Chapter 228 – The Tournament (28) (Part 1)

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“You’d better have an adequate answer.”

Ahbooboo’s feelings are conveyed to me through my hands as I hold him.

The more Ahbooboo shakes, the more vivid and rich his feeling becomes.

[Warrior, that… I… ]

He seems to want to say something, but he stops as if he hasn’t sorted out his thoughts.

He stutters a few words, but then becomes silent again.

I’m willing to wait.

I’m not in a hurry, so I hope Ahbooboo can give the answer his full consideration.

Ahbooboo doesn’t answer me until a low snore comes from Lee Hyung Jin, who is still unconscious.

His answer is very simple.

[I’m sorry, warrior.]

An apology.

That answer has many meanings.

I am satisfied because he doesn’t deny what he’s done.

I’ve spent a few months observing Ahbooboo before asking this question.

In order to ensure that my suspicions were correct, I revealed certain information about myself to sound him out.

It wasn’t just a suspicion, It’s confirmed that Ahbooboo was spying on my intelligence and thoughts.

Like Ahbooboo, I keep silent for a long time before I reveal my answer.

Ahbooboo must be burning up inside while waiting for it, but I wanted to give the answer only after a lot of deliberation.

But maybe I’ve already made this decision.

“You know, I understand your situation, but tone it down.”

The words after my deliberation are dry.

I wanted to say something cool and powerful, but when people try to do something they don’t usually do, their brain refuses to function.

[Yeah… Thank you.]

I nod after I listen to Ahbooboo.

I have solved another problem.

The issues concerning Ahbooboo have ended.

I’ve also considered other outcomes. For example, Ahbooboo may give me unsatisfactory answers, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll justify his behavior or fight to prove his innocence.

I got to know him through our time together since meeting on the 26th floor.

 Ahbooboo knows me as well.

So I don’t believe that he would do those things.

I’m glad and relieved.

His approach was obviously wrong, but considering the relationship between the Gods and Ahbooboo, I can understand his intent to improve his understanding of me.

I’m being watched by the gods for 24 hours a day.

Ahbooboo’s behavior doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

Most of all, I don’t think Ahbooboo was just spying on me during the time I spent with him.

That’s why I did this.

I had planned to turn a blind eye to this matter to let it turn over as soon as possible, but I still needed to tell him.

I wanted to warn him in advance.

Before he crosses the line.

I wanted to tell him that this was as far as I can allow.

The link that transmitted Ahbooboo’s feeling disappears.

I have a new hypothesis regarding this link.

Perhaps Ahbooboo didn’t clear the link between us, not because he was too agitated, but because he wanted to convey his feelings to me.

He may’ve had difficulties articulating his words.

I’ll need a better grasp on this link.

The entire space becomes quiet after Ahbooboo becomes silent.

I can only hear my breathing and the low snoring of Lee Hyung Jin, who is still unconscious.

Seregia remains silent as usual.

I wake up Lee Hyung Jin.

Lee Hyung Jin reflexively opens his eyes as soon as my hand touches his body.

“Get up, man. How long do you want to sleep?”

Lee Hyung Jin stands up and looks around without saying a word.

He probably dozes a lot while clearing stages, so he is very alert when he wakes up.

I can’t help but think of the timid herbivores because he has the habit of closing his lips and holding his breath to confirm his surroundings.

Lee Hyung Jin sits next to me and scratches his head.

“That… Have the other two teams not arrived yet?”

I nod.

I thought the remaining team would be John Overton and the frog.

But this is taking too long.

Even if he’s teamed with the frog, John Overton shouldn’t have this much trouble dealing with the instance dungeon.

If so, he wouldn’t be able to pass the 6th floor of Hell Difficulty, let alone live to the present.

So it seems that Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin are the ones who haven’t retrieved their token yet.

I decide not to think about what’s keeping them from proceeding.

It’s rude.

“How did it feel to face death?”

Lee Hyung Jin laughs maniacally after hearing my question.

“I don’t know what to think about it. What’s the matter with that sword? It drives me crazy.”

I chuckle at Lee Hyung Jin when he asks me if it’s better to throw away the sword. 

Ahbooboo would usually pop out a comment or two, but he is unusually quiet now.

“I don’t know. The moment I rushed in felt incredible. How should I describe it? Joy? It might be closer to pleasure. Why is that… I felt like I was going all-in on a gambling party. I had a similar feeling when I was climbing the floors, but this is the first time it felt so intense.”

“Do you gamble?”

“No, I’m just saying.”

That pleasure is closer to suicide jumping off a roof.

This is caused by hormones secreted by the brain in the face of death.

 I advise him as someone who has experienced it countless times.

“Don’t get addicted to that feeling.”

I warn him in advance even though I don’t think Lee Hyung Jin would fall into addiction.

Lee Hyung Jin replies that it would never happen.

“Hyung, I’m not sure of myself. Can I really do it?”

Just like the last tournament or during the Day of Great Harmony*, I’m asked this question every time we meet.

*Used to be translated as Grand Conference before, but Day of Great Harmony (the first translator’s version) is more closer to its original meaning. I’ll keep it in following chapters. – Jiujiuba

“You can.”

“But I don’t have the confidence to be like you.”

That’s for sure.

“It’d be too greedy to aim for my level. There are too many differences in our efforts.”

“Is that so…”

“Hyung Jin, you’ve come a long way. Most of your upcoming floors follow a set theme so it’s relatively easy to clear them with information alone. It’ll be different from the 6th and 11th floors.

As long as there is enough information, some stages can be cleared in a day.

So I believe Lee Hyung Jin can make it.

“The most important thing is that you’re on the 13th floor. Purposely fail the floor until you’re able to reach the room where Armout is. You’ll experience countless failures, but also countless paths to grow. The 13th floor monks are extremely powerful relative to the floors nearby and are very welcoming. They’ll advise you whenever possible. If you can achieve a significant growth on the 13th floor, the future floors will become less threatening. Spend a year or two on the 13th floor. You’ll be unstoppable in the next few floors as a result.”

Note : Armout is the name of the Master Monk who resides in room 33 at the end of the 13th floor trial. – Godlycash

Lee Hyung Jin is silent to my advice.

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