Chapter 217- Tutorial 49th Floor (3) (Part 1)

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“Zit Pop.”

Note: Sibam boom as been changed to Zit Pop.

Unlike my chant, the roar of the explosion was earthshaking.

Instead of enjoying the explosion, I move to escape from the blast radius. 

I had released my technique while floating high in the sky.

Although the explosion point was set to be as far as possible, distance meant nothing in the face of this technique. 

I felt the intense heat and impact behind me.

Even with the endurance, I cultivated for so long and the flight speed of Talaria’s Wings, I still couldn’t completely negate the explosion’s impact. 

I would have been reluctant to use the technique if not for Talaria’s Wing’s support because it has developed to such an extent.

Actually, should I control the explosive force? 

But I’m unwilling to do that because the skill would lose its charm if the destructiveness decreased.

[The God of Light is excited!]

Of course, he is.

His reaction has always been consistent. 

I like consistency.

[The God of Harvest is satisfied.]

This God became interested in this skill not long ago.

The God of Harvest.

I may know what this God likes. 

The God of Harvest was mentioned in the message when the Demon King was summoned on the 26th floor, so I learned a little about this God.

According to Kiri Kiri, the God of Harvest is no different from the well-known God of Death. 

His most important characteristic is harvesting as many lives as possible in the simplest and easiest way.

I knew why the God of Harvest felt satisfied after seeing my technique. 

Because every now and then, I would see a message saying that “the God of Harvest is looking forward to it”.

Anyways, I’m escaping desperately to avoid being affected by the explosion. 

I couldn’t afford to look back and fly perilously towards the Holy Land. 

* * *

“Sigh, I almost breathed it in.”

It took a lot of effort to get into the barrier that Ahbooboo set up.

I’m panting for breath.

If I took a breath carelessly, things would’ve become troublesome.


[Ah, don’t talk to me. I’m busy.]

Ahbooboo spoke to me bluntly while he maintained the barrier.

“I need to be cleansed.”

Ahbooboo whined to express his feelings.

Despite his murmuring, he cleansed my body with holy spells.

Although not completely removed, the poison stained on clothes and skin were cleaned.

Looking back, an overwhelming scene unfolds before my eyes.

Outside of the wind barrier that Ahbooboo constructed, thick dark blue smoke fills the air.

After I increased the explosive force of Zit Pop to its maximum, I added poison ki to the aura of the explosion’s source.

So after the explosion, the poison smoke began to spread, causing extensive secondary damage.

The scene became more appealing to me than the lethality of the smog.

The days when I dodged flying arrows are still vivid, but now I can trigger a supernatural disaster.

At this point, I’m beyond even those considered to be superhuman.

This moment made me realize that I’ve never stopped growing.

“Not bad.”

[Not bad!? Are you serious!? Is that what you’re talking about!? That’s a disaster! Warrior, would you like to maintain the barrier!?]

“I don’t know how to use a barrier.”

Spells like barriers and seals are some of the most difficult spells even among the most advanced magics.

If you want to use this kind of magic, you have to transcend human magicians or borrow the help of Gods.

I once told Kiri Kiri that I wanted to learn sealing magic.

I didn’t even know Wind Arrow at that time, but in retrospect, I’m glad Kiri Kiri didn’t laugh at me.

[Ah… really, that skill wasn’t intended to be used in this way.]

Ahbooboo grumbled.

Zit Pop was developed after I adapted Ahbooboo’s Spatial Rift Mind Slash to my own tastes.

It is now impossible to see Zit Pop as a prototype born from Spatial Rift Mind Slash.

[I don’t know where the monster that Warrior is going to destroy is, but this continent is doomed.]

“Probably not the whole continent. I’m not sure, but it’s said that this is the largest continent on the planet.”

No matter how widespread the explosion was, no matter how far the smog spread, it wouldn’t encompass the entire continent.

It would be impossible to measure it by the standards of Eurasia, the largest continent on Earth.

It may not even fill all of China.

[No, it’s truly done for.]

Since he’s so convinced, I ask Ahbooboo to explain it to me.

[Where do you think the smoke will go? The planet’s climate has been destroyed. If it rains, it will be poisonous, rivers, lakes and seas will be contaminated. There’s nowhere to hide. The smoke can melt steel as long as there’s enough.]

Is that so?

I didn’t mean to destroy the ecosystem.

[It’s not over yet. If you want the smog to disappear, you have to wait for time to slowly dilute it. And the most ridiculous thing, isn’t that poison contagious? The poison that can cause instant death is contagious. As the poison slowly dilutes, infectious diseases will sweep across the planet. Didn’t you confirm that it was contagious last time through a corpse?]

[As I said, It’s a disaster. Warrior, you’ve just destroyed a planet.]

I felt thorns in Ahbooboo’s words.

It’s not like grumbling that I’ve made him suffer helps.

Did he resent me for destroying the ecosystem?

I had no idea.

Regardless, the planet is doomed.

There are 40 survivors.

All the other creatures on this land has been infected, joining the mass of infectors released by the origin monster.

It may not be limited to land creatures, the same could be true for underwater life forms.

In my opinion, it is impossible to go outside until all the poisonous smoke has gone away.

No matter how powerful my resistance is, it’s not a wise choice to break through the smoke blocking my view.

It looks like we’ll have to wait for the rain or wind to disperse the poisonous smog before we go out.

The situation is not bad.

Anyway, the initial plan was to get rid of the infectors, create a relatively safer environment, and then rectify the survivors.

Then we will find the origin monster.

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