Who’s WangMama?

Just five novel lovers: DDGod, Star River, Sweet Bun, JiuJiuBa and Makisima.

DDGod is the translator of Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine Realm. He is addicted to novels with cultivation tags. On his last birthday he said his wish was to become a top-tier cultivator. May you success, DDGod…
Star River is the translator of Star Martial God Technique. She has a big stomach, loving all kinds of meat. “The pleasure in my life comes from reading and eating.” claimed Star River.
Sweet Bun is the translator of Good Morning, Mr. President. She is a sugar lover crazy for desserts. Her love for sweet foods drives her to learn to cook. Now she is a wonderful cook who can make desserts all herself!
JiuJiuBa is the translator of The Tutorial is Too Hard. She is a sleepy girl whose personality is very free and easy. But if you disturbed her sleep, things are different. She will become the most violent person in the world and perish both you and herself together.
Makisima is the translator of shadowing. She likes Japan and Japanese novels. She is shy but you can talk about all about Japanese novels with her.

We have one thing in common: love for Asian novels. We are not native English speakers, but we really want to share these interesting novels with more readers, so we start our venture in translation. Just founded a few months ago, WangMama is still a beginner right now, but we will keep trying our best to translate every sentence. Please leave comments if you find any mistake in our translation. That will be very helpful.