Chapter 200 – Mysterious Architect Eta Lloyd Wright

Translator: Makisima from wangmamaread

Proofreader: Hieu

As we landed, we heard the sound of the door breaking down overhead.

“Run with all you have! If you strengthen your body while running, they won’t be able to catch up to you.” (Christina)

Since I would become a literal meteor if I ran too fast, I dashed after Christina at a Mob Swordsman-level speed.

She increased her speed with her smooth magic control.

“Come on, zombies will overrun us soon. We will be finished if we stop.”

Christina told me as she swung her sword to kill zombies in front of us.


Sound of zombies running could be heard from behind us.

They were extremely fast, comparable to hounds running at full speed. Ordinary people would have zero chance of escaping if they meet these zombies.

Unfortunately, there were no Americans in this world.

Ah, but there were swordsmen.

“Straight along this road!”

“Ha… ha…” 

I didn’t forget to pant heavily like a true mob character.

All the zombies ahead were killed by Christina. Thank you, Miss Mob!


For some reason, at the end of the street, a modern Japanese-styled building stood, like it was brought from another world.

It was Mitsugoshi Company, no doubt.

The architectural style was the exact same as what I’ve seen in my previous world. Why was there a Japanese-styled building in such a country?

The building style does not fit this world no matter how much you think about it.

“No matter how many times I see it, I can’t help but marvel at its beauty! Its architectural style blends perfectly with the monotonous street! The architecture goes beyond the times! The style is so different from traditional architecture and yet, gives off the feeling of having a never-ending history behind it! Let’s propose a toast to Eta Lloyd Wright, the genius architect, whose work won unanimous first place in last year’s Architecture of the Year!”


After hearing Christina’s praise for a modern Japanese Department Store, I accidentally made a strange noise.


How is this building amazing?

Isn’t this cultural blasphemy on the level of adding mayonnaise in chilled Chinese noodles?

(Editor’s joke: It’s like adding pineapple on pizza, don’t kill me for this)

chilled Chinese noodles

Although I couldn’t agree at all, we arrived at the Mitsugoshi Company anyways.

“No, it’s locked.” (Christina)

“Then break it.” (Sid)

As I drew my sword, Christina’s facial expression suddenly changed.

“I won’t let you do that!”

She held out her arms before me as if to protect the door and glared at me.

“It is told that even if the Royal Palace is destroyed, the Mitsugoshi Company Oriana branch should be protected at all costs. I won’t let you lay a finger on it!”

“No no no, think about our situation!?”

Countless zombies were chasing after us at full speed!

“Sid-kun, don’t you know how beautiful and detailed this door is?”

“I have zero idea!”

No matter how I look, it’s just a door.

“Then let me tell you, this door…”

Christina killed a zombie behind me before she finished her words.

“Such delicate and beautiful decoration…”

And so, she continued while killing many more zombies.

“The nuisance is busy now. Let’s destroy it.”

While Christina was busy dealing with zombies, I injected magic into my sword.


I ignored her despairing cry that sounded like her lover was being killed.

Eta Lloyd Wright must be Eta. If I grab her by the neck, she will make even 10 or 20 doors like that.

And then…

The door opened with a rattling sound.

“Don’t break down the door! Come in! Quick!”

A man’s voice came from inside.

I grabbed Christina by the neck and ran into the building. 

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