Chapter 216 – Tutorial 49th Floor (2) (Part 1)

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After taking them into the building, I had the chance to examine them carefully.

They were in better shape than I expected.

There are no signs of starvation or illnesses.

It was said that they’ve been hiding in the Holy Land for several months. Have they been recuperating during that period? 

At least food has been secured without issues.

The building’s structure reminded me of a high ceiling cathedral.

A pedestal adorned with symbolism stood opposite to the entrance, which gave the impression of a divine temple.

People gathered around the pedestal I reached so I can begin my speech.

I wanted to speak in an informal and comfortable manner, but in order to ingrain my might into their minds to give them a sense of security, I stood in this position, not to satisfy my superiority, but for them. 

“Uh, everyone.”

But it was hard to speak like a bishop. 

A friend from my childhood told me to follow him to the church so he could give me a chocolate pie. If I had followed him to church back then, it would have been helpful for this. 

What a pity.

I had no choice but to speak line by line. 

“You will now be safe for a while.”

They blankly stared at me. 

I’d like to say something melodramatic to arouse their cheers

Really… I hate how my eloquence can’t match my ideas. 

“Do you guys have enough food?”

The silence was filled with a mix of “yes” and “no, not enough”.

Opinions vary.

It seems necessary to keep abreast of the food situation.

“… Can a representative come out and speak?” 

Silence lingered again.

People just turned their heads to look at each other, but no one came out. 

I was shocked.

There is usually a leader to lead them in such a dire situation.

Since people have crowd psychology, it’s natural to have a decent leader who has a huge impact on the survival rate. 

But among the survivors, there wasn’t even an operational captain or an elderly advisor, let alone a leader. 

Note: The operational captain is a leader of a group who acts personally to achieve goals. 

I scrutinized the composition of these people. 

Strangely, most of them were women, children, or the elderly.

Those with blue skin have women with strong physiques.

Only that ethnicity contained many unusually short men.

How bizarre.

What was the reason the weak members survived in their respective ethnicity?

Did they instinctively prioritized the protection of the weak for the continuation of the race? 

Or was it coincidence?

“Please select a representative. I’ll go out for a while.”

After saying that, I leave the cathedral.

These people were so passive.

I’ve encountered a lot, but this was the first time I had been asked to protect a group of people who were so honest and obedient. 

The crisis should have stimulated their survival instinct. 

Ordinarily, people would not accept such a crisis so they would have strived to survive to their utmost limits. 

Therefore, the chances of meeting a madman who riots for no reason are higher than meeting a quiet and honest man.

These people were a little strange.

If there is a cause, we must identify and resolve it. 

As soon as I opened the door and went outside, I spot Ahbooboo soaring about and slaughtering monsters who wanted to cross the bridge.

I reread the goals of stage.

To protect these people.

This is a must.

The next objective is to eradicate the origin monster.

That’s the problem.

I was allowed to kill the monster without any support, which showed that its combat capabilities were lacking. 

The origin monster wiped out the planet’s population not by its own power, but through monsters called infectors, so my prediction is most certain. 

But it will be difficult to locate and eliminate a single origin monster on a planet dominated by infectors. 

This may take several rounds.

This stage is difficult.

I had to seek out the origin monster in hiding and slay it while protecting the survivors.

Even if Ahbooboo stayed there to guard the bridge, the difficulty remains if these people didn’t take their own initiative. 

At least they can hope for my return. 

If such a lifeless group was locked up in the building, they would commit suicide one by one. 

I’m sure they would do that. 

I’ve witnessed this situation several times happening in real time on the 1st floor of Hell Difficulty. 

The 1st floor of Hell Difficulty was literally became hell. 

Although the government had forbidden people to enter Hell Difficulty, there’s always one or two people who enter by accident or by their own foolhardiness. 

As the people accumulated, the population of the 1st floor of Hell Difficulty exceeded 30. 

This population is the same as a small village. 

The Order of Vigilance decided that they could build a society among themselves to continue. 

I did too.

But this was not the case.

They had become more and more decadent.

Instead of uniting together to comfort each other, they divided and hated each other. 

Then someone commited suicide and left a will.

Since then, like a relay, there would be two or three suicides in each episode. 

There are only five people left on the first floor. 

I understood the despair they were experiencing. 

Because I had experienced it.

Just being isolated from the world and locked up in the waiting room was enough to drive people crazy. 

After the waiting room’s time limit is reached, the challengers are deported to the stage which was the beginning of another hell. 

Even if you sat at the stage’s entrance and did nothing, it was simpler said than done. 

It’s never easy to spend a month alone at the end of a dark corridor. 

In a single step, there would be hidden arrows eager for their hearts flying over. 

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