Chapter 227 – The Tournament (27) (Part 2)

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That’s the response of the person holding a holy sword for the first time, how amazing.

Being directly connected with a holy sword and feeling the power its transmitting is not a common occurrence.

Interestingly, people tend to regard this power as their own.

Those who wield Ahbooboo become powerful and arrogant, in turn, Ahbooboo will lead the wielder to become more savage.

That’s what happened to the warriors on the 26th floor and to those on the 40th floor who accepted Abooboo in order to be safe.

He is not so much a holy sword as a magic sword.

Lee Hyung Jin swings the sword horizontally.

I know what he’s doing.

This is the skill with the over exaggerated name called Spatial Rift Mind Slash that Ahbooboo uses to deceive people with.

In order to encourage him, I take this move directly with my body.

Lee Hyung Jin shows an unbelievable expression upon seeing the sword’s effect.

I’d be surprised too if I could suddenly launch a sword attack across space.

But the skill doesn’t actually cut space.

After struggling with his thoughts, Lee Hyung Jin comes straight at me.

Lee Hyung Jin sprints straight forward and crosses one interval, the next interval, and the final interval at melee distance.

I’m satisfied with the result.

Lee Hyung Jin chooses to stab me.

“Boowoong”, there is a sound of vibrations in the atmosphere as he brandishes the sword.

I don’t dodge and instead counter it directly with a precise jab from my hands.


A slight shock wave occurs followed by a roar.

I rub my hands and retrieve Ahbooboo from Lee Hyung Jin, who has fainted because of the shock wave.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

[My pleasure, but is that the end? He doesn’t know what he just experienced.]

Ahbooboo comments.

Obviously Lee Hyung Jin wouldn’t understand that technique.

He would still be lost even if I explained it to him.

“Forget it. I wanted this guy to have the courage to face death even if only for a while. “


I don’t want Lee Hyung Jin to risk his life to clear stages like me.

But Lee Hyung Jin may face an inevitable situation someday.

If Lee Hyung Jin is faced with the worst possible situation where he can’t escape, I hope he’ll push himself a step further instead of giving in to frustration.

Although his move was made in the rashness of emotions, he did take the initiative to approach death.

Remembering that feeling will help him a lot.

[Well, ordinary people don’t grow in this way.]

“That guy is not an ordinary person.”

[Is that so?]

That is so.

He’s a challenger who’s climbed to the 13th floor of Hell Difficulty.

Sometimes I think about it.

Would I be able to do as much as Lee Hyung Jin in Hell Difficulty if my only goal was to survive?.

I doubt it.

I would have perished early.

I can recall how tense I was back in the days of the 18th floor when the curse disappeared.

[Your team members have retrieved their tokens.]

[You’re not allowed to enter yet ]

[Please wait until all teams have retrieved their tokens at each branch path.]

It seems another group has obtained the token.

There is one group remaining.

Maybe it’s John Overton and the frog.

It’s going to take a while.

Lee Hyung Jin is still in a coma so I lay him down in a comfortable position and examine his condition.

There is no abnormality.

[I’m surprised.]

Ahbooboo says.

I heard him say this not long ago.

I was in my dorm room watching people play with the frog.

[I didn’t expect you would teach others in this way. You not only figured out what’s most important for him, but also helped him overcome his shortcomings.]

“Why, do you think I’m incapable as a teacher? Eh?”

I am in a bad mood for some reason.

[No. It’s not so much that you can teach, but rather that I just didn’t expect you to devote so much effort to such a weak person. Although he has some potential, he is too insignificant compared with other beings you have met before. Is it because he is your fellow countryman?]

“Is there a trend? Did you think I would treat the weak like rubbish?”

[Do you not?]

Holding back my anger, I try to come up with a response.

“… No. Haven’t you seen the people who exist simply to be protected? Those are the weakest beings you can ever meet.”

[I thought that your humanity had not degenerated to that extent at that time, so I brushed over it.]

I get a reflexive urge to throw Ahbooboo into the inventory.

But I resist.

I’m answering his questions and have a dialogue with him right now.

“When I judge a person, their weaknesses don’t matter. I don’t care how strong or weak others are.”


“I’m usually angered if my opponent’s strength does not match my expectations, especially when they have higher capabilities than me.”

Ahbooboo becomes silent.

Is he reflecting on my words?

Or sorting out his thoughts?

If not, is he doing something else?

[Warrior, it’s typical and normal to look down upon the weak. The world belongs to the mighty. I don’t think it’s wrong to worship power. It’s inevitable that we consider the weak unnecessary. It’s even stranger to be angry in front of weak enemies.]

Ahbooboo is a gift from the God of the Sky.

It’s quite natural for Ahbooboo to act this way considering God’s character.

But since I agree with him, my way of thinking is not normal.

“I think so too. I want my enemies to be stronger because I want myself to be in more perilous situations.”

I’m insane.

“Perhaps that’s the difference between me and this guy.”

I point to Lee Hyung Jin, who is still in a coma.

[What does it mean?]

“This guy tries his best to clear stages in order to survive, but I constantly rushed towards my death back then. As you said, this is not a normal way of thinking, but paradoxically, that’s how I survived. “

[Except you don’t think so anymore.]


Although not completely different, there have been some changes.

I’m nothing but a moth according to God of slow.

But now I don’t want to die trying to achieve my goals.

Ahbooboo calms down as if he had nothing left to ask.

Now it’s my turn to ask questions.

I call him.


[Yes, warrior.]

“Don’t you think you’ve been questioning me excessively lately?”

He replies a bit late.


“You always dig into my intentions. I had thought you just wanted to understand me more since you’re my companion, or that you were worried about my well-being because you cared. However, recently you’ve been trying to dig into my most intimate thoughts.”

I get a feeling of silence from Ahbooboo.

This never happened before.

Perhaps this only happens when he is disturbed enough.

A link between me and him has opened in a way I don’t understand.

“I feel like you’re investigating me.”

[I… Warrior, that…]

“You’d better think of a good answer if you don’t want to break in two right here.”

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