Chapter 197 – The Tutorial 35th Floor (16) (Part 2)

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[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

The level up notifications showed up in a row.

My current level would become meaningless when I leave the 35th floor.

The explosion, which lasted a while even after the level-up notices ended, had finally faded.

There were no living demons in this burning region.

Even their corpses had burned away.

What remained burning on the floor were flames, inside a giant crater, that had torched everything.

There was no bomb like this around.

When I leave the tutorial, I could be treated as a strategic weapon.

People can load me into a bomber and launch me into the middle of monsters.

The technique was successful.

I was not concerned about the power of this technique, but I worried about how much it hurts me.

My hearing and sight were not damaged nor did my mana circuit stagnate.

My body was throbbing and there was blood in my throat, but this was because my body was too weak at this moment.

It was unavoidable.

I cleaned myself up and quickly left from the site.

My body couldn’t withstand the hot air here or the flames on the ground.

I left as soon as possible, but my body was burning everywhere.

I didn’t recover from the damage I had suffered after level-up.

* * *

There was some time left after I killed Olphon and other demons.

I was doing nothing for a while.

It was a little awkward because there was time left.

Especially since entering the 35th floor, I’ve immersed myself in things every moment.

If I had an inventory, I would have been eating snacks, but I didn’t.

What a pity. I opened the community window while chewing on jerky.

While I was doing this, I recalled the old days.

In the early days, I checked community as my daily routine, but recently I had never opened the community window.

A hot topic was being discussed on the community.

This was a normal occurrence.

If some hot topic appeared, thirsty challengers would rush to it blindly and talked about it as if the topic was the most concerning thing for every challenger.

This time, the topic was the possibility of growth of melee weapons.

The topic was interesting.

Warriors who only use melee weapons are usually less favored.

It is more dangerous and less powerful than focusing on skills.

What’s more, their role in team battle is faint because they’re not a tanker.

Rankers like me who entered in the early rounds lacked the options and focused on the weapon, but the challengers who entered later were encouraged to use skills.

This tendency became more prevalent as Lee Jun-seok, who mainly used an electric skill, became famous.

However, there were always challengers who preferred melee weapons such as a spear or sword.

People could safely level up with weapons at the very beginning and people with weapons were more powerful on solo stage. So, even this method fell out of meta gradually. It had its own advantages and demand.

These challengers recently called themselves as warriors.

I thought carefully and found that I also belonged to that group, so I read one of the posts.

There were a lot of opinions saying that warriors should play a better role in the team play, but warriors found their own ways.

There were some users in the AOS(MOBA) games who used off-meta characters and mastered them. It was the same as the warriors’ situation.

It reminded me of the Japanese challengers wearing Japanese swords as fashion during the competition.

The hot topic in the community now was that we had to rethink the possibility of the warriors’ growth potential.

The melee weapon was known to be weaker and weaker in the latter half of the tutorial. However, if you observed the people that mainly use melee weapons, it was not true.

I agreed with that.

This place is different from the earth.

Only by burrowing into swordsmanship and mastery of mana could one gain more strength than other people.

I also gave a comment to show my support to the claim.

People were surprised that I commented.

I appear in the community for the first time after so long. I seemed to be treated like a legend among the challengers who didn’t experience the competition or grand conference.

I enjoyed the attention from the community more than I thought.

I also read other posts.

The warriors shared the basic rules, know-hows, and their experiences, which were quite novel.

Some said that your mind should be like a mirror or a peaceful lake. Some said that you should treat your weapon as part of your body. Some said that you had to wield your weapon ten thousand times a day to reach the acme of the martial arts.

Most contents seemed to be copied from martial arts magazines or comic books.

It was funny, but I disagree that I should treat my weapons like my own limbs.

In the tutorial, you could obtain and repair your weapons as much as you want and through inventory, you could change and use them at any time.

You don’t have to take one weapon as your partner.

The body of challenger is the most powerful weapon. However, the community disagrees with that notion.

I wanted to comment and express my opinion, but I found that this idea would be difficult to accept.

I talked a lot about how to actively exercise and grow body.

There were few challengers who actually took the advice.

I closed the community window.

The people I saw in the community looked happy.

Maybe because the crime rate and death rate decreased rapidly, tension and fear disappeared from people’s communication.

Even the concern about clearing the tutorial had disappeared. Now, people could enjoy it like a game.

It was not bad.

This was rather good.

It is only during perilous situations where the peaceful mind becomes a hindrance.

If there was no danger, it made sense to relax.

Excessive tension and fear would only eat people’s spirits.

They didn’t need excessive tension and fear.

Kim Min-hyuk said that he wanted the tutorial become a place where everyone could pass through comfortably one day.

I was thinking about what he said was just like this.

If so, It was going really well.

The community looked very pleasant.

I don’t need to be jealous of them.

The path I walked was my choice and I was willing to accept this ascetic.

I don’t regret it.

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