Chapter 215 – Tutorial 49th Floor (1) (Part 2)

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Due to that, I have to fight glamorously.

At that moment, the sound of broken glass vibrates in the air.

This sound comes from the collapse of the Holy Land’s barrier, so the monsters across the bridge began to rush.

Instead of using my usual soul sword, I draw and brandish the holy sword.

[Ho, ho, ho, it’s time for this body to work.]

Although his voice was annoying and irritating, I need him for this stage, so I stayed silent.

Instead of wielding the sword, I raised toward the skies.

“Go to work, Ahbooboo.”

[Go to work? That’s far too cold.]

Although he’s complaining, Ahbooboo plays his role.

White lights fall from the sky as a result of the holy spells, surrounding me and the holy sword.

The clouds which seemed sacred are enveloping the entire area.

The holy magic seemed to grant the user tremendous power on the surface, but in reality, it had no effects.

These holy spells are just a performance in order to look sacred in the eyes of the people.

The holy sword ascends from soft light to an intense light that made it difficult for me to open my eyes.

I had hoped that he would do it in moderation.

Such a blinding light is unwelcoming to all except the God of Light.

Although I really wanted to batter and scold him to reduce the brightness, I know that Ahbooboo will not listen.

I held a sword that is brighter than anything else in the world just to end as soon as possible and rush the monsters.

* * *

[Reliability: 83]

Reliability has risen a lot.

I appeared as an apostle of God and overwhelmingly eradicate the monsters so this was natural.

While I was clearing the 40s stages, the reliability messed with my mind.

No matter how inspiring my words were or how hard I took care of them, the reliability refused to increase.

I tried to treat them kindly, but that led to suspicion, decreasing reliability.

Each person had a different standard so if one person relied on me more, another’s would decrease, resulting in unchanged overall reliability.

According to my experiences, there is only one definite way to increase reliability.

Overwhelming power.

People become frightened if the power displayed was mediocre.

Even if it is to protect them, but they do not know when that power will be directed at them, so they become worried.

But if the power that protected them was so overwhelming that it removed all thoughts of fighting against it, people will call it a miracle.

They won’t think about what that power is or what kind of purpose is behind it, they will only idolize and worship it.

Even if that power rushes to them.

“Alright, you take care of the rest.”

I say as I throw the holy sword into the air.

Instead of falling to the ground, Ahbooboo starts flying around and asks me.

[What? Me? Even if I am awesome, I’m a little reluctant to deal with so many monsters.]

Ahbooboo said something regrettable.

Indeed, It’s impossible for Ahbooboo to deal with monsters that numbered from several million to hundreds of millions.

“Block the bridge. You can do that, can’t you?”

No matter the number of monsters, they still have to cross the ‘narrow’ bridge.

As long as the bridge is protected, the monsters have no other way to invade the Holy Land.

Ahbooboo replies slyly that he gets it.

Therefore, I leave the rest to Ahbooboo.

To be honest, I’m a little annoyed.

Despite the holy sword’s queer quirks, Ahbooboo’s capabilities are extraordinary.

This remains true even from my standards.

If Ahbooboo draws out his latent abilities to fight, It’ll be difficult to tell if I was fighting or Ahbooboo was fighting.

Ahbooboo can strengthen me through the power that he transmits and eradicates the enemy with the power that he instills.

I just need to move my arms and legs at the right time.

As a result, the battle becomes uninteresting and it will inevitably lead to boredom.

Ahbooboo can soar through the air and eliminate the monsters even without me. I watch him for a while and turn around.

I move towards the building where I was summoned and where the people gathered.

* * *

Unsurprisingly, people were shouting “A Miracle! A Miracle!” continuously and kowtowed to me and Ahbooboo behind me.

Many emotions were mixed with tears on their faces.

There were reassurance and joy as well as uneasiness and fear that have not dissipated.

It’s all for me.

At first, they were really unsightly and unpleasant, but after a while, I’ve become indifferent.

When I approached, I find that these people have many different body types and skin colors.

It seems that there is a mix of different races.

It is no wonder that the phrase “intelligent lifeforms” was used instead of “humans” in the message.

In this case, using “people” to describe them may not matter, but the word “human” may cause some resentment.

I don’t remember if it was the 44th floor or 45th floor, however, I misused the term ‘’human”, as a result, I was discriminated and the reliability fell to the bottom.

In the end, I failed to clear the stage and had to start all over again.

Just because I said something wrong.

That was a chilling stage.

As I approached them, the people at the temple stopped and began to stare at me.

At first, I thought I should give a speech.

Like, what is God or what is justice?

But with my eloquence, it won’t work.

So I decide to say just one sentence.

The strange wails of the monsters from behind are echoing around.

The 40 survivors don’t say a word and just stared at me.

There are people who stood bowing their backs and those who maintained their kowtow on the ground with only their heads lifted to look at me.

In this case, it would have been convenient if one of them stood up as a representative.

But it seems that there are no such people in this stage.

In order to break the silence, I speak.

“Uh, everyone.”

I am faced with the eagerness of 40 survivors and speak.

“Let’s go inside first. The weather is so cold, why are you outside? Go in.”

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