Chapter 173 – Vow of Black Rose

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[Vow of Black Rose] had an air as if we were going to destroy the enemy’s vanguard and break through their defences.

If this was to happen in my original world instead of this one, it could happen.

Our troop from [Vow of Black Rose] lead by three ojisans had such a huge momentum.

But it wasn’t my original world.

Unfortunately for us, this world has something unreasonable.

That’s right, the magic-swordsmen.

“Haha!! Oh!? What’s wrong with you guys!?”

“Ora! Ora! Ora!! What!? You stopped my spear!?”

“Whoop! Oh! I’m getting suppressed!?”

The magic-swordsmen that were positioned in front of the 3 ojisans completely killed our momentum.

Ordinary people couldn’t possibly win against magic-swordsmen. This was the common sense known to everyone here. Only magic-swordsmen could fight against each other.

However, it was unfortunate that there was no magic-swordsmen in the feint team. Magic-swordsmen were all assigned to the secret team.

After the leading 3 were stopped, everyone soon followed in their footsteps.

The momentum of the [Vow of Black Rose] was completely stopped in it’s tracks.

For a troop consisting of laymen like us, there would be only one ending if our momentum disappeared.

“Besiege and destroy them!!”

The commander of the enemy soldiers gave an order, his voice resounded through the battlefield. Slaughter was about to begin.

The enemy soldiers, divided into left and right side, marched to surround the [Vow of Black Rose] that went deep into the square.

To come straight to the point, this was the end. It was not something like “a flag has been set” but a situation in which failure was sure.

I had studied military strategy and tactics. Although I mainly learned about 1v1 and 1v many battles, I also learned a little about many vs many battles.

Even with my superficial knowledge of strategy, I could understand the current situation.

A small troop is being surrounded by a much bigger one – there was no chance for us to win or escape.

Now, I could only wait to be slaughtered.

The short life of a mob character was about to end.

This was the war from the perspective of a mob character.

“Damn, damn it… what a powerful strength, is this a swordsman?”

“Hooh… this is a one-sided war…”

“I can’t do anything. If I had more power, then…”

This was the reality of being incompetent. Even if a mob character did his best here, the ending would not change.

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“This is the mob character?”

It’s too unreasonable, I thought.

A lot of mob characters survived, but I feel cheated.

In other words, if I eliminated this unreasonable thing, could I become a power in the shadows in the eyes of mob characters?

So, let’s try it right away.

This was also a challenge for me.

It was an unprecedented attempt.

I hid all traces of my existence, and hid in [Vow of Black Rose], releasing the refined magic into the night sky.

Due to the team’s name, [Vow of Black Rose], I used the pattern of the black rose.


The alarming waves of magic has caught everyone’s attention. Everyone just stopped in their tracks and looked at the dark sky.

“…! What happened?”

“What’s that?… There is something in the sky…”

“Is that thing a little darker than the sky… a rose?”

A tremendous black rose blossomed in the sky.

That black rose glowed slightly due to the magical power, which demonstrated it’s existence whilst bathed in the moonlight.

It was so beautiful that everyone could get lost in it’s beauty. But at the same time, everyone felt an enormous pressure coming off of it.

“The [Black Rose]…in fairy tales, that…”

“Is it that [Black Rose]?”

“In Oriana, it’s well known in Oriana… the symbol of the empire…the [Black Rose] in the legend…”

The petals of the tremendous black rose gradually expanded.

Then it suddenly broke into pieces and drifted down towards the ground.

Beautiful pieces of the rose, fell down to the ground and finally landed on the right hands of the [Vow of Black Rose] members.

That petal left a black mark on everyone’s hands that looked as if it was carved directly into their hands.

The shape of that black mark was exactly a piece of beautiful rose petals.

“Does it mean… I’m selected by the [Black Rose]…? I couldn’t even get on with my job. I escaped there and abandoned myself….”

“Why? Why me…? I’m here for money… not for the country…” 

“I’m rubbish. I mortgaged my wife… Ah! [Black Rose]! Will you give strength to such a person like me?” 

The black mark on their right hands flashed intensely as if it was responding to their words.

The next moment, an incredible power emanated from the marks.

“What…is it the power of the [Black Rose]?! If such a person like me was also qualified to fight…the power, I will fight for my country.”

“What a great power it is! [Black Rose], could I also do something for my country?”

“I know… If so, a loser like me has another chance to it again… Thank you very much.” 

All of them raised their weapons in their right hands at the same time.

The brave and beautiful gesture was their way of making an oath to the [Black Rose].

“How’s that possible? Is it really [Black Rose]?”

Frightened expressions emerged on Rajta Count’s soldier’s faces.

The [Black Rose] was the symbol of Oriana – justice.

“Ha-ha! We are the Vow of Black Rose! In the name of the [Black Rose], we should impose justice on the rebels!”

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