Chapter 214 – Tutorial 60th Floor (15) (Part 2)

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Obviously, it is part of the process to cultivate apostles.

I spent a lot of time from the 41st to the 45th floor.

Because I’m neither good at dealing with divine power nor very clear about what to do.

Without Kiri Kiri’s detailed advice, I would have wasted twice as much time as I did.

But Lee Yeon Hee cleared all five floors at once.

Her clearing speed is unprecedented.

There must be reasons behind that.

Maybe the gods who supported her intervened blatantly to help her clear the stage.

If not, then she has the ability to clear it by herself but has been wasting time in the lower floors.

The last reason could be that those floors are just her strong points.

“What else did she say?”

“She asked you to wait for her. She would come up soon.”

After listening to the message from Ho-Chi, I chuckled unconsciously.

The latter reason is more convincing.

Apparently, she was intentionally wasting time.

We have done the right thing to send Lee Yeon Hee the message that we decided to move on rather than wait for her.

Lee Yeon Hee would never have thought to herself that we would escape the tutorial alone without her.

Or that she would be trapped alone in the tutorial.

In all respects, she is a very positive person.

“She’s optimistic. What are you going to do?”

“Now that she’s so confident, we’ll have to wait for her.”

“Confident? She must be crying and running with mustard.”

Note: 울며 겨자 먹기 is kind of proverb that means you do something you don’t want. Literally speaking, to Eat wasabi crying. 

Ho-Chi, who had thrown out those words, seems to have said enough and returns to the distant bench again.

Although he passed me the message, I don’t think he wants to be involved at all.

I continue to look up at Yong Yong’s building.

I have no sentiments for this place.

Although it is a pity to abandon what I have built during this period, they can be recreated wherever I want if I spent the time.

But it will be different for Ho-Chi and Yong Yong.

The day we leave is around the corner, but that guy is still working hard to build his own house.

Despite recent clues about ways to destroy the boundaries of the tutorial and escape, this space will never survive whether we succeed or fail.

If possible, it’s best to keep the space as it is while we clear the tutorial and escape.

I still look forward to Lee Yeon Hee’s performance above all.

In fact, that’s the biggest reason why I stay here.

Although Ho-Chi is cynical about Lee Yeon Hee, I’m sure Lee Yeon Hee has confidence in herself.

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Because that’s how I trained her.

If the situation is bleak, I trained her to hold onto victory rather than lament.

Unlike Ho-Chi and Yong Yong, who grew up following their own wishes, Lee Yeon Hee is my protégé.

I trained Lee Yeon Hee according to my wishes and needs while she grew up in the direction I set for her.

Although she’s my only disciple that I’ve never seen before, I know her very well.


Ho-Chi suddenly shouted.

I wonder if my telepathy accidentally communicated something that brought him sadness, but nothing comes to mind.

“Oh oh oh!”

Ho-Chi runs to me while he shouts.

Rushing to my bench, Ho-Chi shouts.

“I heard that the tournament is going to be held!”

“I know. Did you know that has been talked about for several years? It’s a large-scale competition on the dimensional scale, the preparation required is extremely long. I haven’t received any notifications from the manager yet, so it’s estimated that it won’t be scheduled until three years from now.”

This Tteokbap bait has been shelved for a long time.

Note: 떡밥= Tteokbap = Originally used to describe the paste bait used to catch fish, but now is a metaphor to describe something popular and hot like a hot topic, hot issue, or hot information that will catch people’s interest. 

Regardless of the future, we won’t stay here for the rest of the year.

“I know that too!”

My heart is in a mess when I hear Ho-Chi shout in anger.

Why does he have to screech so loud?

Is he really going through puberty?

Ho-Chi continued to speak out as if he didn’t hear my thoughts.

“The competition is next month!”


* * *

[Park Jung Ah, 90th floor: Yes. The manager suddenly notified me about it. We didn’t ask for it ourselves. It’s managers who told us first. I knew that the tournament would be held soon, but it was totally unexpected that it would be held in the next round(when new members come in).]

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[Lee Ho Jae, 60th floor: I see. Challengers will be busy then.]

[Park Jung Ah, 90th floor: Now that you know, do you mind giving us a hand?]

[Lee Ho Jae, 60th floor: Yeah, no.]

I sent a message to Park Jung Ah and confirm it again.

It seems that the tournament being held the next round has been finalized.

“Is that because of Lee Yeon Hee and me?”

It’s not impossible.

While that idea came to me, Ho-Chi glared at me with disgust.

“… This is a grand event held with the whole dimension. You, you’re that aren’t you? what’s that phrase? Excessively self-conscious?”

I bat the back of Ho-Chi’s head.

“No, you pinhead.”

Ignoring Ho-Chi’s idiotic conjecture, I sort out my thoughts.

But Ho-Chi doesn’t stop his mouth.

“Hey, we’re going to participate too, right?”

Actually, this is Ho-Chi’s first chance to meet someone.

I planned not to attend, but if I did, I’d make this kid cry.

Yong Yong will also be disappointed.

I have to think about it before deciding.

“Let me think about it again.”

“Hey, we have to go, please.”

I ignore Ho-Chi’s words and reach out.

“Now give me the terminal back.”

“What!? I have to talk to Seok Hyeon about what we are going to do during the tournament.”

“And I have to talk to Jung Ah. Hand over the terminal and leave.”

Ho-Chi makes a reluctant expression and goes away without saying any more.

Ho-Chi hates it when he sees me chatting with Jung Ah saying that he had goosebumps.

Following his direction of flight, he’s probably headed to where Yong Yong is building the house.

He seems to be trying to tell Yong Yong about the tournament.

I’ll feel guilty if I don’t let them participate now.

In this case, even if I don’t go, I have to find a way to have them attend.

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