Chapter 222 – The Tournament (22) (Part 1)

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[The God of Light feels ashamed.]

It’s ridiculous on one hand, but it’s normal on the other.

I’m accustomed to the occasional foolishness of the God of Light.

I chuckle upon seeing the God of Light’s message, but soon I realize that I’m not alone.

At least, those who also watched fireworks outside the buildings have received the message.

In addition, some people are not laughing, but cheering.

Those cheering are the ones who stood on the roofs and set off firecrackers.

Are they believers of the God of Light as the message says?

I thought the message referred to them as believers because they set off firecrackers, but on second thought, they may be truly believers.

The people on the roof are all excited and elated.

I don’t know why.

Under the system’s sanction, the God of Light fails to give the blessing. Logically, I wonder if they should be depressed.

But people are cheering as if they have been blessed.

Someone comes towards me while I watched them.

It’s a normal-looking man.


The greeting is also normal.

I respond to him perfunctorily.

The man says he’s a member of the Order of Vigilance sent by Kim Min Hyuk to be my guide.

Surprisingly, the man knows me.

“Have we met before?”

“Yes. I’ve seen you before in the grand conference and tournament.”

After listening to him, I begin to recall.

Of course, I don’t have any memories of the man in my mind.

“A previous grand conference… the third or fourth time?

“The fourth time. But it was the first time for me.”

It seems that he joined not long ago.

The members of the Order of Vigilance that I’ve been in contact with are those who entered in the early days. So it’s possible that I don’t remember him.

If you ask me if I remember all the early members, I would deny it.

“But what about the frog? Is it the guy I met at the intersection?”

I ponder about it Instead of answering immediately.

I choose an answer that would cause trouble as little as possible.


“Wow… You really can do anything up at that level. It’s said that you are a warrior, so I didn’t know you such an ability. It’s amazing. There’s no problem walking around with this guy, right?” 


Probably, I think.

So long as this guy doesn’t suddenly cause trouble.

I can subdue it on the spot even if it does.

In fact, if I want to avoid trouble, I can deal with it at any time. However, this is the first time a monster has followed me for no reason.

So I want it to stay with it as long as possible to its reason.

The man suggests I follow him to Kim Min Hyuk.

Before leaving, I pull down the man on the back of the frog monster.

At this point, he should be able to take care of himself, I think. Then I lean him against the wall

I say goodbye to Lee Jin.

Although Lee Jin feels a little sad, she doesn’t pester me anymore.

It seems like she stopped not because of me, but for the members of the Order of Vigilance around me which felt a little strange.

When I walk around with the man, we get people’s attention.

It’s normal.

Because there is no one else who walks around with a frog monster.

It would naturally attract people’s attention.

People gather together to see the frog monster.

Interestingly, people are more interested in the tamed monster than me.

What they desire to know is how the taming is implemented.

Occasionally, people ask me questions or say hello directly.

After continuing my way, I reached the building where Kim Min Hyuk is located.

The building is big enough for the frog monster to enter.

In front of the building stands a gatekeeper.

After talking to the man who brought me here, the gatekeeper lets us in.

The gatekeeper’s attitude is a bit strange.

What’s stranger is his attitude towards me, which resembles people’s reaction to me in the past.

As soon as he knew my identity, his body stiffens.

It’s gone beyond tension and became anxiety.

That’s a normal response.

“What’s your name?”


The frog monster who follows me quietly shows presence.

I turn my head towards the frog and speak.

“Not you.”

I’m not curious about the frog’s name.

The man disturbed by the frog says.

“Jeong Myung-chul”.

I ask him in which time did he come in, he says the second time.

Then we walk into the building.

I am led to a large conference room.

The meeting is in full swing in the conference room.

Unintentionally, I get in the way of the meeting.

“Long time no see. How are you?”

Suddenly an old man comes to talk to me, I contemplate who he is for a while.

Luckily, I remember him.

“Long time no see, uncle.”

The Japanese uncle with a long beard still seems to be the core of Japanese challengers.

Most of the other Japanese challengers in his party only offer assistance so the substantive propositions are put forward by the Japanese uncle.

He says Australian staff are arranging the dormitories.

No wonder I didn’t see any Australians along the way. It turns out that they had all gathered elsewhere.

I am dazed throughout the meeting.

They are talking about how to enforce the rules, how to communicate and get along with foreign challengers who haven’t met yet, but I it doesn’t matter to me.

Actually, it is.

I just need to sit here quietly.

Kim MinHyuk tells me that if I feel bored I can go outside, but I refused.

Because there’s nothing to do outside.

It would be really annoying if someone recognizes me.

So I’d rather stay in the conference room.

It’s not that there’s nothing that arouses my interests at all.


“Yes. It’s been spreading fast lately.”

The bearded uncle says religion is spreading among Japanese challengers.

The funny thing is that it isn’t a pseudo-religion.

What they worship is the real God.

“Various denominations are springing up, but the scale of believers of the God of Light seems to be the largest. I don’t know how many there are.”

“The God of Light? Insane…”

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Chapter 222 – The Tournament (22) (Part 2)

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