Chapter 221 – The Tournament (21) (Part 1)

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“What are you doing? Get down.”


The man ignorantly asks. Perhaps he hasn’t figured it out yet.

I thought he would get down on his own initiative, but he is incapable of understanding words, so what am I supposed to do about it?


“Get down.”

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I force him down.

It was easy.

I just released magic above the man and use it to press him to the ground.

Pretty simple.

This is the usual method I used to suppress isolated and weak enemies in the stages. Now I’ve mastered the essentials and can use less magic to achieve the same results.

The man forced to the ground lost his ability to speak.

Usually, there are no groans when I press people down.

There are occasionally some squeaking noises, but this is involuntary.

I decide to put him on hold before starting the conversation.

I hope he can make progress during this down time.

However, I understand the man’s feelings.

After all, it’s not the first time I’ve seen such a poser.

Above all, it’s two men and one woman walking together.

In the limited space of the tutorial, I can understand why he would have that mindset.

So I can understand.

I also understand why I’m being irritated by the man’s tone.

The tone of speech is terrible. Who wouldn’t be angry after listening?

I just want to calm down.



Hearing my mumbling, the monster agrees with me with a cry.

What is he doing?

The monster looks like a mixture of dog and frog.

His head is as smooth and shiny as an amphibian, but the limbs are hairy like a dog.

He stares at me with fear in his eyes.

“That, that.”


I forgot about the woman.

Lee Jin looks at me with flustered eyes and asks.

“Well, what’s going on…?”

She doesn’t understand the situation.

I think the current situation can be easily understood, but for others it doesn’t seem so.

I decided to explain it to her from the beginning.

“The monster is discerning. As soon as he jumped out, he knew that he should lie down. This guy is lacked observational skills, influencing my mood, so I force him to lie down.”

My explanation is simple and easy to understand.

There should be better ways to explain it, but I’m not greedy for a higher standard because of my poor vocabulary.

“How did you do that?”

You want to know how?

I roughly explain the principle.

“How else? He has control force. How else can it be done?”

“You can push down from a space that is out of reach, so as long as you have magic, you can do it.”

It seems that Lee Jin wants to keep asking. So I say something casually.

She talks about control force all the time. It seems she is interested in theories.

At the current level of these challengers, this is an area they couldn’t reach or should even care about.

This woman likes to explain. Unexpectedly, her thirst for knowledge is so strong.

It seems that she has no interest in the man who lies on the ground in the frog position or the actual frog monster who lies on the ground in the same position.

[This is a scam. Anyone can do it. Warrior, you’re putting on airs. ]

“So noisy.”


Ignoring the nagging Ahbooboo and the woman who is questioning me, I bend down.

I lighten the pressure on the man and speak.

“How do you feel?”

Of course, he doesn’t look like he can hold on.

He doesn’t reply.

I’ve weakened my power to the point where he can speak.

His attitude is still bad.

I stand up and say.

“Our meeting is fate. Take this opportunity, I will educate you. If you want to live with this attitude all the time, you should have the corresponding strength. Follow the training methods I teach every day and your strength will increase naturally.”

Of course, he will not want power or anything else in 10 minutes.

This is none of my business.

“Hey, you did it wrong, didn’t you?”


“Not you.”


“Ok,I get it. Stop being noisy.”


The monster constantly barking, so I hit him.

I had thought its intelligence was high, but it only had excellent crisis handling abilities so I corrected my judgement.


“Well, I know it’s an accident. Shut up. Now I’m talking to him.”


Finally, I turn my head away from the monster.

Turn to the man with his head down in sweat.

Not long ago, he was in a state of mental distraction. It seems that during the time when I talked with the monster, he has recovered his spirit.

Physical strength and recovery are good.

But it isn’t enough to endure my training.

The man is bathed with sweat and his legs are shaking.

If you keep on pushing your limits for an hour, even the challenger who is physically superior will become like that.

He did it exactly according to the no-equipment sports I had practiced before. Now I think his internal organs are shaking.

If you leave him alone, it may cause shock. I have to give him a potion.

I will give him it after torture him.

“Hey, did you do wrong or not?”

“Yes, I’m in the wrong.”

The man answers quickly.

After suffering for an hour, the man has the same attitude towards me as the frog monster who keeps glancing at me in horror.

It would be nice if it stays like this.

By the way, his voice is still very strong.

Not enough torture.

“Why did you do that?”


“Still no answer? Down.”

The man fell down on the ground in a rush.

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