Chapter 220 – The Tournament (20) (Part 2)

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[Welcome to the Tournament.]

[Tournament Day 1, 0:17]

I’m moved to a secluded forest.

How unexpected.

Previous tournaments were held in the residential areas like floor 30 or floor 60.

I thought this one would take place in the residential area of floor 90, but instead I’m transported to a forest..

More importantly, there is nobody around.

I thought it would be crowded with people, but I can only sense a woman and a man.

Only two people.

[Lee HoJae,50th floor: What’s this?]

[Kim MinHyuk,30th floor: …Hey. Tell me honestly. You pretend to read all my messages, then ignore them, right?]


I decide not to send a reply to Kim MinHyuk after seeing his message.


The woman pacing around comes to greet me.

“Yes. Hello.”

I greet the man who approached late then request the duo to explain the situation to me.

The woman speaks with embarrassment.

“Didn’t you read the guide? The Order of Vigilance informed us last month.”


I haven’t been in the community in a while. How could I have read that?

“Why don’t we proceed? You can listen to the rest as you go. I can deal with all the monsters enroute alone anyways.”

Boasts the man a step behind us.

He looks to be in his early 20s.

After entering the tutorial, challengers will not suffer from natural aging.

Given that, the man can be two or three years older than he seems.

But that’s unlikely.

Because they don’t recognize me.

This proves that both of them are challengers who have only recently entered the tutorial.

“Yeah. Let’s head on  first. I’ll explain it as we go.”

While walking along the forest road, I get a detailed explanation from the woman.

The woman tells me her name is Lee Jin

I think it is a pseudonym, but she insists it’s her real name.

I didn’t tell her my name.

According to Lee Jin, this time the Tournament has lots more content than before.

As a result, the rewards has increased correspondingly and the duration has been increased to one month.

“First of all, if you want to enter the venue, you need to get there with two randomly assigned team members.”

“Why increase the meaningless process?”

“I’m not sure, but many people in the community are saying that the content was prepared for players who have not experienced party play yet.”

I heard the laughter from the man ahead.

This bastard is starting to annoy me to no end.

You, one strike.

Disregarding him, there is something I don’t understand in Lee Jin’s words.



I expressed doubts about the strange word, but Lee Jin says nothing.


She used the word so naturally, I’m embarrassed to ask again.

I take the chance to ask Kim MinHyuk instead.

[Lee HoJtae,50th floor: Hey, What’s a player?]

[Kim MinHyuk,30th floor: … Please. Why do you sound like an old man? That’s what people call challengers in the community.]

Kim Minhyuk told me that people who challenge the stages are called players, while the challengers who stay in residential areas or specific stages are called NPC.

[Kim MinHyuk,30th floor: I’m really,really busy, Okay? If possible, ask the people around you about this kind of thing or wait till evening. Let’s meet tonight. I’ll give you a lesson on common sense.]

A lesson on common sense?

That really does make me sound like an outdated old man.

[Kim MinHyuk,30th floor: Don’t you think so?]

Kim MinHyuk truthful message stabs my feelings so I close the dialog box.

Lee Jin probably likes to explain and educate others because she’s always talking about something.

In addition to the simple combat competition, the tournament has a variety of new content.

For example, you can try to complete the labyrinth within a limited time or tackle a Time Attack Stage as a party.

There are lots of activities.

“We can’t finish all the events in time. Everyone in the community says it’s best to challenge two or three events.”

The Tournament this time has changed in many aspects.

If the previous tournament is like a colosseum, this one is more like a comprehensive amusement park.

I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet, but I felt it from Lee Jin’s description.

“What do you want to challenge?”

“I don’t know.”

My plan was to return to the stages after a few days without challenging anything.

Of course, this is no emergency.

I just don’t want to spend a month here wasting my time since the items and elixir rewards in the championship prize pool are useless to me.

I tell Lee Jin that I’m just going to meet some friends and take a few days off.

“Why? Just try one. This is the first time this has happened, who knows when we’ll have this chance again? Do it for the experience. I hear that some events aren’t dangerous.”

After listening to Lee Jin’s words, the man walking in front says sarcastically.

“Hey, looks like he hasn’t been here long, just leave it. Since his equipment is all shiny, he may have found a patron among the top ranked players. I’ll handle it.”

Erm… Let me think.

Is that a strike?

Then two strikes.

There’s still one count until a strikeout.

But I’m in a bad mood.

Okay, let’s think of it as a bean ball.

Note: A bean ball is when a pitcher throws the ball directly at the batter’s head.


Then an ugly monster pops out in the middle of the forest.

The unusual creature looks like a combination between a dog and frog. 

“Back off! I’ll handle it!”

After his roar, I stare at the man’s face as he draws his sword..

The man turns to me and asks.

“Yes? Do you have any complaints?”

“Get down.”


The horrendous monster immediately falls to the ground.

It watches me from the ground, it seems quite intelligent.

Even if it could understand me through my skill, Time Before Babel, it’s honestly commendable that it can grasp the power gap between me and it.

In the face of a sudden situation, the flustered man sends alternating gazes at me and the monster.

This guy is even less intelligent than the monster.

It’s hard, but I say it again mercifully.

“What are you doing? Get down.”

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