Chapter 223 – The Tournament (23) (Part 1)

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“If it’s as you said, then Lee Joon Suk might be in trouble.”

Kim MinHyuk lowers his head and whispers.

Kim MinHyuk words remind me that Lee Joon Suk’s main skill is lightning.

He is one of the top contenders on South Korean server.

He’s been a high profile rookie since the inception of the Tutorial, as people expected, he’s been growing rapidly.

He would indeed get a reaction from the God of Light every time he launches his skill.

I answered that I understood.

I’ll have to talk to him alone after the meeting.

I turn back to others in the conference room.

It will take too long to tell them everything I understood about the Gods and I wasn’t sure what I knew the correct.

But I should at least be warn them at a minimum.

So I chose a topic that would alarm them the most.

“Think about it. The God of light is a God who enjoys explosions, so if a bomb explodes in the center of the city, he would not mourn for the death of the people.”

The Japanese believers express their displeasure.

Their facial expressions makes me uncomfortable.

“Admit it. The laws and morals we know don’t matter to Gods.”

Of course, God can’t interfere with us.

There has never been a sign of God on earth.

The communication between God and challengers is also limited to messages and receiving powers from them through divine spells.

“That’s something we humans need to cope with and guard against. If an incident breaks out, a message saying that the God of Light is pleased will shock the believers, but it won’t break their contact with God.”

The bearded uncle retorts.

“The problem… it’s not the Gods, but the people who want to imitate God. As I’ve said before, people like that will surely appear.”

“Could you explain it a little more?”

I decide to explain it to him in detail.

“There will be a lunatic who becomes more and more like the God he worships because of their way of thinking until they finally identify themselves with a God. For example, although the God of Light likes explosion, he doesn’t purposely create explosions. But he’ll become excited when an explosion does happen.”

Clearing my throat, I continue.

“It’s the lunatics that will cause explosions everywhere to gain the favor of God. Furthermore, they can become delusional and start regarding themselves to be a God or the incarnation of God, worsening the issue.”

It is especially dangerous for superhuman challengers.

If such lunatics have a certain level of strength.

And if a lunatic clears the tutorial and leaves.

Uncontrollable damages will occur.

I’ve seen this kind of person many times throughout clearing the 40th floors.

My own experiences is an example.

Those are the lunatics who judge and kill people while claiming to be God’s spokesman or slaughter livestock as offerings to God.

So many maniacs.

Although not as extreme, there are also many people who just want to imitate the Gods they worship.

I’ve seen this outside the 40th floors.

For example, the empire on the 26th floor that worshipped the God of the Sky.

The Demon King on the 35th floor who worshipped the God of harvest.

The Great Mother cultivated a race that sacrifices their relatives to all the people in the world to become an apostle of the God of Goodwill..

“It’s not religion that’s dangerous. Given the situation in the tutorial, religions will play a positive role in many cases. However, there are always a few dangerous lunatics.”

The biggest problem is that we can’t get rid of the maniacs who have been completely blinded by their religion or God simply because they have dangerous ideas.

Because that’s their belief and justice.

The challengers are distributed on different levels of the tutorial, so the believers can’t preserve order.


I told the bearded uncle who seemed to be in deep thought.

“I hope you can handle it well. It’s not something I should be involved in nor am I interested in it.”

The bearded uncle nods.

“Thanks for your advice, I’ve noted it.”

Subsequential topics in the meeting did not interest me..

There were some topics I understood, but I didn’t intervene since they handled it themselves.

After the meeting, only Kim MinHyuk and I are left in the conference room. I pulled out the matter I wanted to ask.

“As far as I know, Lee Joon Suk is very capable and wouldn’t fool around.”

If Lee Joon Suk is receiving the attention of the God of Light and getting his abilities acknowledged, Kim MinHyuk would not have specifically mentioned it.

“It is true. But…”

Kim MinHyuk briefly explains.

Lee Joon Suk certainly doesn’t have to worry about it as he is still a promising prospective star.

As a hard difficulty challenger, it’s not usual to worry about your strength.

But his situation is much more serious since his level exceeds the potential of the stages.

“To what extent?”

“His level is second only to you.”

“What about Jong-sik?”

As far as I know, Park Jong-sik is a leader of the Order of Vigilance and a top challenger in hard difficulty stages.

I remember  because Park Jong-sik brought Lee Jong Suk when we met before.

“That guy has been overtaken long ago. Although I am not sure, there is probably a huge gap between them.”

Is that so?

Park Jong sik’s time with the Order of Vigilance may have delayed his growth.

“Even if it’s not related to Gods, his overall behavior is disturbing.”


“He has a tendency to judge people by their strength. More importantly, it’s suspected that he instigated the public opinion in the community to support this idea.”

If Kim Min Hyuk said that, it means he may have been at odds or had conflicts with others.

Well… the solution isn’t difficult.

“I’ll fix him before the tournament ends.”

I didn’t think Lee Joon Suk had personality problems.

I’ve met him several times and even talked with him. I have never felt anything strange about him.

It seems that attitude sprouted naturally because his growth was too swift, widening the gap between him and others, causing him to look down on them.

Just tell him that he is no more powerful than others or that he is nothing special, his pride will easily sink.

Of course, you have to torture him to get that message across.

“Thank you.”

“So are you done?”

Kim MinHyuk shakes his head.

“I’ll be busy until night. I’ll have a meeting with Australian side after they’ve arranged the accommodations.”

Oh, them.

I’d better stay out of his meeting with the Australians.

I think a lot of those people are still uncomfortable looking at me.

“Okay. The person who brought you here just now will send you to the dormitory. Take a good rest. I’ll stop by in the evening.”

I affirmatively nod.

I’m about to leave when I suddenly remember one more thing to ask Kim MinHyuk.

“The people are a little unusual.”

“What are you talking about?”

“They don’t fear me.”

Of course, those who’ve been in the tutorial since the beginning still fear me, but those who’ve joined recently treat me like a normal person.

In the past, the new challengers would be weary of me after hearing about my hype , but now it’s different.

“Of course, we‘re all working hard to beautify your public image.”

“What, that’s all?”

“Hired supporters. Just give them some points and they will make comments to stir up the community and turn the public opinion towards the direction we want.” 

“Hey, why do you do that? It’s not the NIS.”

Note: NIS is used in the raw. It’s an acronym for the National Intelligence service. – GodlyCash

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Chapter 223 – The Tournament (23) (Part 2)

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