Chapter 188 – Epsilon’s Secret Recipe

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Epsilon was running through the darkness, while Kai and Omega followed closely behind her. Sid told them “I will go first” before disappearing.

Their plan was simple – night raid.

They were going to launch a night raid on the Doem Faction, to inflict heavy losses on them.

The Royalists and the Doem Faction. If the two of them went against each other head-on, then the final winner would be the Doem Faction, at least Epsilon thought so. 

But this battle isn’t as simple as it appears to be.

The Royalists Faction was supported by the Shadow Garden, and the Doem Faction was supported by the Cult of Diablos.

It could almost be considered as a war between the Shadow Garden and the Cult of Diablos.

If you consider the fact that the Shadow Garden’s individual strength was high, launching a night raid on the enemy with a few elites was the best choice.

Our force included one member of the seven shadows with two subordinates, not to mention that master was also here.

Judging by the number of the enemy soldiers, it wouldn’t be surprising if they defeated all enemies in one night.

However just like Royalists Faction had the Shadow Garden, the Doem Faction had the Cult of Diablos’s support.

Their next task was to launch a night raid at the Doem Faction’s camp where the cult’s force was.

They had to be careful.

If master was not here, Epsilon would have never dared to execute this plan.

“Our job is to be the support for master. After we sneak in, we will be targeting the enemy’s commander to create chaos in their forces..”

Kai and Omega both nodded in silence.

“There can’t be any failures in front of master. Don’t embarass me..”

Epsilon’s tone was very strict, but she had always acted like that, so Kai and Omega just nodded in silence.

“By the way, master said that the rabbit I hunted was very delicious.”

They didn’t know why Epsilon said something so random, but she had always been like this, so Kai and Omega just nodded in silence.

“Of course it’s delicious because I added a secret ingredient called love… I’m kidding.”

Epsilon’s face was scarlet red because of her shyness, but again, she always acted this way, so both Kai and Omega just nodded in silence.

And then, they saw the enemy’s camp.


The camp of the Doem Faction.

The Royalists Faction army was still far away from here.

“Ha ~ ~ ah”

The soldier on watch at night rubbed his eyes, yawning.

―― Just then.

“… Emm?”

The soldier felt as if something just passed by him, so he quickly turned his head around to look behind him. 

“Was I mistaken?”

He thought because there was nothing behind him.

The soldier rubbed his eyes and then continued to stand on watch.

“… Hmm?”

After a while, he looked around.

He suddenly felt he heard a scream.

But he could only see the torch’s faint glow.

This was a very quiet night.

The battalion commander slept in a nearby tent.

The soldier inadvertently raised the torch, and the tent was suddenly illuminated by the light.

“… Eh?”

On the white wall of the tent there was a big blood stain..

He hurriedly ran into the tent.

“Battalion commander! Are you okay!? What——”

Inside the tent was battalion commander’s body, and a head that was brutally cut off, laid on the ground.

The insides of the tent were painted red with blood, but there was no trace of struggle or a fight. 

Battalion commander was killed in an instant by beheading.

“E, e, e… ene…”

The soldier’s voice was shaking.

He was on the watch duty but didn’t notice the enemy attack, which was considered a dereliction of duty..

He stumbled and struggled to get out of the tent to quickly take a breath.

Then he shouted.

“E, e… enemy attack──! Enemy attack──! Enemy attack──!!!”

In a blink of an eye the panic spread around the camp.

He crawled, as if to escape from the tent, shouting on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Then he noticed the tent next to the first one.

“Ah, ah… how, how… what…”

The other tent was also stained red from blood.

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