chpater 225 – The Tournament (25) (Part 1)

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Before heading out, I check my clothes and subspace bags.

Nothing is missing.

“Are you going out?”

Park Jung Ah asks me while lying in bed.

Park Jung Ah is still bedridden after a week.

This is taking longer than I expected.

I made a miscalculation because I’ve never experimented on anyone aside from myself. Park Jung Ah has also been pushing herself before this which had caused a lot of stress and fatigue.

“Um. I’ll be late today because I have things to take care of.”

I’ve been consistently patrolling daily, but today I’ll return late.

I took the wet towel on Park Jung Ah’s forehead and replaced it with a new one.

“Do you want me to buy anything before I return?”

There are many small street vendors near the dormitory.

Even though there was contention in the previous tournament, the Japanese are conducting their business in earnest..

After their business became prosperous, Koreans and Australians followed suit and began to sell their own food.

Food quality improved as a result of the rising business competitions..

Points were used as a form of currency and the food was inexpensive so even newbies can afford them.

Park Jung Ah told me to buy as much as I want.

I exit the room after saying that I understand.. 

[Is it time to finally start some shit?]

This is the first thing Ahbooboo asks right as I leave the room..

“Start some shit? What did I do?”

Ahbooboo doesn’t answer.

His silences strangely makes me feel bad.


The frog happily greets me as I exit the front door of the dormitory.

“Ah, Good morning.”

I walk along the main road with the frog in tow.

I feel like I’m walking a large dog.

Many people played with the frog during our walk.

Some were Koreans and others were foreigners.

The frog has become a small celebrity among the challengers in this residential area shared by challengers from the South Korean, Australian, and Japanese servers..

It’s a monster, it doesn’t attack people, you can feed it, it can respond to you, it’s absurd.

No one would hate that.



A girl from from a distance calls the frog who in turn responds to her vehemently.

The frog is quite famous.

So I’ve also become famous.

As the owner of a cute frog…….

My public image has become quite different.

We arrive at a huge square after continuing along the street for a while.

There are two portals on this square.

One is connected to the residential areas of challengers from other countries, the other is an entrance to the tournament.

This tournament has attracted challengers from all countries on earth.

The tournament is huge because the tutorial system has summoned players from every country to participate.

Not all servers and residential areas are as peaceful as ours.

There are also some dangerous servers.

Some residential areas have conflicts between each server while other residential areas have  different alliance factions in strife with each other.

Some of them are in discord because of past or recent international situations that happened on earth.

An example of this would be the relationship between North and South Korean servers.

Fortunately, there is no real war between them.

Regardless, there’s a monster crisis ongoing on earth, The players gathered here are key figures who can deal with the situation and bring hope back home.

Some servers say that they’ll stop any bloodshed at all cost.

The American server is a prominent example of this..

Some servers are trying to mediate disputes, while others are establishing military alliances with other servers to prepare for war.

Those servers vowed to war if something happened to their allies which in turn made it difficult for others to wage wars.

This is the case with Latin America, West Asia, and the Middle East.

South Korean server policy adheres to the idea that so long as the rules are not violated, they will not initiate an attack.

I have never united with any other country whose alliances were in constant turmoil.

South Korea was accused of being stubborn at the joint conference involving the nations of the world. But our delegate, Mr. Kim, left them only one sentence: “We have a player who has reached the 50th floor of Hell difficulty”.

That’s me.

As a result, other servers became very grateful for the South Korean server’s noninvolvement policy.

Since then, Korean server has been recognized a neutral area so joint conferences are held every day in the Korean residential area.

Not only that, other servers seem to have learned that the South Korean server has a safe residential area so many people who live in dangerous areas come over..

They bought street food, some would even move here.

As the population grew, so did the street market in the area.

The center of the city is starting to resemble a shopping mall. No matter where you go, it’s crowded and bustling.

Although everyone welcomed this atmosphere, the leaders of South Korea, Japan, and Australia are very busy maintaining security everyday.

“Hyung! Here you are!”

There is a man shouting at me from a corner of the square.

It’s Lee Hyung Jin.

It’s inconvenient to walk around with a big frog in tow in the bustling square.

Somehow, I successfully reach Lee Hyung Jin.

“Hyung, let’s get in. The others are waiting.”

As Lee Hyung Jin said that, I enter the tournament stage through the portal.

[You have entered the Tournament Stage – The Field of Survival. ]

The Field of Survival.

It’s the stage with the most challengers recently.

However, it’s not quite the same as the 12th-floor of Hell difficulty where a person must survive in extreme conditions.

Ten teams who enter the field of survival must capture instance dungeons every hour while the system calculates and ranks their cumulative points.

With each ranking, the team with the lowest score will be eliminated.

Only the team that maintains the highest score until the end wins the rewards.

Many players prefer this because it’s safer than other stages allowing them challenge with ease and have the chance to win even with relatively weak power.

When I move to the waiting room, I find three people were waiting ahead of me.

Some I know and some I don’t know.

“Hyung, it’s been a while.”


Lee Joon Suk greets me first with an energetic face.

I’m here because of him and Lee Hyung Jin so it’s natural that he greets me.

There’s another person I know.

It’s Lee Jin, the person I met as soon as I entered the tournament.

“We meet again!”

Lee Jin is very happy to see me again.

I respond moderately.

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nm Posted on8:42 am - Jan 8, 2020

In response to above question (spent way too much time finding), Lee Jin is in chapter 221.2 when mc initially gets the frog (there’s the beaten up guy, the girl, mc, and frog, Lee Jin is the girl).

For reference:
Lee Hyung Jin is other hell’s difficulty challenger
Lee Joon Suk is the lightning guy (in hard difficulty?)
Lee Ho Jae is the mc (at least I’m pretty sure)
Lee Jin is frog girl

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    nm Posted on8:40 am - Jan 8, 2020

    Just spent way to long trying to find; they’re in chapter 221.2 when mc initially gets the frog (there’s the guy, the girl, mc, and frog, Lee Jin is the frog).

    For reference:
    Lee Hyung Jin is other hell’s difficulty challenger
    Lee Joon Suk is the lightning guy (in hard difficulty?)
    Lee Ho Jae is the mc
    Lee Jin is frog girl

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