Chapter 183 – Infatuated with That Courage and Insight

Translator: Makisima

Proofreader: Hieu

Epsilon watched her master’s every move.

Her face was flushed red and her eyes sparkled due to the excitement .

“That’s Shadow-sama for you!”

Epsilon felt nostalgia from her words.

Master had an unrivalled historical knowledge, which helped him to draw accurate conclusions. He also had the ability to shake the hero’s soul.

Epsilon felt like her limited vocabulary was too stale to describe her master’s excellence,

Usually, even if Epsilon used all of her language skills to modify her sentence, she could not find words that would match master’s behavior.

In this case, however, she did not need to gild the lily.

She could just frankly turn her thoughts into words.

For Epsilon, this was the best way to pay her tribute to and praise master.

“Go… to the other side connecting the past, present, and future.”

Master said that to the hero Freya who had disappeared.

Even though his words were unintentional, it was concise and beautiful.

The past, present, and future⋯⋯ What did that mean?

Epsilon couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the deep meaning this phrase had.

“Epsilon, are you okay?”

“Yes! Thanks to Shadow-sama, I didn’t suffer any damage! Of course I have dedicated this body to Shadow-sama──”

“Freya… Such a good swordsmanship.”

“Shadow-sama is a million times more powerful than her! You dodged Freya’s sword without  any unnecessary action. Your slashes were so fast and beautiful that I felt each second was an eternity! Each slash seemed to cut the world; your supreme swordsmanship has completely overpowered hero Freya; this slash be the biggest shake of this century will definitely──”

“The post-war treatment should be nearly over. Her surroundings are also quiet.”

“── and be engraved in the world’s history! Does ‘her’ mean…”

Epsilon also noticed her existence when she sneaked into the city.

The Witch of Calamity, Aurora. One of her fingers was sealed in this land.

Hero Freya once investigated this land, which may have something to do with the Witch of Calamity, Aurora.

But this was something that only master, who had figured out the truth from his historical knowledge, could understand.

“It’s time to meet a friend.”


Epsilon shivered as she heard master’s words.

Master called the Witch of Calamity… no, the demon Diabolos as his friend. She was infatuated with his courage and insight.

From master’s point of view, even the demon Diabolos was just a friend of him.

Epsilon swallowed hard.

“Let’s go now.”

“Please let me go with you!”

Epsilon gazed at master’s back with eager.

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