Chapter 177 – Died On the Spot

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Maa! As for the result of my hard work, everything went in the right direction.

The soldiers success was credited to Black Rose, of which originated from my magic. From this experiment, I realized my magic can be used for other purposes, like strengthening others, not just myself.

It could be said that we had succeeded.

The Vow of Black Rose members were cleaning up the battlefield after capturing Rajta Count’s castle. Tulpicano seemed to be killed in the battle. It seemed that Goldoh had become the new leader. Although I didn’t listen to their conversation carefully, according to Mr. Goldoh, he would communicate with Royalists first and then lead Vow of Black Rose to converge with the rebellion army.

Therefore, I had to be well prepared.

It was still dark outside. The moon was shining in the sky.

While I was searching the surroundings with my magic, I found two familiar breath for some reason.

The first breath that gave forth quite ominous magic came from the upper floor of the castle.

“Isn’t this Violet-san?”

I made her acquaintance in the Holy Ground. She was like a phantom in the fantasy story. Although she had disappeared at that time, she seemed to be living in secret somewhere in this world.

I thought it was Violet-san’s breath. I was unable to approach her as there were lots of people there, so I decided to greet her after those people left.

The second breath came from the underground area of the castle.

“What brought us here?”

I stopped making preparations and infiltrated in the underground area of the castle.


In the underground area, Epsilon perceived a powerful magic wave.

“This magic is…?”

It seemed that something had happened outside.

As far as Epsilon knew, only her master and herself could release such powerful magic. Her master could change the wavelength of his magic, so it was impossible for Epsilon to recognize his magic accurately. Besides, she didn’t believe that her busy master had come to this castle on the border.

In this case, it might be a match for her master, an ancient relic or a natural phenomenon.

However, something had happened on the ground.

“This has become a troublesome issue…”

Epsilon applied pressure to the serious injury to her chest to stop the bleeding.

The cause of the incident started with her sneaking into the Kingdom of Oriana as a member of Shadow Garden. As a world famous pianist, she was highly praised in the Cloud Kingdom, which enabled her to enter the interior of the kingdom easily to collect information.

Unfortunately, she was seen through by Mordred there.

Mordred surprise-attacked her.

One of Mordred blows tore Epsilon’s chest.

Generally, such a heavy blow could kill anybody.


Thanks to the Slime bodysuit, she survived, albeit with serious injuries..

Epsilon’s body, specifically her heart, had a great defensive capability, because there were multiple protections there.

Despite this, the sudden attack threw Epsilon off her guard. She failed to make use of her defensive capability and was seriously injured.

In fact, that slash at the very beginning had determined the outcome of the battle between them.

Afterwards, Epsilon noticed that the situation was unfavorable for her, so she retreated, with Mordred hard on her heels. But Epsilon, who had been seriously injured, naturally could not easily escape, so she had to make a painful decision.

She detonated the explosives that had been set up for the plan and blew up part of the castle. 

Although she escaped the castle and successfully threw Mordred off,  the cult’s pursuers were still chasing after her. 

It’s winter, the snow lying thick on the ground everywhere in Oriana, so it was difficult for Epsilon to escape. Epsilon would leave footprints and bloodstain if she walked on the snow. Besides, she reeks of blood…

Even if she suppressed her pain and pulled away, the pursuers would catch up with her soon.

She was lacking physical strength due to serious wounds. Soshe decided to take her chances.

She sneaked into the city of Rajta Count and waited for the pursuers to pass by. The most dangerous place is the safest – who could have guessed that she hid in the city where echelons of the cult lived? Epsilon has bought some time for her this way.

However, the problem was the turmoil that occurred on the ground before. There had been a great magic here, and people would definitely start to pay attention to it as time went by. Then it would become difficult for her to escape.

Epsilon must move immediately.

However, she didn’t have enough time to recover from injuries.


The slash caused by Mordred was so deep that she was deprived of physical strength and magic.

She stood up with her hand on the wall of the underpass.

In order not to aggravate wounds, she moved slowly.

Just then, she heard the sound of breathing as some people were approaching from the front.

Then, there were footsteps behind her.

“Ah, that’s…”

She was so unlucky.

Epsilon drew the Slime Sword and walked forward.

She could only forcibly break through before Mordred caught up.

Then she met the enemy.

“We felt a huge magic wave and came here. Could it be you?”

The cult’s pursuers.

Moreover, all five people had a second name.

“Sending five people to chase me – does the cult have nothing else to do?”

“It shows how much we value you.Thanks to you Shadow Gardens, so many of our plans have been upset.”

“It’s my pleasure!”

She quipped though, though it was actually difficult for her, who was seriously injured, to deal with five enemies all having a second name.

The footsteps behind her indicated that the people behind were approaching.

Epsilon tutted.

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