Chapter 216 – Tutorial 49th Floor (2) (Part 2)

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The challengers on the 1st floor felt death hidden within the darkness as they looked ahead from the stage entrance. 

I still remember the moment when I first returned to the waiting room after an arrow shot me, then immediately challenging the trap a second time.

I really felt like I was going to die.

Overcoming that fear lead me to become who I am now. 

The God of Adventure first became interested in me during that time. 

Perhaps the fear they faced is greater than mine.

The amount of fear accumulated is correlated to the amount of time the challengers lamented and stayed on the 1st floor. 

After a month, they will be locked in the waiting room again.

On a positive note, they get to see each other’s faces, but only staring at each other for 3 days while nibbling on dried meat would make them question their survival.

Living only on dried meat and water each day would negatively impact their morale.

Although the waiting room’s restorative abilities can heal the body, bland taste in such a situation can have a great impact on their lives.

I had to live on dried meat and water until Idy cooked for me on the 12th floor creating a new experience.

Ultimately, there’s no hope for a better situation.

The Order of Vigilance would only be able to send support if they go up to the 2nd floor.

Because the auction window is available only after the 1st floor is cleared.

There’s no escape from the mire of despair.

Suicide is the only hope for those trapped there.

Their deaths would be like the “GAME OVER” screen from video games, returning to the main interface after losing.

They have the delusion that death will free them from hell.

Or they believe that death is a better alternative than being trapped in hell.

It’s such a pity.

Their whole situation is pitiful.

However, Lee Hyung Jin, who managed them and had a close relationship to them, was different. 

Since the beginning of the suicides, Lee Hyung Jin has tried his best to stop them, but now he is also suffering from lethargy and depression.

Although he did not tell me directly, I clearly understood his self-disgust in our conversations.

Lee Hyung Jin is isolated in Hell Difficulty like those planning to commit suicide. 

But unlike the challengers on the 1st floor, he is trying to move forward like me even if it’s only bit by bit. 

Fortunately, Lee Hyung Jin is on the 13th floor. 

He said that since his abilities encountered a bottleneck and he planned to give up clearing for some time. 

He wants to challenge the 13th floor repeatedly until he can achieve meaningful growth.

The monks on the 13th floor are friendly and generously offer valuable advice to the challenger.

I hope that the monks can offer some meaningful guidance to Lee Hyung Jin.

Because I don’t think I can do that.

As soon as I appeared, I saw holy sword soaring like a fly.

Although it looks frivolous, a large number of infectors are slaughtered each time he flies over and uses magic.

[How’s it going?]

After spotting me, Ahbooboo flew over and asked.

“It’s a mess. Get some rest. I’ll take over.”

[Ok. Perfect timing because my magic was running out.]

I turn my head to the retreating figure of Ahbooboo.

There’s another thing Ahbooboo needs to do.

“Ahbooboo, sorry, you need to set up a barrier.”

[Barrier? What are you doing?]

“An instant massacre.”

After a moment of silence, Ahbooboo grumbles.

[Do you need to do that? I said my magic is low.]

“Yeah, no.”

After hearing me, Ahbooboo muttered something I didn’t understand, perhaps some ancient swear words, and then responds with a sigh.

[Please go as far as you can before you release it.]

Wait, why does he sound like he’s letting me go to take a shit in the woods?

Now that I think about it, he isn’t wrong, so I go anyways.

After getting rid of Ahbooboo, who has been muttering, I walk towards the other side of the bridge.

It wasn’t long before I was face to face with the infectors that were rushing towards the building.

Each Infector had different appearances.

Some looked like wildlife, some looked like monsters, and others looked like people.

They are literally just monsters as a result of mutations after being infected.

They are no different from zombies in movies.

I raise my hands to them and draw a line from left to right in the air.

“Mind slash.”

Infectors are cut in half by the blade of the invisible aura.

I felt a strange sense of catharsis after the row of infectors split in half and rain blood.

[What was the point of drawing a line in the air?]

Seregia asks.

“It’s cool.”

When people see it, they’ll think the infectors were bisected by my hand gestures.

If I must explain it, then that’s why.

The rest of the infectors will still rush towards me without hesitation regardless of their allies’ death.

Their foolish judgment is ironically their advantage.

Faced with pawns who believe that they can win by blindly rushing forward with numbers, large-scale magic is the solution.

“Fire wall.”

Flames flares up from the ground.

The rushing infectors are burnt beyond recognition.

The infectors are temporarily halted so I take this opportunity to pull out the soul sword and shoot it forward.

After flying hundreds of meters, Seregia hit the ground and asks me.


“Yes, release it.”

As soon as I said that, the soul sealed in the soul sword was released into the world.

These were souls gathered through my soul collecting skill.

Although I can’t control them, Seregia can since she is assimilated with soul sword.

The souls running out of soul sword attached themselves to the infectors.

I don’t know the infectors’ numbers, but I’m sure it won’t exceed the number of souls sealed in soul sword.

I’m certain.

Because the number of infectors gathered here does not exceed one billion.

After confirming that the souls are firmly attached to the infectors, I activate my skill.

[Soul Steal]

This is the power skill that the God of Death gave me.

A skill I often used after I obtained it on the 6th floor.

It weakens the enemy and restores my strength upon their demise.

It can also cause fatal damage to the enemies’ mental form or soul.

The souls attached to the infectors are no exception.

The souls will writhe in pain and in turn impact the infectors. 

Due to the torturous pain, the souls are forced to cling to themselves.

In brief, it’s like attaching the scotch tape to the soul and tearing it off.

I don’t know what the principles are.

I learned this technique through the clues from the God of Death and Kiri Kiri’s advice during training, so I knew that it was feasible. But that’s all I knew.

It will take a while to fully understand the technique and make good use of it.

All of these infectors fell to the ground and began to twist and convulse. Only then did the view became wider.

I kicked a couple of infectors that were moaning and struggling.

They did not respond to external shocks.

To avoid troubling Ahbooboo, who is preparing the barrier.

I retrieved the soul sword and spread Talaria’s Wings to fly into the sky.

I start my flight in order to find a suitable place to slaughter them all at once.

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I raise my hands to them and draw a line from left to right in the air.

“Mind slash.”

Infectors are cut in half by the blade of the invisible aura.

I felt a strange sense of catharsis after the row of infectors split in half and rain blood.

[What was the point of drawing a line in the air?]

Seregia asks.

“It’s cool.”

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