Chapter 203 – Seems Like Never Coming Back

Translator: Makisima from wangmamaread

Proofreader: Hieu

“Why is there no food left?”

Mr. Margari answered my question with a bitter face.

“Blame it on the group of nobles. Even though we were here first, while we were busy fortifying the building, they just went and monopolized the food.”


It felt like the end of the world.

“So that’s why when we were seeking refugee, they didn’t want to open the door for us.”

Mr. Margari nodded.

“Where are those nobles now?”

“On the upper floor. But there are guards, we can’t do anything.”

“They just think about saving themselves. Scums.”

“Yes, unfortunatelyー”

I also agreed.

“But why did they leave the special beauty drop DX?”

“Because the candy tastes terrible.”

Taste terrible huh. I should give it a try.

“Rude. It has a healthy taste.”

“Wow, it’s terrible.”

I spat out the candy.

I had thought that there would be such a thing, so I just fetched a few candies in advance.

“This is a personal insult. Spd DX is not terrible. It has a noble taste that can only be understood by the God chosen talents .”

A complete set of fairy tale tricks of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

“Does it mean it requires an artistic delicacy to savour?”

“Sid-kun, I see you finally realize how good the candy tastes .”

Christina picked up the candy I spat and said, “It’s still edible if we wash it.”

“…at least it is precious food.”

“What should we do with the food problem?”

“You are also noblemen, aren’t you? Can you talk to the people above to spare some food over?”

“I am just a poor baron from Midgar Kingdom.”

“I should’ve guessed it. I had no expectations on you since the beginning. Don’t worry.”

I trembled to the excitement.

This was music to the ears for a mob character.

“But this lady is different. I know it straight away.”

Christina had a disposition of a noble protagonist from the top down.

“I was born in a Grant family of Midgar Kingdom… Do you know which noble is above us right now?”

“If I remember correctly…it is the Grant Ijiruwa’s family.”


Christina immediately apologized.

“Do I take your apology as that it is difficult to negotiate?”

“No, I came to Oriana Kingdom for a different reason.”

“Exactly, what reasons do you have to come to the Oriana during these times?”

I asked while letting go my own worry.

“An acquaintance in Oriana Kingdom proposed a marriage request to my family.”

“During this period?”

“It seems that they want to get things done before the war officially starts.”

In short, they wanted money.

“I am the fourth daughter in my house.I’ve got close contact with the Grant Ijiruwa Family in Oriana Kingdom thanks to the marriage request. Well, it would not be a bad thing if it had developed smoothly.”

“It seems that it didn’t develop smoothly.”

“Yes. Although the marriage is settled, I am involved in this problem. My family have successfully escaped, fortunately enough.”

“So, is that to say Christina’s fiancé is Grant Ijiruwa?”

“That’s it”

“The Grant family also have their own problems.”

“I am the fourth daughter, so I have already resolved myself that I couldn’t choose my own partner.. As long as he is not a bad person is enough.”

“However, that gentleman is greedily swallowing food by himself above.”

“He definitely is not a bad person, there must be some reasons why he is acting this way! If only I can say like this” —Chris

“I don’t think you want to say this, I can basically see everyone’s anger.” —Sid

From the surrounding civilians, I felt their murderous sights.

“Hold it. Grant Ijiruwa cares about me. I think I can negotiate.”

“That’s great. In fact, when I saw you, I knew you are a beautiful woman. Remember to get some more food.”

“Fufufu, thank you. All thanks to the special beauty drop DX.”

“That’s right”

“Then, I will go negotiate.”

Christina stepped on the ladder.

“So, do you think she will come back?”

I tried to ask Mr. Margari.

“Who knows. We can only believe in the conscience of that lady.”

“She is a marquis daughter.”

It would be better to say that hernot coming back was the set pattern.

“If only the lady is fascinated in you, boy, then maybe…”

“That’s impossible. But just in case, I took an extra measure.”

“What kind of measure?”

“I called her a beautiful woman.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”


We looked up at the ladder without words.

After a while…


It was Christina’s screaming .

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