Chapter 227 – The Tournament (27) (Part 1)

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[You’ve obtained the token.]

After breaking through all the traps and reaching the end of the branch path, we finally retrieved the token in the form of a blue gem.

[You’re not allowed to enter yet.]

[Please wait until all teams have retrieved their tokens at each branch path.]

It seems that there’s a team that hasn’t retrieved their token yet.

Maybe it’s John Overton and the frog.

The frog would be of little practical help.

Or perhaps it’s Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin’s group who hasn’t obtained the token yet.

Because Lee Joon Suk must want to proceed slowly.

Lee Jin may think the same way.

“It’s quite interesting.”

I nod after hearing what Lee Hyung Jin said.

I can see why everyone repeatedly challenges the tournament stage to gradually raise their records.

The tournament isn’t just competitive, but it’s also fun.

It felt like playing a virtual reality game, solving puzzles, avoidings traps, figuring out the correct direction, they were all enjoyable.

“Do challengers of other difficulties use this method to clear stages?”

Asked Lee Hyung Jin.

I shake my head.

“No. They would never find the stage enjoyable this way.”

What if the stages in the tutorial were designed just like this?

The tournament is able to maintain a relaxed and joyous atmosphere to increase motivation among challengers regardless of their difficulties instead of inducing tension and fear..

Challengers may achieve higher results in the future due to this.

On the contrary, the opposite may occur as well.

In any case, there won’t be as many people dying due to the new design.

“Big bro, What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just pondering something..“

As I am in deep in thought, Lee Hyung Jin beside me asks.

This guy is talented at reading faces, which is not always a good thing.

The other two groups haven’t finished their branch so I give Lee Hyung Jin a break.

Then I continue my internal strife.

My end goal is to escape the tutorial system.

I don’t want to escape alone, I want to also liberate others trapped in the tutorial.

As long as they want to.

The problem in this case is that the tutorial system itself could crash.

No matter how superhuman I am, it’s an almost insurmountable challenge to destroy the system created by the Gods with a human body.

But I still want to consider the consequences of that.

Because I’m toiling away to achieve this goal and making this futile dream a reality.

So I want to scrutinize it in advance.

If the tutorial truly disappeared.

The tutorial exists for two purposes.

One is to cultivate the apostles of God and have them collect the essences from origin monsters.

The other purpose is to cultivate superhumans through the tutorial so that they can suppress the monsters in the external world.

The first reason is trivial, but the second is a necessity.

If I completely get rid of the tutorial one day, people who have nothing to do with it will suffer.

I’m concerned about that.

If the tutorial is destroyed, a new tutorial needs to be created so I’m pondering how I can incorporate the tournament’s design into it.

It should be enjoyable so that it can stimulate the interest of the challengers.

Just make it more like a game.

Naturally, problems concerning the tensions and the mindset of the challengers may arise, but there are also those who risk their lives to play games.

Overall, it shouldn’t be a pressing concern.

Above all, this will prevent people from committing suicide if they can’t withstand the despair.

For now, the concept has been sorted.

It is pointless to worry anymore.

I haven’t even completed the first goal of escaping the tutorial so I shouldn’t think too far ahead.

Now is the time to solve the more urgent issues.

“Hyung Jin.”

“Yes, Big bro.”

“Have the other teams arrived yet?”


“Then stand up. Let’s spar.”


“Hurry up. It’ll only take 10 minutes.”

Lee Hyung Jin’s face loses blood after hearing what I said.

He calls me as he unconsciously retreats

“Big bro.”


“Give me a break.”

* * *

“You always have this problem. It’s good to be realistic and intuitive, but it’s not good to constantly avoid danger. Am I going to kill you, huh? ”

“Th-That’s dangerous!”

“Hey! It’s dangerous to go to the supermarket in winter! Many people die when they fall on the icy roads. We all bear that risk when going to the supermarket. It’s natural to be at risk when you’re trying to gain something. “

Although I’m the one who said it, I find my metaphor a little strange.

So I change the topic.

“Before thinking about how dangerous it will be to spar with me, you should think about how valuable it will be to you. This is an opportunity that no one else will ever get. “


“Sparing is no more dangerous than walking on icy roads. The gap between our strengths ensures that there won’t be any dangers. “

“But there could be accidents.”

That’s what the skill difference ensures that there are no accidents.

Everyone is afraid of the potential damage and the death that follows danger, but Lee Hyung Jin’s avoidance of danger is surprisingly high.

It’s even more surprising since he’s a challenger who has made it to the 13th floor of Hell Difficulty.

I question how such a safety oriented person made it to the 13th floor.

It took me a while to convince Lee Hyung Jin to stand up.

Others would think I’m pestering him like a teacher if they saw this.

I give Lee Hyung Jin a little time to warm up.

His warm up lasts more than five minutes.

“Let’s get started, big bro. Please.”

Ugh, this coward.

After his words, Lee Hyung Jin makes a quick leap towards me.

I’m a little shocked.

I didn’t expect him to come straight at me.

And it’s quite swift.

He would be faster than the past me if I didn’t have Blink.

I put out my hand and ready a counterattack.

As Lee Hyung Jin rushes towards me, he sees this and swerves to the side.

But because of his inertia, he goes past me.

This bastard, what is he doing?

His sprint puts him all the way back creating a huge distance and then rushes up again.

I turn around to prepare for his attack again.

However, Lee Hyung Jin changes his direction again as he approaches me.

Then he runs far behind me a second time.

“Hey, bitch, stop messing around!”

“But as soon as I close the distance, I feel like I can’t do it! What can I do!?”

Lee Hyung Jin protests.

I ask him to explain in detail, he claims he would feel impending death once he enters a certain range so he felt he couldn’t do it at all.

I smack my lips at his explanation.

A wonderful intuition.

“Ahbooboo, help him.”

[Yes, warrior.]

Ahbooboo comes out of my waist and flies towards Lee Hyung Jin.

Lee Hyung Jin mistakes it for an attack upon seeing it and starts running away.

I feel a headache at the sight of him.

Eventually Ahbooboo catches up to Lee Hyung Jin by tripping his leg, thus ending the game of tag between a sword and a man.

Then Ahbooboo is clasped in Lee Hyung Jin’s hands.

Although Ahbooboo acts like that, he is a holy sword gifted by God.

His main feature isn’t his own attack prowess, but assisting the wielder and supplementing his strength.

In addition, Ahbooboo has a very special ability.


Lee Hyung Jin screeches in madness.

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