Chapter 223 – The Tournament (23) (Part 2)

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“Are we better than the NIS?”

Kim MinHyuk replies with a chuckle.

I look at him and shake my head.

“It’s a fact that your notoriety will fade away with time. It’s because you only periodically displayed your strength so your terror will fade with time. What’s more, the overall level of challengers has improved. As an object of comparison, you no longer appear in front of the public. The most important thing is that other members such as Jung Ah also have notoriety, which means that they have split your share. Those hired supports are just confusing the public.”

After listening to Kim MinHyuk’s explanation, I think it made sense.

With nothing more to ask, I get up and leave.

I shake my head at the sight of Kim Min Hyuk taking over piles of documents form the inventory after he bid me farewell.

An incomprehensible passion.

The allocated dormitory is as narrow as before with only one bed and table.

I am told that there are some larger and more luxurious rooms, but the Order of Vigilance allocated the lowest class rooms for the officials to maintain fairness.

I like the room and don’t care about whether it is good or bad, so I just take it.

I left the frog in front of the dormitory.

I can see the frog squatting in front of the dormitory through the window of the 2nd floor.


The frog turns around. Maybe he heard the window open.

That’s cute because it’s like a dog.

If only the head was not a frog.

Leaning against the window frame, I open the inventory.

I pull out Ahboobooboo who was imprisoned for spitting out rude remarks.

Ahbooboo is very sad, so I comfort him for a while.

When he’s in a better mood, I ask.

“Release a blessing in the room.”

[Why do you suddenly want a blessing?]

“To experiment with my solidified poison ki.”

The stabilization of my poison ki crystal is nearing completion.

It’s not complete enough to give to other challengers, but it’s enough for me to use.

You can bury the solidified poison and use it as a booby trap, it works well as a grenade too.

Work on the crystal focused on changing its shape and reducing its size.

My devoted hard work causes the time to fly and soon it’s evening.

After eating the food from my inventory which served as dinner, I resume my study on poison ki crystal.

After a few hours, someone knocks on my door.

I am concentrating so I don’t check who is outside the room.

“Come in.”

I thought that Kim MinHyuk would come in, but it’s Park Jung Ah instead.

I smile at her.

“Long time no see.”

Park Jung Ah smiles and says yes.

“Kim MinHyuk will come later. He says that I lack common sense and intends to teach me. Why don’t we just call Jung-sik too and have a drink together?”

Park Jung Ah shakes her head.

“He’s not coming.”


“He’s coming. I told him not to come.”


Park Jung Ah mocks Kim MinHyuk by saying that he sometimes has no insight.

Then she comes towards me with a smile.

Park Jung Ah grabs my collar without scruple, noticing her hand movements, I understood what she wanted.

Was this her personality?

Yes, it is.

“Wait a moment.”

I pull my hand before Park Jung Ah touches it.

I say to her who seemed very puzzled.

“We haven’t seen each other in a while, let’s catch up first…….”

“What? Why?”

I needed to explain the situation to Park Jung Ah who is wide-eyed and embarrassed.

Park Jung Ah looks hurt to see me avoiding her.

It was just a simple step back, but it seems to have a drastically different meaning to her.

My instincts warned me to convince her as soon as possible.

I explain my poison ki skill like rap fired from a machine gun.

Tell her how dangerous and contagious the poison ki skill I’ve been studying is.

“Then… you don’t hate me. right?”

Yes, of course.

I nod vigorously.

Park Jung Ah told me that when I stepped back, she thought I had changed my mind because I hadn’t seen her for a long time, so she felt very uneasy.

She also said that I went to Kim Min Hyuk first and then towards the dormitory directly as if she was sadly the only one looking forward to our meeting.

If thought that way, that’s true.

Although I’ve recently talked a lot, I was unintentionally ignoring her so I apologized.

Fortunately, Park Jung Ah eases and beams her smile again.

Then she asks me to wait a while and suddenly sprints out the room.

[Is this warrior your lover? ]


[My God, so it turns out that warriors can love, but I can’t. It gives a real sense of how absurd the world is.]

“If you spout bullshit again, I’ll throw you into inventory.”

However, Ahbooboo only laughs at my threat.

[She’s back, the warrior of love! So she hurried to get that, she’s quite adorable. ]

Before I could ask Ahbooboo what he meant, Park Jung Ah swings open the door.

I immediately understand Ahbooboo’s words.

Park Jung Ah has a large glass bottle in her hand.

She puts the glass bottle on the desk and speaks.

“This is a superlative elixir. It doesn’t matter, right?”

After that, Park Jung Ah comes straight to me so I speak in a hurry.

“Jung Ah, how expensive is that elixir is? Why don’t we just wait a few days…….”

Before I finish speaking, she pushes me down to the bed.

Park Jung Ah is clearly weaker than me, but for some reason, I cannot resist.

Was this her original personality?

Yes, it is.

“Now keep your mouth shut. Oh wait, don’t shut your mouth, leave it open and stay still.”

[Oh my lord……]

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