Chapter 219 – The Tutorial 49th Floor (5) (Part 2)

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[In that case, you’d want to grasp the essence of it through a phenomenon. It’s a great method because you tend to focus on results. Very well, I’ll tell you. Since your curiosity hasn’t been aroused, your contribution points were not used.]

[You know, the number of Gods who are interested in you are decreasing. We’ve determined that your core essence is struggle. We know that you’ve set an unrealistic, dangerous, and difficult goal for yourself with no intentions of giving in. That’s why they abandoned you. ]

Because they think I’m just a moth that will burn down.

The God of Hope adds.

[Your analysis isn’t wrong. In fact, you also know that your goal is impossible to achieve, right? That’s why you would make it your objective. If it was a goal you can achieve in a few years, you wouldn’t have targeted it in the first place because life will become meaningless after it is achieved. This means that life before achieving that goal is also meaningless.]

[The Gods think your goal is as absurd as your idea. The truth is, a mortal man who is fated for death will never accomplish such a task. But the problem is…]

[You’ve been trying to carry out that impossible goal the whole time.]

[I know humans very well. I’ve seen how fragile they are and what they’ve craved for. So I know how many obstacles you have to overcome and the height of the mountains you have to climb in the future.]

[The gods don’t value you greatly because there are other Hell Difficulty challengers in other dimensions. Even the God who supports you doesn’t think you’ll achieve your goals. In my eyes, you are very likely to fail, but I think about you more sincerely. Although the hope is slim, there is still a possibility for you.]

After a long explanation, the God of Hope announces in a low voice.

[Now go.]

The next moment, my body is moved from the Temple of Hope to Kirikiri’s field.

Before I could adjust to the sudden light, Kirikiri came running and screaming.


 * * *

Kirikiri is especially annoying today so I buy her a cake to stop her pestering me and send her away to sort out my thoughts.

I’m not yet certain of what the God of Hope truly desires.

But I still need to organize the information he gave me.

First, the God of Hope revealed that there are several Gods who are disgusted with the system’s control and sincerely support me.

From his performance, he hopes I can optimistically accept the Gods’ assistance.

Optimism will be a stumbling block to my future obstacles.

I look at Kirikiri.

She is eating cake while staring at me.

I can’t tell whether the cake is being eaten from the mouth or the nose.

The dialogue with the God of Hope made it clear that the Gods were also restrained by the system.

Kirikiri’s attention is no longer on the cake, she stares at me.

Most of the Gods think that I will one day renounce my goal or finally compromise with reality.

But there are also Gods who continue responding to and support my actions.

As the God of Hope said, they also want to be freed from the system’s constraints.

They must hope that I can create some variables in their favor.


Kirikiri giggles, then picks up the plate of cake as if nothing had happened.

The next one is information about the Holy Land.

But I don’t need to ask Kirikiri about it right now nor is it available or useful at the moment.

I just recall what the God of Hope had mentioned.

Next, I speculate how the Gods read my mind.

First of all, the God of Hope knows about the conversation between the God of Slow and me.

“That’s because Houjae is not an apostle of a God. As a challenger without any affiliations, your actions can be observed by all the gods in the Hundred God Temples.”

“Yes, I know that. I just think it’s a little strange for him to be able to observe what happened in other temples.”

“Gods don’t observe challengers by viewing the spaces in the tutorial. They observe by sharing challengers’ views and ideas through challengers’ point of view.

There was an error in my speculation.

I thought the Gods watched the challengers with something akin to CCTV, but in reality, their observation method is actually closer to peeping at the challengers’ thoughts through the first-person point of view.

There is one last clue left.

I know Gods can read my mind.

Because they will feel lost, happy, and sometimes angry because of my ideas.

And what they can read is limited to the surface of my deepest thoughts.

But I had misunderstood the extent that they could read.

Through many conversations with Gods, I realize that what they can read is just the surface content of my mind.

The reason for my illusion is Kirikiri.

I always regarded her as the standard for these Gods, which led me astray.

Compared to the Gods, Kirikiri can read my deepest thoughts.

The difference is obvious.


“This is not a compliment.”

It is not yet known whether she is just a manager or something else.

Anyway, even if I wanted to ask, I can’t pay the information fee.


Regardless, I am sure now.

There is no way for these Gods to accurately read the thoughts that I deliberately hide.

I know that the goal I am challenging is an endless abyss.

But I’m no lunatic who dedicates themselves to meaningless challenges.

I started the challenge in order to achieve my goal.


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