Chapter 201 – The Only Food Left Is DX

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“Close the door!”

As we just got in, the bald ossan (uncle) immediately closed the door and locked it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Although zombies outside kept pounding on the door, the door didn’t shake much.

“As expected, Mitsugoshi Company’s door is really sturdy.”

“That’s because of its special material which even magic swordsmen can’t destroy.”

The bald ossan explained.

“Good grief! The smell is disgusting. Don’t open the door again. I’m swordsman Margari, a mercenary. What about you guys?”

“I’m Christina, and this is Sid-kun. We are students of the Midgar Magic Swordsman Academy.”

“What business do students from the Midgar Kingdom have with the Oriana Kingdom?”

“My mother’s hometown is in Oriana Kingdom. And Sid is traveling.”

“Traveling during this period…”

“Ha ha…”

I gave a forced smile trying to gloss over.

“I’ve heard that the Mitsugoshi Company is protecting the neighbourhood.”

Christina looked around.

There were dozens of residents around, but it seemed that none of them were Mitsugoshi Company’s employee.

“They had escaped with most residents last night. The building was empty when we arrived here.”

“We are late…”

“Bad luck through and through, now we have to find a way to survive by ourselves.”

“We may be able to count on the Anti Doem Faction to rescue us.”

“Of course it will be good if they can come here, however…”

Margari sighed.

“Have you seen it? Have you seen how many people in the city have become zombies? They certainly outnumber the soldiers outside.”


“If the soldiers outside know about the situation in the city, they will never come in. So we are confined to this building, and can only wait for the zombies outside to starve to death. This building is but a trap that will spell the end for us all.”

Christina’s face fell.

I thought that Margari’s consideration was a realistic and calm judgement of the current situation.

“In other words, we’ll either have to wait for the zombies to starve to death, or to escape the city yourself without waiting for any outside help. ” -Sid

“Yes. Some people believe that the rescue team will arrive soon, but I don’t have any hope for it.” -Margari

As a mercenary, Margari made a realistic judgment.

“The problems we currently have are certainly piled up. Anyway, it’s great that you can become combat forces. If anything happens, we can fight together.”

“Are us three the only swordsmen here?”

“Seems so, we are the only ones that have combat experience. The rest has never even touched a sword before.”

“So we must protect everyone here!”

Christina said firmly.

“I understand. But even so, we can only do our best.”


“For the time being, we’d prepare ourselves for staying trapped here for a long time. I will take the command.”


“Do you know what are the necessities for surviving?”

“Water, food and firewood.”

“Correct. For water, we’ll just need to wait for the snow to melt. We have enough firewood for the time being. But food…”

“Tha.. tha.. That’s why I was against letting them in the building before!”

Before Margari finished his words, a resident shouted.

“There is not enough food! They should have been killed by zombies.”

“We won’t share food with you!”

“Yes! Yes! This is our food!”

Several residents shouted, and others gazed at us hostilely.

“They are students of the Midgar Magic Swordsman Academy. Only the three of us can protect you!”

Margari intimidated in low voice.


As expected of a mercenary, he had a big impact on regular people

Residents bowed their heads obediently.

“Sorry, these guys only think for themselves.”

“This is normal, don’t sweat it.”

“I think you guys have a rough idea by now. Food is a problem for us.”

“Aren’t there food left from the Mitsugoshi Company?”

“All valuable products were taken away by the employees of the Mitsugoshi Company.”

“Well, how many days do we have left until the food runs out?”

“I’m not sure. Look, there is a little.”

Margari opened a large box in the centre guarded by the residents.

Surrounding residents shot them unfriendly glances.

“These, these are…”

The box was filled with luxuriously wrapped candies.

“Special Beauty Drop DX?!”

Seeing the pile of 10,000 Zeny candies, Christina shouted.

The fact that these candies were left here proved that they may actually be worth only 10 Zeny each.

I looked at excited Christina with sympathy, and turned my gaze on other products left by Mitsugoshi Company.

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