Chapter 210 – Tutorial 40th Floor(10) (Part 1)

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[I feel very uneasy. I don’t know what you’re going to do, but can you not? ]

[Well, no way.]

Anyway, I’ve warned Ahbooboo.

He’ll be able to take care of the rest.

The battle between Spirit King, the apostle of the God of nature, and the origin monster was still raging on.

Although the Spirit King is pushing the monster step by step with his mythical power, the monster is huge and durable after all.

It waved its numerous tentacles to hinder the Spirit King, so the battle did not easily end.

Of course, the damage has been accumulating.

On its giant body, dark red blood flowed and countless injuries covered it.

Over half of its soft limbs were cut off.

But the battle showed no sign of ending, which meant that the Spirit King’s strength is actually more or less depleted than it was at the beginning of the battle.

Even if the battle is one-sided oppression by the Spirit King, if it continues at this pace, the battle will last more than 30 minutes.

This will hold unless the Spirit King has a hidden card I haven’t noticed.

I thought about waiting a little longer until both sides were more wounded and tired, but it seems better to launch an attack immediately.

[Talaria’s Wings]

I spread my wings and flew into the sky.

When I first got this skill, I felt it was a bit unreliable, but it turned out to be my most used power skill.

Even though I limited my use of power skills, a skill that allowed flight could not be abandoned.

Although I have used magic to float and then paced the space with my legs, its speed pales in comparison to actual flight.

[God of Adventure is delighted.]

Those Gods’ reactions had always been like this. I ignored him and continued flying.

I flew high to try to get a good view of the battle between the Spirit King and the monster.

Because the scale of the fighting is so large, so it was more appropriate to observe by magic rather than by vision.

[Indomitable Spirit]

[Designate Opponent]

These two power skills can work with the Talaria’s Wings for strengthening my capabilities.

One most important common point these skills have is that they enable me to match the force of the enemy I intend to face.

I used Designate Opponent on that monster and the Spirit King.

I thought this might not work for the Spirit King, but the effects took place.

At this point, the Spirit King and the monster are very fatigued, but they’ve much energy to spare.

As I am now, I am unable to easily kill both of them by myself. I have to maximize the Indomitable Spirit and Designate Opponent by attacking at this moment.

I took a deep breath and then exhaled.

Thanks to the power skills, my body contains tremendous potential.

The Spirit King and the Origin were on a different level compared to the other enemies I encountered on the 40th-floor stage of Hell Difficulty.

If that monster focused on simple combat rather than consuming its power to create an illusionary world; if the Spirit King did not appear here as an assistant to fight for me against that monster, I would not be so lucky to make such an attempt.

My body trembles from the external magic is flowing in that my body doesn’t recognize.

My body was warning me that I can’t control it at my level.

Ah, what a torturous situation.

[Are you really going to move?]

[Of course.]

I coldly responded to Seregia’s question and activated my skills.

Indomitable Spirit and Designate Opponent were used in conjunction to concentrate my power, the technique can be launched at the fastest speed currently possible.

This should prevent the Spirit King and the Origin Monster from sensing my attack and properly respond to it.

I targeted the technique between the monster and Spirit King so I can maim both of them at once.

Since I started to use the advanced mind power skill of aura, I have named every skill.

Just like what the female student on the 1st floor had said, whose name I can no longer recall, it’s not for the sake of being cool or for some romantic fantasy.

Because mind power skills are very difficult to handle, so in order to use it, I must firmly engrave its nature and concept in my mind.

After all, the important thing is not the name, but the fact that I recall the skill’s techniques through the name.

So I had to keep the strange name of the technique.

Anyway, it’s better than Yeodeuleum Pyo.

“Sibam Boom.”

I threw a red dot in the middle between the Spirit King and the monster.

It was a bright, clear, and unusual red sphere like the red dot of a laser pointer on an oil painting.

The Spirit King and the monster stopped fighting almost at the same time.

In order to escape the sphere between them, they moved in the opposite direction.

In that instant, the sphere began to expand.

The flame blades from the sphere shattered everything around it and the ensuing explosion illuminated the whole world.

I tried to withstand the impact, but felt that the defense erected by my aura was broken and fainted immediately.

[The God of Light cheers enthusiastically.]

[The God of the Sky feels satisfied.]

[The God of Nature utters a cry of sorrow.]

[The God of Dueling falls silent.]

[The God of Dueling seems to have something to regret.]

[The God of Death looks at someone with great expectations.]

[The God of Chaos is a little excited.]

[The God of Chaos feels very happy.]

[The God of Chaos is urging somebody.]

[Vote started.]

[Approval: 7 votes, Disapproval: 71 votes, Abstention: 22 votes.]

[The vote was rejected.]

[The God of Chaos is laughing at somebody.]

[God of Nature is very angry!]

* * *

[Are you awake?]

As soon as I opened my eyes, I heard Seregia’s voice.

“How long have I been out?”

My voice is stable.

My mouth, throat, trachea, and lungs are in acceptable condition.

[You woke up 13 seconds after the explosion and 4 seconds after the fall.]

Thirteen seconds after the explosion.

That’s quite a long time.

It’s enough for an angry enemy to cut my neck.

But considering the scale of the explosion, 13 seconds was short.

The trigger for faint resistance is required so that I can use it when I’m on the edge of dying.

If the impact can not really make me faint or near faint, it is impossible to trigger faint resistance, so in order to really activate faint resistance, I must repeat it many times. Even I feel lucky for myself that I have done so.

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