

It seemed that time passed and I left the 17th stage.

The stage that is nearest the 17th stage and set in a forest is 19th stage.

Did I skip the 18th stage already?

Maybe this was the 20th stage.

As I was thinking about it, I tried to use the mana in my body, but my consciousness faded again.

I lost my mind with the warm feeling of the leaves blanket.

* * *

I was awakened by a wonderful feeling.

It was really a wonderful feeling.

It seemed like someone was taking my pants off.

I opened my eyes and checked my pants.

There was a little boy who was trying to take off my pants.

He had fox’s ears over his head.

“… What are you doing?”

Maybe because I woke up and spoke suddenly, Myong Myong may had been scared. He stuttered.

“I just wanted to find your wound…”

Usually, unless you ate poisonous mushrooms, most of the poisoning situations caused by poisonous weeds, thorns or insects would leave external wounds.

I looked at my wound, it had already gone.

He couldn’t find the wound on my upper body, so he began to look at my lower body.

It was reasonable.

“There was no external wound because I consumed the poison.”

Now I knew who covered my body with leaves.

The forest setting of the 19th stage, was cold at night.

If Myong Myong did not cover me with leaves, my body that had been weakened by poison may be invaded by the cold.

I did a gesture to Myong Myong, asking him to come closer to my face.

It was difficult for me to speak loudly now.

I gave the pocket that hang on my waist to Myong Myong.

It was a pocket full of jerky and water.

At that time, Myong Myong was in a state of starvation because he couldn’t eat well for a long time.

He pushed himself and suffered because he is taking care of me, so his condition was worsening.

I couldn’t move, so I gave him the pocket that contained my emergency food.

But Myong Myong’s reaction was strange.

Myong Myong did not think about checking the contents as soon as he got the pocket, but he started to cry.

“Are you gonna die?”

What is he saying?

I gave him food, but why did he ask this?

Looking at Myong Myong who held the pocket with both hands, I roughly knew what he was thinking.

“… I’m not gonna die. That’s not a keepsake. Eat the food inside and find some herbs or fruit that can alleviate on my poison. “


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