Chapter 221 – The Tournament (21) (Part 2)

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I’m not sure if it’s because he’s done it so many times, but his body moves like lightning to the familiar movements.

The dust is blown away by his violent movement.

The silent holy sword speaks

[You’re more capable of torture than I thought.] 


[Really. According to your personality, people would be immediately killed if they caused you discomfort. I thought you were preparing to behead him when he lies on the ground, but instead you torture him.] 

Ok, all right.

I now know what you think of me.

[It’s a pity that I can’t torture you like this. If only you were human.]

[Ah, what did you say!? Why!? Is it because I’m not coquetry enough? ]

There is a rush of butterflies in my stomach. I resist the urge to vomit..

Although I can’t torture this crazy sword, there is still a way to punish it.

Since the noise from Ahbooboo has damaged my hearing, I throw it back into inventory for it.

About 10 minutes later, I pull up the man who rolls on the floor, struggle to stand.

I ask again.

“Have you self-reflected?”

The man gasps and answers yes.

“Hey, you laugh at others when they speak to them miserable, Is that right?”


“Then why would you do that?”


“Down again.”

The man rolls over and finally faints.

It’s not good to wake him up just to torture him again. Since my anger has subsided I decided to let him go.

After pouring a potion into the man with rolled eyes, I put him on the back of the frog monster.

“Can you carry him?”


Yes, I know.

I unintentionally got an obedient carrier.

We continue along the forest path while listening to Lee Jin’s explanation of tournament.

She explains more enthusiastically than before.

“With Japan and Australia?”

“Yes. It’s probably because there are too many participants, so the residential area is divided.”

We will share a residential area with Japan and Australia who have participated in the second tournament with us together.

I not sure about Japan, but among the challengers in Australia, there should be some people who have a grudge with us.

Another conflict may happen.

There are many participants in the tournament this time along with many kinds of events. Perhaps due to this, we can take the residential area where the dormitory is located at the center.

Lee Jin says that if you want to participate in the tournament, you need to form a team in a residential area and sign up together for the competition.

You become an official participant once you and your team move through the portal. 

It sounds complex.

We listen while walking in the woods.

Several hidden traps and magic circles are found along the way along with other frogs.

These monsters talk to the frog monster walking by my side for a while and then run away.

“Can you understand what the monsters are saying?”

“Just a little bit.”

Lee Jin asks me.

After walking together for several hours, our relationship has become a little closer allowing us to casually ask each other questions.

“I can’t understand them completely. What they say is very vague.”


“Because they know I can understand them.”

The knowledge of the time before Babe is bidirectionally compatible.

Although the frog monster can’t understand what Lee Jin says, he can fully understand what I say.

So they speculate that I could understand their language accurately.

I’m not certain, I just believe it so.

While explaining to Lee Jin, I also affirm my hypothesis.

Because the frog monster freaks out after listening to my explanation.

“But are you really not going to participate in any event? I hear there are prizes in the tournament.””

I reply that I would not participate.

I can guess what kind of rewards will be given.

Maybe give an item box with good weapons or some statistics.

But they are useless to me.

Especially elixirs, I wouldn’t feel any change after its consumption.

Drinking an elixir is similar to consuming vitamins, it’s of little help.

There’s no need to beat others for such a prize.

I don’t expect to compete with other challengers.

Although I believed I would before, I have lost my expectations.

I don’t know the level of other challengers, but they are certainly not as strong as me.

If you fight other challengers just to experience a sense of urgency, you may accidentally kill them causing some trouble.

“What a pity. If we can participate together, the prize is as good as ours.”

Even if I wanted to participate in the tournament, I would not form a team with Lee Jin.

If I have to, I could consider joining Park Jong-Sik.

Because even without me, that team is most likely to win the championship.

Lee Jin seems to have a clue on the way and asks if my name is Lee Hojae.

I affirm her suspicion.

Since then, Lee Jin has been asking me to participate in the tournament.

But more concerned about how she is unwavered after learning my identity.

She becomes more interested to team up with me and win prizes.

To be honest, I’m surprised.

I thought that if I revealed my name, the normal response would be her fearing me. However, I didn’t expect her to be so joyful.

This makes me strangely confused.

Is it because I haven’t interacted with other people for a long period of time?

People have forgotten me.

Perhaps it’s simply because she’s not a challenger from the early periods.

Maybe it’s just because she’s an unusual person.

In any case, it’s convenient for me to have a good conversation. 

In addition to the tournament, I also ask some questions about the community and other challengers’ trend.

So I don’t have to annoy Kim MinHyuk anymore.

After walking for three or four hours, we come to the end of the forest path and see the portal.

Seeing the portal, Lee Jin says.

The portal will take you to your residential area.

I send a message to Kim MinHyuk notifying him that I will arrive soon.

Kim MinHyuk replies that he would send someone to pick me up at the other end of the portal.

He adds that I don’t have to hurry over because there is nothing to do, but I have nothing to do but to find him.

The place I arrive through the portal looks like a residential area.

There are beautiful brick buildings along the street.

It looks like a floor 90 residential area.

Nothing special.

“It’s clean.”


The frog monster behind me expresses his approval.

… Why did this guy follow me here?

I pull down the man onto my back, wondering whether to send the frog monster back through the portal when there is an explosion in the sky.

Bang! Bang!

I’m frightened and hurried to look up to the sky. The sky is full of colorful fireworks.

It’s fireworks.

What’s this?

Firecracker in the tournament.

I don’t think it’s arranged by the system.

I see a lot of people walking around with firecrackers and ignition tools on the buildings.

I don’t know how it’s prepared, but it’s spectacular.

Different from the sparks and flashes that occur in the battle, the colorful fireworks appearing one after another are very beautiful.

Fireworks continue.

I am enjoying myself when a notification comes up.

[The God of Light is excited!]

[The God of Light decides to bless his apostles. ] 

[Voting begins.]

[For:1, against:98]

[The God of Light feels that he is losing face.]

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