Chapter 830 – Rotten and Rusty Army (Part 2)

Soon after, ten thousand knights and the transport team of the Royal Army entered the Butter Forest in the territory of Bu Huang City. Through the Butterfly Forest, they found thousands of hectares of fertile land then bypassed Blizzard Wind Army garrison. Blizzard Wind Army was the most mighty army directly under Angela. The army had high morale and people could hear their neat drilling sound in the long distance. The Royal Army did not approach the garrison, or it would cause some doubts. In the far south of Blizzard Wind Army garrison, there was a peak, Mount Xing Yun. It was the highest mountain in Ba Huang City, even higher than Ice Ridge mountain. However, no one had actually reached the mountaintop. At the foot of the peak, there was a relic, the garrison of Purple Star Army. Since Purple Star had been killed by the Magic Dragon Huo Li, all knights in Purple Star Army had been transferred into hybrid demons by Luo Lin. Maybe all had been killed by us in the expedition. Therefore, the place was just in ruins. There were many hunters who hunted hares, wild boar and badger for eating or came to the garrison to exchange some money.


Han Yuan looked around the ruins of Purple Star Army, where one flag of Purple Star Army was swaying in the air. He sighed, “Decades ago, Purple Star Army was the third most mighty army of Ba Huang City. Even in the Tian Ling Empire, it was also among the best armies. Who could expect that it would end like that? General, whether our Royal Army would fall like it one day?”

Both Han Yuan and Xiao Li showed great respect. Xiao Li said sincerely, “Commander! You are the only core of the Royal Army. If you are not here, the atmosphere of the Royal Army will disappear. I hope that you will never abandon us!”

I felt a little bit in my heart and nodded, “Reassured, I won’t!”

“It wouldn’t be better!”

Then, through the edge of the Holy Flame Desert, we arrived into the wilderness. Far away, we could see a simple city block built there, crossed between us and the wilderness where the Barbarian Tribe was located. Above the fortress was the flag of Ba Huang City. Obviously, this was the garrison of Ba Huang City. It looked like there were no more than 1,000 troops in the fortress.

Han Yuan rushed forward with the flag of the Royal Army, and yelled at the guards on the city block, “Commander Li Xiao Yao of the Royal Army is going to the South to work personally, please let go!”

A sentry in the city block was stunned and asked, “Really Commander Li of the Royal Army?”

Han Yuan nodded, “Is there any fake Commander Li?”

“I’m going down!”

A few seconds later, the Sentry appeared below the city block, riding a horse. He smiled and said, “I’m Liu Ren. Commander of the Royal Army, please show your token, and you will naturally be given a green light!”

I took out the token of the Commander of the Royal Army from the waist. After showing it, I said, “Is it alright?”

Sentry smiled and said, “Yes, I have already confirmed. Please forgive me. Recently, the barbarians in the south have been invading our fertile land in Ba Huang City. They are really hateful. So the Queen sent us to guard here, and once there is a barbaric man, he will be defeated by sword immediately!”

I nodded, “We’ve passed. And we went to the Barbarian Tribe to recruit them to serve as soldiers in Tian Ling City. You just report to Queen Angela and explain that it is my request.”

“Yes, Commander!”

The military rank of the sentry is just a commandant, which is at level 12 at most. He is much inferior to me, I have ranked the Fourth Tier General of the South, so his tone is very respectful and prudent, in this world where strength and power determine everything, any disrespect could be fatal, and fortunately, I am just a player. If I were a real NPC instead, I am afraid that I have been beheaded several times by the royals of Tian Ling City… just as King Rob had promoted his four generals to diminish the power of the Royal Army, if they want to put me to death, there are thousands of resorts to do it.

The Royal Army Cavalrymen passed through the fortress one after another, and the rear transport vehicles followed them one by one. Soon, we had already entered the wilderness and then marched for nearly half an hour, some sporadic shabby buildings appeared. They were really simple and crude, many of which were just caves dug over the mountains or houses built with branches. From the outside, you can see the sun shining through the roof and shooting in the house ground. Allow of no doubt, on a rainy day, it must be heavy rain outside and light rain inside. On the living conditions, barbarians really cannot be put on a par with humans.

“Be careful, someone is coming!” Xiao Li suddenly shouted with low hoarseness, “Shield UP!”

A group of the Royal Army’s shield cavalry rushed to the front to form a battlefield, and suddenly there were many arrows falling from both sides of the mountains. With “crackling” sound, some arrows shot on the shield, others shot at the armor of the Royal Army, the arrowhead fell on the ground. After having a glance at them, I found its workmanship was so poor that even the wooden sticks used to make the arrow handle were bent, how could it hit the target?

In the distance, a group of barbarians carrying hand-made stone axes and rough spears screamed and rushed over. Although the group’s fighting power is very strong, their equipment… can only be described with two words, rotten and rusty. Relying on such equips, they could only conquer princelings, but if they wanted to fight against the Royal Army, then they were doomed!

Chapter 830 - Rotten and Rusty Army (Part 1)
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