Chapter 210 – Tutorial 40th Floor(10) (Part 2)

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Fortunately, my body did not suffer any significant damage.

Although I have suffered numerous slight burns, they did not hinder me at all.

The joints in my waist were sore, but it’s not a big deal considering that I have fallen from such a height.

There seem to be some signs of a mild concussion, but it’s not dangerous.

I took out my recovery potions and drank it while sending a telepathic message to Ahbooboo.

[What on earth have you done, Warrior? ]

[What else can it be? Sibam Boom, of course.]

[… As far as I know, the technique with a stupid name should not have such terrible power.]

[Well, now it does. What happened to them?]

Ahbooboo paused for a while and then answered.

[What happened?! Of course, they died!]

At Ahbooboo’s words, I was silent.

I was too impulsive to consider the safety of Sicia and Yata.

I thought I had told Ahbooboo to protect them.

In fact, I knew that they could die.

I didn’t want to put any more thought into it.

But, if they die, then I would fail to clear the stage.

The mission goal clearly states that I have to protect them.

Do I really need to go back and start it over?

I’ve come so far.

All I can see now is the burning jungle.

Indeed, in this case, it is difficult for them to survive.

Because the impact radius is likely reached the village.

[If it hadn’t spread to the village, how could it have been completely blown up?]

Well, it’s a fact.



[The lovely me saved them all! With the holy spell rivaling power skill levels – Recovery! ]

You saved them?

[Isn’t that obvious?]

Although there are countless enemies to kill while traversing through the stages, there are occasional those who need to be saved.

As far as I know, Ahbooboo can’t use Recovery to resurrect people.

We’ve tried before.

[How could that be?]

[Actually, A holy spell is essentially to borrow the God of the Sky’s power with his permission. Of course, for some insignificant holy spells, as long as the users are qualified for his permission, no matter how they used the spell, he will not care. But when it is the Recovery spell, all of that changes. I wonder why the God of the Sky agreed so readily this time.]

Well, let’s talk about it next time.

I relaunched Talaria’s Wings again and flew near the lake.

The scene was full of inferno flames that suited a hell-like environment.

Everything around has been burnt to the ground, but lingering flames remained on the surface.

The impact of the explosion, which had launched the laker water into the sky, is now pouring down like rain.

As soon as the droplets hit the ground, they immediately evaporate into gas and return to the sky again.

I see the wrathful head of the Spirit King.

[You bastard! How dare you!]

I also saw the squirming and dying monster.

With underhanded tricks, I tried to kill both of them, instead they both survive.

[Do you really want to be killed by me?]

The Spirit King’s skull shouted angrily.

The Spirit King, how once had a giant imposing figure, now has only a fist-sized head floating in the air.

Perhaps no matter how fatal the damage was, he would not be wounded. Instead, part of his body and strength would disappear.

His strength decreases every time he is attacked, but even after withstanding such a tremendous attack, he is not as dead as the Origin monster. 

[Are you ignoring me now!?]

I am.

In fact, when I first recovered from my unconscious state, I had already detected the energies of the Spirit King and the monster so I knew that they were still alive. However, I’m not worried.

I don’t have to worry about those who had so little power remaining.

What’s more important is after that.

[Why on earth did you attack me?!]

“How can you call it an attack? It’s just a misunderstanding.”

[Misunderstanding!? Look at me now!]

“I was just delivering the final blow. Didn’t you want me to help you? It was so frustrating that I had to give you a hand.”

The Spirit King shut up.

This excuse is more useful than I thought.

Anyway, there’s an excuse for the attack.

But if I attack this weak Spirit King again and wipe him out completely, I will have no excuse.

What shall I do next?

[I will never let it go so easily!]

I pulled the soul sword halfway out scabbard and asked the Spirit King.

“What should we do then?”

The Spirit King calms down again.

Seeing the Spirit King quickly calm his anger in the face of real threats, I also make a final decision.

It’s not necessary to kill him.

I already know his limits.

As well as how much my power has increased and the types of enemies it could defeat.

That’s enough.

The Spirit King is so weak that I don’t want to attack him anymore, which might create greater troubles in the future.

Of course, it may be too late to think about the aftermath. Maybe it’s because his excited brain has cooled down allowing it to make a better judgment.

[…This time, only this time… I’ll let you go.]

“Only this time?”

[I’ll let you go forever.]

The Spirit King’s anger may have subsided a little, his responses were wise.

Although I don’t know if this is a suitable expression for a guy with only a head.

“Let you go?” 

Note: Here is a repetition of the Spirit King’s words, the Spirit King didn’t use honorific words, so the MC repeated to ask him. In the next sentence, the Spirit King uses honorific words.

[Please let me go.]

While the Spirit King replied, the occasional squirming of the monster’s body suddenly dropped down after the odd whine.

The three moons in the sky disappeared and replaced with one bright moon.

The fire-stained sky is once again shrouded by a dark blue dome and the cries of insects replaced the sounds of the burning forest, echoing calmly.

Everything has returned to what it used to be.

Only the Spirit King and me, as well as the huge body of the monster, that seemed to be alien in this ordinary world.

[Stage task update.]

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