Chapter 214 – Tutorial 60th Floor (15) (Part 1)

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I had nothing to do, so I decided to lie on the bench quietly to kill time.

Having been so busy the past few months, it felt strange to rest.

Although I wanted to take this opportunity to visit the 61st floor, the other two seem quite busy.

First, Yong Yong is building his own house.

Yong Yong has always attached great importance to his personal life, so I’m not surprised when he wanted to have a house of his own.

But I didn’t expect that he would build the house himself.

Of course, Yong Yong is unaccomplished in architecture.

Not only has he not learned about it, but he doesn’t even know about the concept of architecture.

He asked me for help before building the house.

After teaching him the basic structure of a building, he asked me for information about the structures of buildings I knew.

He wasn’t asking about ordinary houses or buildings.

He wanted to wonder about the historic buildings on earth. I thought for a moment and introduced the Tower of Babel to him.

It is said that it was built by humans in order to touch the world of God.

In fact, there are many people think that the Tower of Babel is only a rare high-rise altar during the period it was built, but Yong Yong likes the story very much.

So he’s building such an edifice now.

I lie on the bench and look up at the sky, but I couldn’t see the top of Yong Yong’s building.

If we were on Earth, his building would have broken through the troposphere.

Although Yong Yong proudly said that he wanted to build it to the end of the world, but this is a sub-dimensional space, there is neither the sky nor space.

The breadth and height of space can expand infinitely through my mind.

I look forward to Yong Yong reaching the boundary of my conscious world.

Of course, he can’t.

But then again, Yong Yong is talented.

It can now be said that he has surpassed Ho-Chi.

The disparity between their capabilities can be clearly distinguished now.

I turn around and find that the stupid guy has been surpassed by his nephew.

Ho-Chi is lying on a bench slightly further away, giggling alone.

He looks like someone playing with social networking software (SNS) on a smartphone.

Not long ago, Ho-Chi said he was bored and wanted to connect the community.

It was cumbersome when Ho-Chi looks at my community right beside me, so I give him my terminal.

So Ho-Chi can view the community, message window, and auction window at any time.

Ho-Chi easily incorporated himself into the community.

He gives valuable advice to other challengers for free. He’s probably seen me giving away equipment on a first-come, first-served basis.

People in the community became curious about Ho-Chi because he was much more easy-going than me so they were quickly acquainted.

And that’s what happened.

He stares at the community all day.

Anyways, he has a smart-phone addiction now.

I don’t know who he’s talking to or what topic can be so interesting.

It never occurred to me that my clone would grow in such a different direction.

I eventually failed to overcome my curiosity and approached Ho-Chi.

“What are you looking at? Is It really so interesting?”

Ho-Chi is just smirking and it took him a while to answer me.

“Chatting with Seok Hyeon.”

Who is Seok Hyeon?

This is my first time hearing this name.

Looking at the message history, I see them enjoying themselves.

“Who’s this kid?” 

Note: South Korea often uses the term “kid” when referring to people of their peers or those younger.

Ho-Chi briefs me on his friend Seok Hyeon.

“14 years old?”

It’s really a kid.

Well, that’s what it would be like to play with Ho Chi.

Unlike Ho-Chi’s words and deeds, that kid’s mental age is only 14 years.

“What? What’s wrong with being young? Oh? There is no correlation between age and behavior, okay? There are many children who are more talented than adults.”

Ho-Chi defended Seok Hyeon adamantly because he was sulking.

“Yes, yes. Little kids can also be very mature. Like you.”

“Hey! How come I’m a kid?! I have held several memories.”

He is indeed just a kid.

People who become agitated when being called a kid are kids..

Ho Chi moved to a farther bench with a look of impatience.

Looking at him, I sigh.

It feels like I’m raising an immature teenager.

It’s been harder to raise Ho-Chi than Yong Yong.


From a distance away, he heard my mental thoughts so Ho-Chi shouted at me.

Ignoring that shout, I lie on the bench again and look up at Yong Yong’s building.

Although it is nothing but a big building, its size is beyond imagination, so it’s still a spectacular view.

So perfect to stare blankly.

I feel like I’m sunbathing. While I stare blankly, Ho Chi approaches me.

Thinking about what might have happened, I get up.

“What’s up?”

“Lee Yeon Hee sent a message.”

Long-time no see.

A truly long time.

There were times when we exchanged messages several times a day, but recently, the exchanges became near non-existent.

It may be because she no longer needed my help after she began to receive God’s help.

It is also for that reason that I intend to abandon Lee Yeon Hee and escape from the tutorial alone.

Since she has reached this level, she should have known.

“She said she reached the 46th floor.”


I’m surprised.

Stages after the 40th floor are all related to divine power.

The purpose is to instill beliefs in people and attract them to specific religious groups by means of God’s salvation, help, and guidance.

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