Chapter 217- Tutorial 49th Floor (3) (Part 2)

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The infectors around here should have been wiped out, so I can embark on the journey without any concern. 

After sorting out thoughts, I move forward again.

Then there is Ahbooboo’s voice behind me.

[Warrior, where are you going?]

“I’m going to see the building inside.”

[…What about me? What should I do?]

The answer is obvious.

“You have to stay there and maintain the barrier.”

This is of course.

If Ahbooboo removed the barrier, the poisonous smoke would pour into the Holy Land. 

I don’t know what will happen to me, but all survivors would die.

[Who knows when the smoke will disappear!?] 

“It’s hard to say, I don’t know, too. Maybe 3 days?”

Hearing what I said, Ahbooboo was gasping for breath. I ignored him and held up the door handle. 

[Warrior! Warrior? You’ll be out in a moment, won’t you? Right? Will you stay in for a few days? Warrior? ] 

[Warrior? You’ll come out later, won’t you? Warrior? Warrior… hey, you!]

Listening to Ahbooboo’s eager plea, I thought of the past. 

When I first met Ahbooboo on the 26th floor, he had been begging me not to leave him alone, and eventually even said vulgar language to me. 

Whether in the past or the present, Ahbooboo hates being left alone.

Looking at Ahbooboo’s reaction as always, I feel a little better. 

It’s fun to tease him.

As soon as I enter the building, I slam the door shut. 

I laugh again at the thought of Ahbooboo, who starts swearing after seeing me do so. 

Going into the building with a happy heart, I was stunned on the spot as I turn my head. 

An unexpected scene awaits me inside the god temple.

I ask hurriedly when I see people standing on chairs with ropes hanging from the ceiling around their necks. 

“What are you doing?”

When people see me, they begin to weep and salute, which makes me nervous. 

After hearing what they said, I realize that they thought I was dead after they saw the abnormal phenomena outside. 

Because no one can survive in such a big explosion. 

I don’t know why the explosion happened, but now that I, the apostle who has been summoned, have disappeared, there was no hope for them. That’s what they think.

Before the aftermath of the explosion disappear, the infectors come together and decide to commit suicide. 

I opened the door and came in before they committed suicide. 

Hearing what they said, I sighed unconsciously. 

Although sighing may not look good in front of them, I can’t help it.

“Fortunately, I am alive.” 

I saw a boy nodding his head after listening to my words.

The boy is the representative chosen by the survivors. 

I ask them why they choose the boy as a representative when there are still older people. They reply.

Because he is a nobleman.

The world is going to perish. What’s the point of the class system? At this time, they even chose this little guy as a representative based on his noble origin.

I shouldn’t have expected anything from the survivors.

With regret, I take the boy to walk around in the Holy Land. 

The boy introduced the situation of the survivors according to my request. 

Who survived and why.

Nothing special.

Then I asked about food.

“We can get food from the center of the Holy Land.”

 We walk towards the center of the Holy Land under the guidance of the boy.

There is a beautiful courtyard behind the building in which the temple is located, with a spacious space in the middle of the courtyard. 

“You mean the food can be summoned here?”

“Yes. Thanks to the mercy of the God of Hope.”

“How much is it?”

“… Forty people eat only one meal a day. ”

When I asked about food before, opinions were divided.

Some said that food is enough, others said that it is not enough. 

If one meal a day, it’s not enough.

“Because some people think they’re lucky enough to have a meal.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s possible they would think so. 

No, it’s impossible.

I come here as an apostle of God and a savior.

If I ask them, they should have a higher ideal than “survival”.

If I were in the same situation with them, I would reply that the food was enough to sustain me.

I’m not sure I would say that.

From the boy, I can probably guess how weak these survivors are and how many times they have been betrayed by the people they depend on. 

“Have any apostles been summoned before?”

I have seen the sentences on the message that other denominations have died out. 

Those denominations may have summoned apostles before they collapsed. 

“After the monster appeared, many people were summoned by the denomination and the kingdom. But not apostles, there are saintess and warriors.”

Then they all died. 

My reliability was so low from the beginning because of them. 

If this kind of stage comes up again, there’s one more thing I need to pay attention to. 

A variable, the predecessors summoned before, may have damaged the summoner’s reputation.

“Don’t worry. I…”

I wanted to say I would protect you, but I stopped in the middle.

I’m just a person who disappears after the clearance. 

I don’t want to tell such a lie anymore.

“I will kill all the monsters.”

“But monsters will keep appearing. Master Apostle, no matter how strong you are, it’s useless.” 

The boy adds quickly.

“Please keep watch over us all the time. This is relatively safe for you.”

The boy’s trembling voice is full of earnestness. 

This is the safest way from the standpoint of survivors. 

The young man trembled so hard that he firmly said what he wanted to say. I think it’s a correct decision for survivors to choose him as their representative. 

“No problem. As long as the root cause – the big monster, is killed, other monsters will never appear again.” 

I said while touching the boy’s head gently. But the teenager did not feel at ease, his eyes were full of deep uneasiness. 

[The origin monster has been destroyed.]

[Stage mission updates.]

“Look, the origin monster is already…dead?”



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