Chapter 228 – The Tournament (28) (Part 2)

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I believe the 13th floor is the safest way to develop oneself in hell.

Going through the 11th and 12th floors improve a challenger’s survivability while the 13th floor improves a challenger’s personal skills.

Even challengers who depended on long range attacks or recovery abilities for a party to clear the 11th floor would gain the strength to fight alone after spending enough time on the 13th floor.

This would take a long time to hone, but it’s better than climbing floors because the monks are friendly enough to communicate and advise the challenger.

Lee Hyung Jin brightens up after hearing the hopeful and practical advice.

I continue to talk to him about the 13th floor and make suggestions for improving himself. At this time, the message that the last group has obtained the token pops out.

[You’ve obtained all the tokens. ]

[You may proceed.]

* * *

The last ones to retrieve the token are Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin.

No one asked them why they were so slow.

Everyone can easily guess.

It’s just that Lee Hyung Jin and John Overton were giving uncomfortable looks to Lee Joon Suk.

They really despise Lee Joon Suk.

Lee Joon Suk doesn’t mind, on the contrary, he seems to be enjoying himself.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about those two, he’s just too distracted to pay them any mind.

He is really enjoying himself.


The frog says “long time no see” to me while looking energetic.

Long time no see?

It’s only been two or three hours since we separated.

After thinking about it, the frog seems to be satirizing because Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin were late.

It’s a pity that I’m the only one who can understand the frog.

In the final room of the dungeon stood a towering golem.

Golems usually take the form of stone statues in video games, and their actions are sluggish.

It’s fine to relax right in front of it.

“It’ll be difficult for me to combat that with my ability. Electric shocks won’t do much I’m afraid.”

Lee Joon Suk mutters.

This guy’s reliance on his power skill is making him vulnerable to enemies who are non-conductive.

He’ll need to prepare counter measures against throwing weapons in the future..

I’ll talk to him about it later.

“I’ll do it.” 

Neither Lee Hyung Jin or John Overton seem to want to step up.

Most importantly, Overton only came along to witness my combat prowess.


The golem roars and charges towards us.

I stretched my hand and drew it in a downward motion.

“Mind Slash.”

The golems split in half vertically like tofu.

The magic crystal in its chest has been cut as well in that process so it’ll never rise again.

[Was that necessary?]

Seregia breaks the silence and asks.

Seregia strangely dislikes it when I do pompous things when I activate a skill.

Of course it is necessary.

[Stage cleared!]

[Calculating results.]

[Points earned: 390]

[Current rank: 4th.]

[Please wait patiently until the next stage begins.]

The stage has been cleared.

4th place.

According to the rules, the lowest score of 10 teams would be eliminated.

But I’m not satisfied with my rank.

“Let’s challenge something a little more difficult.”

I tell them while they are still staring between me and the golem’s remnants.

After a while, John Overton asks me in surprise how I did it and if I could teach him, but I stop him and speak to Seregia.

[Look, Seregia. It’s meaningful.]

[No, it’s not.]

* * *

“Let’s challenge 10 stars.”

Lee Joon Suk is shocked at my declaration.

“Big bro, let’s challenge 6 stars. The most difficult dungeon I’ve challenged is only 5 stars. I have no clue what we’ll have to deal with at 10 stars, besides we have plenty of opportunities so shouldn’t we go up one by one? “

Note : Changing “hyung” to “big bro” because that’s what a previous translator did and honestly there is someone with the word Hyung in their name. – GodlyCash 

“Very well, then . choose a stage we can challenge together.”


Lee Hyung Jin and John aren’t dissatisfied with the difficulty choice either.

John’s eyes are brightening in eagerness to witness more of my strength.

It didn’t feel good to be watched by a man with burning eyes.

We picked a dungeon and waited to start when an unexpected message popped up in front of us.

It’s a voting message.

[Voting begins.]

[For: 13, against: 0.]

[In order to test the challengers, the gods of the Hundred Gods Temple have decided to randomly change the stage.]

[Stage information]

Explanation: This is a stage specially designed to test emerging challengers from Earth.

Because of the rush of production, this dungeon has no special features.

Difficulty: ???

[Voting begins.]

[Do you want to challenge the new stage?]

[Please choose for or against. ]


[For: 1, against: 0]

The message window has been updated.

I agreed as soon as I read the message.

Voting ends when one side has the majority.

It’s the first time I’ve encountered this situation, but other challengers who fight in parties have experienced it many times before.


[For: 2, against:0]

The discerning frog votes for it.

I didn’t even think frogs could vote.

“This… this is far too risky. The difficulty level is question marks. That means it’s more than 10 stars. Wouldn’t it be better to just veto it and challenge another stage?”

Lee Joon Suk asks.

“Just approve it.”

“I’m for.”

Lee Hyung Jin votes in favor.

It turns out there’s another discerning guy.

[For: 3, against: 0]

Lee Joon Suk and Lee Jin are hesitant because they are panicking so I turn to John.

The stage can start after one more vote.

“I came to witness your powers, but isn’t this too risky? No, it’s dangerous because we get the chance to vote. Let’s follow your friend’s advice where we refrain from it and challenge something else.”

“Vote for it.”


“You’ll be forced to abstain if you don’t.”

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