Chapter 190 – Take A Walk in the Forest

Translator: Makisima from wangmamaread

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Epsilon remembered a girl called Emilia.

It was a story from before master attended the academy, and the time when the Shadow Garden was still a small organization made up of only master and the seven shadows.

At that time, master’s sister Claire was kidnapped by the Order of Diabolos. The result of that situation was that Shadow Garden destroyed one of its branches.

The guy in charge of that branch was called Olba. His daughter’s Emilias name was carved into his sword’s handle.

After some investigation they found out that Olba’s daughter Emilia was taken as a hostage by the cult.

And then, Shadow Garden found her.

But at that time, Emilia has already turned into a monster after being experimented on by the Order of Diabolos, so Alpha killed her out of mercy.

But it seems that her body was recovered by the cult.

“You heartless bastards.”

Epsilon glared furiously at Doem who was smirking.

“It must have been hard for you to come this far just to kill me, but in the end it seems you are not going to be able to do that. The situation has changed. Why don’t you leave your head here?”

From the broken coffin came out a beautiful girl.

Her innocent look and grey hair instantly reminded Epsilon about Olba, even though she only saw him once.

Doem used Emilia as a shield as he slowly retreated.

“… tsu.”

Epsilon also stepped back, while on guard against Emilia.

It was because she sensed in Emilia a magic power level equal to that of the hero Freya.

The noises coming from outside the tent grew louder, as they gradually approached.

Kai and Omega’s distraction seemed to have reached it’s limit. The tent would be surrounded in a short moment.

—— It was time to retreat.

Although they failed to kill Doem, they did weaken the Cult of Diabolos’ military power. Compared to killing Doem, learning about the plans of Cult of Diabolos was much more important.

It was stupid of her to make decisions because of emotional impulses.

Epsilon focused mana at her sword.

Emilia responded to the sudden movement.

But Epsilon’s target was not her.

It was the person behind her – Doem.

Epsilon held her sword horizontally.

The magic gathered on the sword formed a sharp blade and was going to slash at Doem.

“What!? Emilia, protect me!”

Emilia, who was going to attack Epsilon, changed her direction according to Doem’s order.

She rushed into the attack range of the blade, released a huge mana wave and cut Epsilon’s blade in two.

Epsilon widened her eyes behind the mask.

She had not  expected her blade to be cut in this way.

However, Epsilon still succeeded in her goal.

She jumped out of the tent and ran to the forest.

“Catch her, Emilia! Do not let her escape!!”

Epsilon felt huge mana waves from behind her.


I threw together a guerilla plan for the Shadow Garden’s elite group to attack the enemy camp. After separating from Epsilon and the others, I dashed into the forest. At the same time, Violet-san started to flail about.

She wriggled continuously in my pocket.

“Wait a minute, it’s itchy.”

I had no choice but to stop and took Violet-san out of my pocket.

“What’s the matter, what do you want?”

“Pikupiku” – Violet-san shook on my palm.

“Are you hungry?”

“Petipeti” – she patted my palm.

“No? Ah, do you want to go to the bathroom?”

“Batibati” – she hit my hand harder. 

“Hmm, it’s really a headache.”

I scouted around to see if there was anything unusual.

It was just an ordinary forest.

But the moon in the sky was very beautiful.

“The moonlight is beautiful, but I’m in a hurry today. Next time we can watch the moon together.”

Violet-san was wriggling.

Her body language was really hard to understand.

She jumped from my hand and rolled on the ground.

“Do you want to go for a walk?”

I followed behind her.

We only walked for a while, mana was gathering in the forest showing faint light.

The light and mana became stronger little by little, forming a female figure.

“Yo, we meet again.”

I greeted Freya.

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