Chapter 215 – Tutorial 49th Floor (1) (Part 1)

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[Are you going to challenge the next stage right away?]

Ahbooboo asked.

Ahbooboo has a good understanding of the tutorial’s system now.

Not only does he know how the stages work, but he also understands what the waiting room can do.

Although he can’t reveal it because he is restricted by the system, he actually knows more than what he lets on.

“I will.”

I just cleared the 48th floor, so I had the choice to take a break in the waiting room, but I wanted to leave immediately.

I want to end these boring 40s floors (40-49) and go up to 50s floors (50-59) as soon as possible.

The themes of these 40s floor stages are all related to denominations [1] and faith.

The challengers were forced to play the role of apostles of God to evoke faith in people’s hearts.

I felt very uncomfortable because of my personality.

Sometimes it goes beyond discomfort and becomes unpleasant.

It occurred quite often.

Fortunately, Kiri Kiri said that these types of stages will no longer appear after the 49th floor.

I stand up after confirming my armor and luggage.

I use the portal to move to the next stage.

[You have entered the 49th stage.]

I am wrapped in a bright beam and moved to the roof of a high-rise building.

When you are summoned to such an open and high position, you must quickly observe the surrounding situation and create countermeasures.

I look around with haste.

The terrain here is special.

The building’s location is surrounded by rugged cliffs.

This place is like an island.

The only difference is that it’s not encircled by a river or sea, but isolated by the cliffs.

There is a massive bridge that connects this unusual terrain to the area outside the cliff.

Even looking down from this tall building, the bridge looks quite vast.

A group of monsters stood beyond the bridge.

There are people below the building.

They piled up furniture such as tables and chairs to block the bridge while each of them held a makeshift weapon.

Although this defense took a great deal of effort, I don’t think they can stop the dense pack of monsters beyond the bridge.

This situation is easy to understand.

My task must be to protect these people from the monsters coming from across the bridge.

I expand Talaria’s Wings and descend to the bridge.

Once the monsters arrive at the barricade, a massacre will take place.

I should position myself in the middle of the bridge so that they can’t reach those people.

A message appears along the way to the bridge.

It will be too late to take action after reading the message in this kind of stage.

[The 49th-floor stage begins.]

Description: 13 years ago, the planet called Gaya, encountered an unprecedented threat.

After decades of struggle to secure dominion, the origin monsters finally conquered their own territory.

The origin monsters that occupied territory immediately cast infectors [2].

The epidemic began to attack all the lives around them and turned those lives into parts of themselves.

The infectors quickly occupied the mainland.

Because of the power and speed of the proliferation, the mainland’s intelligent lifeforms had completely abandoned resistance.

They gave up their cities and fortresses in order to flee.

The last remaining intelligent lifeforms had fled the infection for the past few years.

Their number had been reduced from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands to a few thousand and lastly only a few hundred.

In the end, when they finally reached the end of the road, they found a glimmer of hope in an ancient book that was discovered by chance.

The book said that on the edge of the Aba Continent, the largest continent of this planet, there was a shrine that had been lost for hundreds of thousands of years, that was, the Holy Land of the Denomination of Hope.

All the denominations on the mainland had collapsed by that time. After the intelligent lifeforms discovered the clues to this surviving holy land, they set off with one last hope.

After several years of difficult journeys, the intelligent lifeforms repelled the pursuit of the infectors and reached the Holy Land of Hope. By this time, there were little more than forty of them.

After a few months of hiding within the Holy Land, the infectors followed their traces and finally caught up with them.

Fortunately, the Holy Land of hope preserved a great deal of divine power. The intelligent lifeforms resisted the infectors for a period of time using the Holy Land’s power.

But now, even the protective power of the Holy Land is becoming exhausted.

Faced with the despair of death and the end, the intelligent beings prayed to gods for new hopes.

In light of the earnest prayers of these forty intelligent lifeforms who were more devout than anyone, the God of Hope decided to send the apostle to redeem them.

The God of Hope summoned the apostle before the protection of the Holy Land completely disappeared.

Yes, the apostle is you.

As an apostle of the God of Hope, please become the hope of the remaining survivors.

Please protect them and eliminate their despair.

[Clear Conditions]

– Protect 40 believers.

– Maintain a 20 or above reliability with the 40 believers.

– Destroy the origin monsters that control this planet.


It is not necessary to read this long message carefully.

Stages like this have been repeating recently so I could roughly guess it’s contents.

I land in the middle of the bridge.

After confirming the situation of believers and monsters on both sides of the bridge, I open the reliability window.

[Reliability: 41]

Unsurprisingly the initial reliability is more than 20.

It is not very high.

Kiri Kiri has described to me that a 40 reliability is similar to the feeling one gets from meeting the inn manager for the first time.

That means it’s almost nothing.

Seeing me expanding the colorful Talaria’s Wings while descending from the sky only amounted to this level of reliability indicates that the believers are in very bad condition.

Because it means that no matter what happens, they can’t get rid of despair.


[1] Denomination is this case is not related to the Christian church, but the subgroups within the hundred gods temple.

[2] We are not sure if this is just a type of pathogen or something like infectious zombies that physically spread diseases. Regardless, they will stay as ‘infectors’ until further into the story where it is clarified. 

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