Chapter 181 – She’s the Type of Person Who Always Exaggerates

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I rescued Epsilon from the mob characters.

She said she’s going to report to Alpha – it must be something related to Mitsugoshi Co.

Although it wouldn’t matter, it would be terrible if Alpha knew I was here through Epsilon’s reports. I have to hide from her until the embers died .

After discussion, Epsilon agreed to help me with the [Black Rose] Play.

With her help, this Play would surely be more interesting.

So, in order to join Vow of Black Rose, Epsilon was dressing up as a young soldier. Epsilon would definitely be able to make it.

“Does it fit me?”

Epsilon tried on the local male clothing she got.

“You are a young soldier in every way. That’s Epsilon for you.”

“Thanks to my magic control and Slime Bodysuit that Shadow-sama gave us. I can tighten the Slime to create a young boy’s figure. Although it is somewhat difficult for me to breathe now, that’s what I should do to help Shadow- Sama…”

Even though I did not listen to her words carefully, Epsilon still patiently explained.

“Epsilon is really amazing. Ah, I can act as Epsilon’s brother.”

“Yes, Sid-onii-sama.”

“Well, that’s the spirit. It should be postwar period now, let’s loaf around for the time being.”

“Do you mean while the troop is busy with mopping up enemy remnants on the battlefield, we will take the opportunity to engage in espionage activities?”

“Yeah, exactly.”

Good proposal actually. Spy plays are always interesting.

I raised my hand and condensed a small amount of mana that could not be perceived at my fingertips.

“That skill is ⋯⋯”

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There’s a faint blue-and purple glow.

“Atomic Radar.”

After finishing my words, I broke down the mana to an even smaller bits and released it into the air.

The mana spread like fireworks and soon disappeared.

“Is this the skill that compresses the mana at the minimum limit to decompose it into particles so that it can be spread out to detect its surroundings precisely? To be able to see this ultimate magic compression skill and miraculous control ability by my own eyes… I’m so touched that I’m near to tears.”

Epsilon said with watering eyes.

She was the type of person who always exaggerate.

“The most amazing thing is that in fact anyone, in theory, can use this skill as long as he has a little mana. However, there is only one person who has acquired this amazing skill in this world, and that is Brother. This is a testament to the height of magic control that Brother has reached, an unparalleled technique .”


“There has never been such a skilled magic-swordsman like Brother . Of course, there will never be another one in the future, because Brother is No.1 in any timeline.”

“Ah, I just found something, I think.”

I interrupted Epsilon whose words were pouring out like a flood.

Epsilon had been such a person since the very beginning. She was a good girl who always desperately extolled me. I used to listen to her flattering remarks every morning while drinking the black tea she served me.

However, holding a high self-respect, Epsilon had a critical evaluation to any people other than me. Such a character made it easy to misunderstand her.

“That’s Brother for you. In such a short time, you found an important clue. With such speed and precision──”

“Here, come with me.”

“── Brother is the only magic-swordsman who has a detection skill in this world. Ok, let’s go right away.”

“It’s right here.”

I walked along the underpass and stood before a wall.

“This looks like an ordinary wall. That’s it – is this a hidden door?”

“It seems so.”

But I didn’t know how to open it. What should I do? Should I just split it in half?


Epsilon looked at me with sparkles in her eyes.

“It seems that it has been subtly hidden because of the artifact. Even if the whole Shadow Garden investigated this , it would take quite a while to find it. If it was not Sid-onii-sama, we couldn’t have found this door.”

Epsilon pulled out a brick from the wall casually and injected magic into it. Then huge magical symbols appeared on the wall.

Finally Epsilon chanted in a firm voice.

“Sezamu U-buru Towa.”

Then the door appeared.


A door appears.

“Just let me take the lead to check any danger. If something happened to Sid-onii-sama──”

“Be careful.”

“── I will definitely fall into the abyss of despair because it will be meaningless for me to live the rest of my life without you. Ok, I’m going.”

Then, I followed Epsilon into the hidden door.

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