Chapter 831 – Fire Dragon (Part 2)

Saying these words, the leader had been tearful. He knelt on the ground and said, “Commander, if you are the Savior sent to us by God, please help us kill these monsters. As long as it’s done, we promise that half of the residents in Shi Si Tribe migrate to Tian Ling City. Once they confirm that humans would not harm us, the whole Shi Si Tribe will move to Tian Ling City and select young people to work for you!”

“Monster?” I stood up and asked, “What kind of monster?”

The leader said, “They are able to spurt fire, and have very sharp horns on their heads. Many of our warriors died under such sharp horns. And this group of monsters like the taste of Shouliang Yam Rhizome, so they trampled on Shouliang Yam Rhizome Land, and thus we’ve lost our food source.”

Han Yuan came in and threw a bunch of things like plant roots on my desk and said, “General, this is Shouliang Yam Rhizome!”

I cut one of them with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. It was purple. I cut out a small piece and took a bite in my mouth. It was so bitter and I couldn’t help but frown, “The barbarian tribe eats this to maintain life?”

“Yes, General!”

I nodded, “Well, I see. How many people are there in Shi Si Tribe?”

“A total of more than 200,000 people, can Commander arrange life for us?”

I sat down with confidence and said, “Don’t worry. Only 200,000 people, the Fire Crystal Basin is enough for you to live. Well, you all go back, I’ll immediately set about killing the monsters. Wait for good news! ”

“Thank you, Commander, you are really the Savior sent to us by God!”

I didn’t say anything more but gave these people some food. These tribal leaders seem to have never seen so much food, returning to their tribe happily.

Getting out of the camp, I mounted the horse and said to everyone behind me, “Han Yuan, Xiao Li, follow me to scout their Shouliang Yam Rhizome land, let’s figure out what the hell the legendary monster is.”

“Yes, Commander!”

Before long, they gathered a 1000-person troop, and by the moonlight, the troop got out of the valley. At 20 minutes’ gallop, a familiar smell assaulted the nostrils, obviously, it was exactly the smell of Shouliang Yam Rhizome. On the distant mountains, a few scattered flares shone, arching in the Shouliang Yam Rhizome land just like several pigs, nothing but those flares were more mighty than pigs. They were surrounded by flares… were they Land Dragons?

No, their limbs were not bent like dragon claws but were very straight, and they had bristles on the back. The whole body was covered with red scales, through which the flames enveloped the surrounding. And at the top of their heads, a sharp horn showed as the sword edge. Looking at this appearance, I couldn’t help but tremble in my heart, was Zhan Long’s advanced mount arriving?

I went straight ahead and waved the sword in hand. Shouting with low hoarseness, I charged and also saw the level of those monsters clearly. Archean 155 Level monster, Archean Level? It was one level higher than the Titan Level, and its power may be equivalent to the 6 or 7-level Hybrid Demon. After all, in terms of the property, they were almost the same. Advancing towards, I chopped the sword to the monsters!


The monster’s, named Fire Dragon, defensive power was high enough that the Dragon Reservoir Sword only inflicted 2.2w+ damage on them. After feeling ache, the Fire Dragon swang up its head and hit me back. 3000+ damage, not bad. After the killing, there was nothing dropped, and Han Yuan, Xiao Li, and others also guided the Royal Army kill monsters. Dozens of people killed a Fire Dragon, which was basically safe.

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It didn’t take us long to mop up the mountain, there were also several Fire Dragons neighed and sneaked away, they were running so fast that our cavalry couldn’t keep up, and even my Flying Scythe Horse couldn’t catch up. Let them go. I wouldn’t care anymore since they fled.


After killing these beasts for a while, I finally found a Fire Dragon of Level 1. It was a small beast, standing there alone and roaring in a low voice. I slowly walked forward and read its data. At last, I found the monster’s mount data, very powerful–

[Fire Dragon] (Divine Tier BOSS level Mount)

Strength: +310

Stamina: +305

Agility: +300

Magic: +297

Attack Power Increase: +100%

Defense Increase: +150%

Movement Increase: +400%

Max HP increase: +20000

Special: Enormous Dragon Blood, increase the user’s Attack Power and rate of recovering HP sharply

Special: king of the beasts, decrease the target’s mount data by 30%

Mount Durability: +70%

Mount Stamina: 200

Recovery rate: 0.5/minute

Level: 140


Slightly shocked, I couldn’t believe it. Was it a BOSS level mount? Its grade was the same as my Flying Scythe Horse, but the required level was 140, so its data was completely better than my present mount. God! This mount was excellent. I must get it. There were a dozen mount crystals in my package, which could be used to seal the Fire Dragon.

I took out a piece of mount crystal, started sealing and tried seven or eight times. Finally, succeed!


This Fire Dragon fell into my package. When I was going to sign the contract, Han Yuan next to me shouted, “Commander, something wrong, look over there!”


I turned around and found that a herd of Fire Dragon ran over here in the distance. And the first Fire Dragon in front of the herd was bigger than others, whose head looked like a real fire dragon. Suddenly, I was shocked and realized that the beast like that was the mount I really wanted. But… this beast didn’t seem like a level 1 mount. Whatever, forget it and kill it first!

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