Chapter 222 – The Tournament (22) (Part 2)

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I curse, but I hurriedly stop myself. I don’t know when the Time before Babel skill has reached level 15. It seems that half of the swearing has been translated.

One of the Japanese challengers gets angry with eyes wide open.

It’s rude to belittle or slander others’ religions, but since I have already offended them, I want to take this opportunity to solve the problem.

I ask the Japanese challenger, who is especially angry after listening to me.

“Why the God of Light? Since you want to believe in God, shouldn’t you believe in a God more dignified and decent?”

“You mean to say the God of Light is not decent?”

The hard question comes back to me.

I didn’t get the answer I wanted so I end the conversation with an apology.

But the man continues to mutter in anger even after hearing my apology.

“Hum, these stupid people don’t understand the God of Light.”

…Wait a moment?

I think I heard something wrong.

Before I ask again, Kim MinHyuk stands up.

“There are quite a few people in Korea who believe in the God of Light.”


At this point, am I the weird one?

Is there anything worth worshiping in the God of Light?

In the end, I couldn’t hide my doubt and ask why people believe in the God of Light.

The answers come from all over the conference room.

“He is cute.”

“Because of his loveliness.”

“And his divine magic is amazing.”

“I think it is because the nature of the God of Light is a fresh shock to those who are used to the religions of the earth.”

Somehow I think that the first two reasons are the main reasons, but I decide to move on.

I don’t deny the benefits of religion.

Religion can become a great moral support for the challengers who are trapped in the tutorial.

The world is full of monsters, even if you leave.

Indeed, it is natural to search for a God who exists in a world where God’s salvation is needed.

Although I am surprised that the object of worship is the God of Light.

The discussion about the God of light reminds me of the fireworks.

“Oh? really? It’s good to know that you love it. In fact, that was just a rehearsal. The formal fireworks festival will start tonight according to the arrangement.”

Most of the challengers on the Japanese service side are looking forward to the event, explains bearded uncle.

The uncle seems to have been trying to bring some entertainment and happiness to the challengers.

That’s probably why he gets along so well with Kim Min Hyuk.

I also mention the shame of the God of Light at the end of fireworks.

The Japanese believers of the God of Light are calm and don’t lose their temper, instead of nod and smile joyfully.

Their smiles makes me a little upset.

The meeting is finishing up anyway.

After thinking about it, it would be better to tell them.

“That… The religion I mentioned earlier.”

“Em? Do you have other questions?”

It is okay to believe in religion.

The problem is that they don’t know the nature of God.

I’m afraid that when they finally understand the nature of God, they would be trapped in a situation where they can’t escape.

“It’s a good thing to worship God, but I hope you will restrain yourself from trying to get close to them.”

“May I know why?”

“Well… The biggest difference between the religions on earth and the gods here is accessibility.”

“That’s true.”

People can confirm and feel God’s existence at close range through the messages God sends to them in the tutorial.

Although these gods aren’t physically close, they give the feeling of being close.

Thus a group of believers will sprout.

They want to be closer to God.

“There will be people who aren’t satisfied with their status as believers, so they try to be apostles or subordinates of the Gods.”

I’ve seen this type of person many times in the course of the clearing the 40-49th floors.

There are countless people who intend to let go of all the troubles in the world in order to be subordinates of the Gods.

As the God of Slow once said.

“We have to stop it.”

“Well… Can I ask why? I think it’s personal freedom, not something we can ban or control.”

“The problem is that we know nothing about the nature of God, especially the God of Light.”

The God of Light is mentioned once again and the Japanese challengers who look like believers show their displeasure.

I ask them.

“What do you know about the God of Light?”

He likes glittering things.

He likes explosions.

He’s cute.

The answers are all like these.

“That’s one-sided. You don’t know what the God of Light represents. When we think about light we often think about sunlight or light itself. For us, light has a positive significance like illuminating the world or driving out darkness.” 

“Is that so?”

“Our knowledge of light is limited to what is available on earth. But what light is in the universe can be completely different. According to the Gods’ interpretation, light can be both good and bad.”

The challengers become silent. I continue.

“The most dangerous thing is that the light contains the concept of brightness according to the definition of the God of Light, which involves relativity. Brightness no longer determined by an absolute value, but by the contrast. In this case, it will be a very dangerous thing to be an apostle of the God of light.”

I explain to those who do not understand the relationship between God and relativity.

I’m explaining, and Kim MinHyuk next to me says something in a low voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“Er… One of our people who wants to be an apostle of the God of Light.”


“Lee Joon Suk.”

Ah… That guy, he’s the blitz wizard.

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