Chapter 182 – The Other Side Connecting the Past, Present and Future

Translator: Makisima

Proofreader: Hieu

After we walked through the door, a fantasy space full of dense mana appeared in front of us.

The ancient characters engraved on the wall sparkled – It shone with the power of pure mana.

An ancient altar was located in the centre.

The dark mana gathered in this room is illuminated by an eerie light from the altar.

I just wanted to use the Spy Play to kill time at first, but now I seemed to win a prize in the lottery.

“Shadow-sama, please be careful.”

“── Now I know… this is ‘it’.”

At times like these, I should pretend to understand everything and give Epsilon a meaningful look anyways.

“Did you know about this place!?”

“Everything is connected, the present and the past, and the future.”

“What – just a moment, and you say you seen through everything!?”

“── gather.”

The density of mana gathered over the altar continued to increase, and the entire room was dyed black.

I stood in front of Epsilon to protect her.

It would be a little hard for Epsilon to deal with that if she only relied on her own strength.


The mana gathered reached a critical point and broke out.

“──ku! What powerful mana!”

I expanded my mana in the form of a barrier to protect us from the explosion.

“It turns out… this is…”

The barrier slightly shook.


I muttered in a low voice.

That’s right. Only the Bos could have such a strong mana.

Then, after the dispersion of mana, from the alter, a woman locked by chains appeared.

“She is── !”

Long silver hair and bright red eyes.

Her beautiful face was covered by shadow, and her limbs were locked by chains.

“Freya, the hero of humans!?”

So that’s the setting?

“Did she wake up after years of slumber?”

I followed along with Epsilon’s improvisation.

Such an explosive force was always very important.

“But, but why is Freya in this place?”

“Looking back at the past, something like this is inevitable.”

“Looking back at the past… you mean…”

Entangled in the dark mana, Freya stared at us with her red eyes.

There was no rationality nor righteousness reflected in those eyes.

“… Have you fallen to darkness? Hero.”

The dark mana and eyes indicating that she had lost her head. This was undoubtedly a plot of falling into hell.

“What do you see in front of you right now?”

I asked her,who was tightly locked by chains. My question was very suitable for the current situation.


She groaned.

Her chains clashed because of her movement.

“Remorse? Or…”

I slowly walked to the altar as my footsteps clacked.


Then I stood by the altar, looking down at her.




Freya reached her hand out for my neck.

But – gatya. She stopped before the sound came.

The ancient characters inscribed on chains shone.

“──All right”

I drew Slime Sword and lifted it high above the altar.

“How strong a fallen hero is… please show me.”

Then I wielded Slime Sword and cut off the chains locking her.


At the instant of being freed, Freya lunged at me with her sword.

Her beautiful sword was dazzling.

However, there was no rationality in that.

A sword without rationality was very boring.

I avoided her sword and stood behind her.

Then I put Slime Sword against her neck and whispered.

“──Do you want to meet your end here?”

Freya froze. She just kept her posture wielding sword and did not move.

“Even though you’ve lost your head, you can still notice the mana on the sword? The sword which can completely erase your soul…”

Time temporarily stood still.

I pressed the sword against her neck as she wielded the sword.

In order to create the atmosphere,the timing was very important.

“Don’t you have other things to do?? Is it fine to die here?”

After confirming that the atmosphere had been set, I removed the sword that was on her neck.

And she turned to look at me.


She opened her mouth and said something, but she didn’t finish a sentence.

There seemed to be the light of rationality in her eyes now.

Then as the black mana faded away, her figure disappeared.

“Go… go to the other side connecting the past, present, and future.”

Freya’s breath disappeared.

If you could get back your rationality, then please come back to fight with me again.

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