Chapter 201 – Tutorial 40th floor (1) (part 1)

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“You’re late!”

Kiri Kiri, who was laying and rolling in the field, cried as soon as she saw me.

I didn’t arrive that late.

It took the same amount of time.

I promised that I would buy Kiri Kiri cake so she was waiting for me.

She was so excited that she left her seat and ran around me. However, I was so tired that I just waved to her and sank down.

I had no energy to open my mouth and say hello to Kirikiri.

I just opened the shop window and silently purchased a fresh cream cake at the top of my favorites list.

I lay down and Kirikiri cheerfully rushed toward the cake.

I took a deep breath so fresh air can enter my lungs.

The refreshing feeling made me feel alive.

My body had been healed while clearing the 39th floor, but my exhausted mind hasn’t recovered yet.

I was fortunate to have this field that refreshed and cleared my mind.

Breathing slowly, I waited for myself to calm down.

After feeling a little better, I relaxed and watched KiriKiri eat the fresh cream cake.

Without a fork, she ate happily using her hands.

Cream scattered all over the place.

I felt much more relaxed over time.

Now I could bear pain with a smile, but the last few rounds were really unbearable.

Since I found out that the Poison Energy skill was much more powerful than I thought on the 35th floor, I had focused on honing it.

Of course, in order to grow the Poison Energy skill, I had to use it on myself.

Like Kiri Kiri had said, the poison is fatal.

After the latent period, the poison started to penetrate my body, and then the tolerance and physical strength that I had painstakingly developed was totally useless. I could do nothing but groan like a patient.

Fortunately, my body adapted the poison quickly.

My quirk is self-harm. I didn’t know whether my body was accustomed to the poison or was good at adapting.

On the 36th floor, it was difficult for the poison to last 10 days, but on the 39th floor, the poison survived until the 23rd day.

I drank a special antidote because I thought I would die on the morning of the 24th day.

However, even though I drank two bottles of potion, the poison wasn’t detoxified, so I rushed to clear the stage.

In the state of knowing that my life was on the line, I found out that if I cleared the stage, then my body would recover, but I fainted at that same moment.

when I regained consciousness, I was already on this field.

I was still dumbfounded and groggy due to this.

I’ve become accustomed to the poison, but the most unbearable part is withstanding the high fever, dizziness and dyspnea that did not go away for even a moment. Compared with these symptoms, the pain or fear of the poison didn’t matter anymore.

Several hours were tolerable, but I withstood it for almost three months. The stress was no joke.

Even though I cleared the stage and laid in the field, it seems that the nausea and dizziness still remained.

I remembered that one night I came home from the beach when I was young, I felt I was still swimming despite being on my bed.

Similar to that, even though the poison had completely died out in my body, I felt like I was still suffering from poison.

It was that hard and it is still hard, but also rewarding.

The stagnant poison resistance had finally evolved into poison immunity.

The level of faint resistance, paralysis resistance and pain tolerance also increased a lot.

A new skill, disease resistance has been born and the level of natural healing and regeneration also increased.

At last, being in line with the growth of resistance, the poison energy skill also raised a lot.

The situation was positive.

“It’s not positive, nothing is positive.”

Said KiriKiri, who was eating cake silently.

“The level of my skills raised a lot, this is positive.”

Especially since the level of my resistance skills increased.

This was the first time that my level of resistance skills grew this much since I cleared 1st and 2nd floor.

The levels of poison skills also increased.

This couldn’t be negative.

KiriKiri listened to my word and shook her head.

“Your poison has evolved to attack and penetrate the immune system, which is extremely dangerous. That’s why it’s called poison ‘immunity’. You must stop using the poison skill from now on.”

She had warned several times about the dangers of poison energy skill.

And I kept ignoring her warning.

“If you insist, the poison will kill you someday.”

“I won’t let that happen. Just in case, I will also have elixirs with me.”

I bought a few bottles of Elixir as the last defense for a really dangerous moment.

Only one thing, I had to consume Elixir sparingly due to the limited quantity.

“You’re supposed to be completely careful. No more than 25 days. This poison is highly toxic that even though you have a strong body with poison immunity, you’ll die in no more than 25 days. There is now there’s no way to detoxify it besides the healing effect the system provides and the elixir. Houjae ought to take this seriously. A small mistake made in a split second could lead to an irreversible accident.”

“I see, I see.”

As a response to words that I had heard many times, I nodded hard. However, Kiri Kiri was not satisfied with me and pouted her mouth.

“I know you want stronger power, but you should keep yourself safe first. Don’t confuse the method with aim.”

The poison skill is a double-edged sword.

It’s indeed strong, but it’s also dangerous for me.

Because I can poison myself and endanger my life.

However, this kind of weapon is always powerful.

Although I would be careful, totally abandoning it was impossible.

The point was to test how much could I handle poison as a skill.

Or how about finding out another way to use poison rather than raising the level of poison energy skill.

I took an empty glass bottle from my inventory while thinking about this.

My finger hurts.

A bead of blood welled up.

The blood flow into the glass bottle and fused with poison energy skill.

I was careful not to poison myself.

My efforts were not in vain. The poison penetrated the blood that flowed out of my finger.

The red blood turned deep-black as soon as the poison penetrated.

It was only a few drops of blood, but no one could withstand this.

When your enemy was living being, it was far more threatening to throw a glass bottle rather than to use a siege weapon or magic.

It was effective.

The cost performance was also outstanding.

How about selling bottled poison in the auction house?

It would be a great help to other challengers attempting attack stages.

Enemies who could survive after being poisoned by this poison were few.

“No, you can’t do that.”

KiriKiri firmly objected.


“If this begins to circulate, the grand conference will be convened. People who don’t have poison resistance could be in danger even when they’re in the waiting room.”


Once upon a time, a potion with a strong drug effect was produced and circulated so the grand conference was convened.

I tried to think about the similarities between that potion and my poison.

At that moment, smoke began to rise from the bottom of the glass bottle with a hissing sound.

The poison melted the glass and leaked through the crack.

I didn’t expect that.


I put my hand below the glass bottle and used magic.

The flame magic that I was able to master not long was the magic that could use the high temperature fire, like its name expressed.

The poison blood that leaked from the crack of the bottle of glass bottle disappeared as soon as it met the flame.

Maybe the boiling point of poison was low, so it evaporated and disappeared in a flash.

The smoke that produced because of evaporation pierced the tip of my nose.


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