Chapter 202 – Tutorial 40th floor (2) (part 1)

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[I found a way to talk with Seregia!]


This wasn’t within my expectations, so I asked Ahbooboo in surprise.

After Seregia fused with the soul sword completely, she seldom spoke.

She didn’t totally lose the ability to speak.

She still had consciousness of herself and knew what was happening around her.

Occasionally she would express what she wanted to convey.

However, she spoke too little and irregularly.

Sometimes she would say a few words a day, but sometimes she wouldn’t respond for a month.

I failed to find out any regularity inSeregia’s ways of speaking, so I welcomed every time she spoke to encourage her.

So I was surprised that Ahbooboo found a way to speak with Seregia.


“So, what’s the method?”

[The method is… ho… hoho, do you want to know?]

“… I do want to know. If you can tell me right now, that’ll be great. If you don’t, I’ll throw you back into the inventory.”

I’d really do that.

There was one thing that I learned while getting along with the holy sword.

Don’t get involved in the mischief of the holy sword.

This guy doesn’t know when to stop.

Once you get involved, it will cost you hours, days and nights and if he doesn’t tell you, it will definitely drive you crazy.

[You always say that. Aye, to be honest, you’re lonely when I’m in the inventory, right?]

He was out of his mind.

[So you pretend that you’re not, but treat me kindly, right? Ah, I know what this is. You’re a tsundere……](TL note: if you say someone is a Tsundere, you mean he/she always pretends to be indifferent and cool while he/she is totally not.)

I opened the inventory and threw the holy sword into it.

I signed and lamented my misfortune.

I had two swords that could speak. One speaks a few words only when she wants and then disappear, so it’s better for the other one to shut his mouth.

I fell asleep in the quiet waiting room.

* * *

[You have entered the 40th stage.]

I moved into a carriage from the room with bonfire.

The initial point of the stage was always rather different and insecure, so I looked around carefully.

There were horses and groom in front of the carriage.

And there were also some other carriages.

The scenery outside the window was thicket, nothing special.

So what is this situation?

Firstly, are the groom and the other carriages a collective group with me?

Since my feet and hands were free, the situation of carriage was normal. I guess that I was not a criminal being escorted somewhere.

I tried to figure out what was going on, but it was unnatural to rush out from the carriage.

Therefore, I just stayed in the carriage and waited for the mission message.

But no matter how long I waited, the message didn’t appear.

In case I missed something, I opened my eyes widely and used my mana. Nevertheless, no message appeared.

At that point, the groom had heard me. He turned his head back and spoke to me.

“Have you already woken up, soldier? I was about to wake you up, that’s fine either way. We will arrive at your destination soon.”

The groom was an old man.

He looked dirty, with a husky voice.

His appearance was totally different from his polite and calm voice.

[The gateway of 40th stage began.]

Description: One day, there are some rumors about abnormalities in Lake Irai. Two suns and three moons appeared in the sky, bug-eating birds began to eat people, toxins are detected in the herbs, and children in the lakeside villages disappear.

The kingdom dispatched investigation team to investigate these rumors.

This is the 3rd time an investigation team was dispatched, but most of the teams disappeared during the search near the lake.

Some surviving investigators suffered from mental illness because of fear.

They kept repeating stories, such as the one that stated that there was a monster in the forest that would rival the dragon or that the lava under the lake would explode and destroy the continent, which were all unbelievable.

As the situation became worse, the kingdom gained the approval of the temple and asked the Hundred Gods Temple for help.

The Hundred Gods Temple sent their contractors to investigate the abnormalities.

The summoned contractor, brave and trustworthy summoned contractor, please find the reason for the disaster of Irai Lake, get rid of it to restore peace for the people.

[Clear Condition]

– Please investigate the abnormalities in Irai Lake.

– Please protect the summoned contractors that are in the same team with you from being hurt and dead. The summoned contractors you have to protect are (2/2)




When groom talked to me, a long message came out at the same time.

It was like I was playing a game and the episode just started while I was talking to someone.

The content of the message felt like a game prologue.

The messages explaining the clear condition of each stage were slightly different.

Message of some stages were especially short or unkind. On the contrary, sometimes there were too much jargon.

Message of the 40th stage was the one that clearly explained the setting of stage and background.

I calmly read the long message once again.

Unlike other stages, a team was built from the beginning, in addition, what I needed to search the lake and protect team members at the same time.

In the meantime, there was some hidden clear goals, showed “?”

This was a special stage.

The first thing that I pondered about after reading the message was summoned contractor.

What does summoned contractor exactly mean?

The message said that the palace asked the Hundred Gods Temple for support through the temple and Gods sent contractors.

I remembered the summon warriors that I saw on the 26th stage.

Although they were known as warriors, maybe they were different from the summoned contractors.

If I had chance, I ought to figure it out.

It was clear that the other summoned contractors were in other carriages.

It was certain looking at the strength and mana they showed.

Compared to them, the grooms that drove the carriages and the soldiers and knights that defended the team were much lower.

I organised my thoughts and awaited the arrival at the destination.

I wanted to talk with the groom to gain some information, but it wasn’t a good idea to annoy someone who was driving the horse.

This was definitely irrelevant to the smell of his mouth.

I took the holy sword out of my inventory.

“Well, are you gonna tell me now?”

[You’re too much, warrior!]

It’s you who is too much, Okay?

The holy sword that spoke “Tee-hee, Tee-hee” has a voice that gave me way too many goosebumps.

“So you’re not gonna tell me?”

[Humph, how about you just give me the leg-screw punishment? Don’t give me that look, I won’t tell you! I, holy sword Ahoubuch, will not succumb to your threat!]

I’ll see how long you can insist.

I opened the inventory without hesitation.

“Well, let’s see each other in a year.”

[… No, nonono, wait a moment. Isn’t One year too long, warrior? Warrior?]

I slowly put the holy sword into the inventory, who was flustered because of “a year”.

When the half body of the holy sword entered the inventory, he changed his attitude.

[Warrior, you’re not serious, right? You’re joking about one year, right? It’s not real, right? You won’t do that, right?]

“You don’t know me? I’ll take you out in exactly one year. Take a nice rest.”

Hearing the screams of the holy sword, I throw his handle and all of the sword into my inventory.

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Chapter 202 - Tutorial 40th floor (2) (part 2)

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