Chapter 194 – Great Sacrifice for World Peace and Science

Translator: Makisima from wangmamaread

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Doem woke up with a dull pain coming from his head.

“Uhh… Where am I?”

His surroundings were covered in darkness, and the only sound he could hear were the leaves and branches rustling in the wind. It seems he was in the forest.

Doem sat up against a big stone.

He had no idea how he ended up here.

“You woke up.”

Doem heard a boy’s voice from above.

This boy was looking down on him.

Dark hair, dark eyes – an ordinary person you could find anywhere.

Doem couldn’t feel his magic power.

He could hear his voice and see his figure, but the boy blended into the darkness so well, that one would still doubt if he really existed.

“You… who are you…”

Doem tried to stand up, but his body felt heavy, and for some reason he couldn’t control his own magic power.

“I know you, and you know me too. Try to recall.”

“Have I ever met you??”

Doem remembered the faces of almost every person he ever met, even those he met only once.

He certainly did see that black-haired boy somewhere.

“You are… You’re the one who sat next to Princess Iris in the Bushin Tournament.”

“Correct. Amazing.”

“You’re from the Midgar Kingdom… this can cause an international issue.”

At that moment, Doem thought that this boy was just an ordinary person. He couldn’t possibly have the courage and strength to kidnap him.

But maybe, the boy hid his strength and specifically targeted him. Maybe he created a detailed plan, and found an opportunity to kidnap him.

“Who knows.”

The boy gave a cold smile.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Today a girl’s life was nearly unreasonably taken away. It’s a pity, don’t you think??”

The black-haired boy looked down at Doem coldly. His eyes devoid of emotions. .

Doem couldn’t move his body at all for some reason. 

“Are you doing this for revenge?”

“No, no. I’m just asking.”

“Who knows? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

“I do think she is pitiful.”

“Huh… so?”

“I have set some rules for myself for killing people. I followed them so far. One of them is that I will try my best not to kill anyone that I think is pitiful.”

“You’re really gentle.”

“I nearly broke this rule because of you. So, for the sake of world peace, I am going to kill you. If you really think about it, killing you is still a positive thing, considering the killing part, and positive reaction will come out of it. I don’t even really care about the world peace part.”

“… what are you talking about?”

Was this boy joking, or was he just stupid. Doem looked at the boy, not comprehending what he was really talking about.

The boy’s stance didn’t change, he still stared at Doem with his cold, dark eyes.

“You’re a bad guy. I can tell by your smell.”

Kunn kunn – the boy sniffed loudly as if he was playing in a drama.

“Hah… so stupid.”

“But that’s the reason you’re going to die.”

“Liar. I would be dead by now if you really were going to kill me. So, what are you doing this for? Money? Information?”

“You’ve got a point. The reason I haven’t killed you yet is because you’re a prominent figure in Oriana Kingdom, so you should have some useful info.”

“Information… try torture, maybe you will get some.”

“I’m not interested in torturing you, I might have done that if it were necessary, but you are going to tell me everything even if I don’t do that.”

The boy said that with complete confidence. He was determined to get the results, and he didn’t have any doubts that he would get them.

Doem felt creeped out. Although the boy looked completely ordinary, his behavior and the words he said had indicated something extraordinary.

For the first time, doem started to be afraid of that boy.

“What are you talking about…”

“Your head hurts, your body can’t move, and you can’t control your magic power, right? Do you know why?”

Just like he said, he couldn’t move at all, even though he wasn’t tied up, nor was he injured.

He could neither escape or resist.

He was gradually becoming more and more terrified by the minute.

“Wha- What did you do to me?!”

“I tried injecting my magic power directly into your brain, that’s all. Biribiri.”

The boy said as he gathered his blue-violet magic in both hands.

“That’s why I thought. Wouldn’t you tell me everything if I injected some more magic power?”

Patipati – magic in his hands let out small electrical sounds.

It was the first time Doem ever saw such a high-quality magic. Such dense magic power was perfectly controlled in his hands.

It was just like the magic from other dimensions, which caused Doem to shudder.

“Plea- Please wait. This is torture! It’s definitely torture!!”

“That’s rude. It’s an experiment. A scientific experiment. Thanks to your sacrifice, there is a chance that many people who are brain dead can be healed. If you try to resist, your brain might explode into pieces, so I would suggest staying quiet.”

The boy grabbed Doem’s head with his hands.

“Now, here we go. For world peace and science.”

“S, sto-“

“Biri biri.”

“Help, ahhhhhhhhhh!!”

Then Doem’s conciousness was dyed filled with blue-violet magic.


After Doem’s disappearance, the Doem Faction’s army evacuated overnight.

The Royalists Faction marched through the empty plains unhindered after Doem Faction’s retreat.

The Doem Faction didn’t know where Doem was.

The Royalists didn’t even know that he was gone, so they carefully thread forward looking out for traps and ambushes.

But of course, nothing happened.

In this way, the Royalists surrounded the capital of the Oriana Kingdom to lauch the final battle.

In the end, no one could solve the mystery of Doem’s disappearance.

Chapter 193 - It’s Not My Fault The Shot Went Awry
Chapter 195 - The Secret One Wants to Hide the Most

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