Chapter 218 – The Tutorial 49th Floor (4) (Part 2)

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Although the God of Hope answered me, it doesn’t resolve the fundamental question.

I had intended to ask again, but the God of Hope interrupts me.

[Stop. Don’t ask again. If you want to ask more questions, you’ll have to pay contribution points.]

As soon as the God of Hope says this, a series of messages appear before me.

[Tutorial, Hell Difficulty 49th Floor cleared.]

[All abnormal phenomena and injuries are recovered.]

[Awarded 9000 points as a clear reward.]

[Awarded  9000 points for the first clear reward.]

[There are Gods who have good impressions of you, as additional1000 points are awarded.]

[The God of Hope is watching you.]

[The God of Hope wishes to pay additional rewards. Do you accept?]

I ignore the clear messages and focus on the God of Hope.

[Ok, what do you want to know?]

“I want to know why and how you saved those people.”

[Why? Do you even need to consider the reason? Someone wanted to remove the barrier and kill the believers in my Holy Land, so I saved them.]

That reason is not enough.

“I don’t think so. You have no reason to care about the life or death of your believers.”

The God of Hope’s doctrine pursues hope.

Whether the believers face setbacks or salvation at the end of their hope has nothing to do with hope itself.

Although he may be reluctant to have fewer believers, I didn’t expect him to interfere with the stage personally.

What’s more, people in the tutorial can’t be regarded as real believers.

[Well, you understand Gods quite well. I saved the children just because I liked the situation.]

The God of Hope reveals his thoughts.

[In such a short time, you brought them hope and despair over and over again. Your presence alone was hope for them, but at the same time, your disappearance has become despair. The power you possess symbolized their hope to survive so they become nervous when you leave.]                  

The God doesn’t stop explaining.

The reason is longer than I thought.

[They can only live on my mercy in a world polluted by your poisonous fog. They will never return to their hometown and will be trapped in the Holy Land forever. Even in such a dire situation, they will not lose hope for the future. It will eventually pass and their safety in the Holy Land is guaranteed. That’s what I like. You brought them new despair when they were ready to start anew. Because of that, they will never lose hope.]

The story should have a happy ending, but a poisoned world becomes a variable.

So it brings people new despair, but at the same time, it gives rise to hope.

[Although it’s just a world trapped in the tutorial, I like the ending of the story very much and want to give it a clean finish. In fact, I don’t even want those children to escape the despair and start a new life.]

“So you want people to despair forever.” 

[Of course. Hope cannot be established without despair. Those who free themselves of despair will praise the power that saved them, but no one will praise hope.]

I knew that the God of Hope was not interested in salvation, but I had no idea that he would so actively push his believers into despair.

The God of Hope, who was supposed to be more righteous, now seems nefarious.

[Evil, are you still distinguishing between good from evil? Why don’t you put such a troublesome and useless standard on yourself first?]

I don’t really want to.

As the God of Hope said, the standard is troublesome and useless.

“Now can you tell me the method you used?” 

Regardless of how the God of Hope wanted the stage to end, this is blatantly an act of interference.

I have never heard that a God can end a stage without a vote.

[It’s my holy land. That kind of decision is possible.]

“Can you explain it in detail?”

[That’s fine, but it could cost contribution points.]


The God of Hope is silent for a while.

Are you calculating contribution points and information prices?

[What do you think is the greatest characteristic of the Holy Land?]

“I have no idea.”

[…Can you at least try to think about it?]

It has to be answered by the God of Hope regardless.

I don’t have to rack my brain for an answer.

[A Holy Land is the place where God lives and where no other God can interfere with it through divine power.]

I have two questions.

Ahbooboo had set up a barrier with the power of the God of the Sky.

[That sword set up the barrier just outside the influence of my Holy Land, which is smart.]

One question is why has a meaningful place like the Holy Land appeared in the tutorial.

Next, I ask the God of Hope if it was really okay to put the Holy Land in the tutorial.

The God of Hope gives me the answer immediately.

[It’s not a real Holy Land, but it’s not entirely fake either. To put it simply, it’s like having a second home change for the public to use as a villa. Since I am nominally the owner of the building, I can exercise the owner’s right to interfere.]

I feel that this statement is controversial.

[Don’t ask too much about it. You won’t get an answer even if you spend all your contribution points.]

The God of Hope ends the topic with this sentence.

It was a poor explanation for what would’ve consumed all my contribution points.

I wondered if there is anything more to ask.


I’m about to let him send me away, but the God of  Hope asks.

[You still have some contribution points left. Do you have any questions left to ask?]

The God of Hope has been asking me questions in turn, inducing me to answer them, or answering in a very general way, in order to reduce the consumption of my contribution points.

I don’t know why.

I wonder if there is anything else I want to ask the God of Hope.

“Yeah, no. I’m going to leave.”


The God of Hope asks again.

At this point, there was nothing left to ask so I think the God of Hope wants to tell me something.

[You’re right. I have something to tell you.]

The God of Hope laughs, tickling me.

Although the voice is still very light, it focused the nerves in my ears.

[Don’t you want to ask me about that?]

“Are you talking about?”

[About your plan.]


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