Chapter 832 – Divine Dragon Horse (Part 1)

It must have been a few fire dragons who had escaped before to notify its party members, and then this “big king” came. Facing a total of over 100 fire dragons plus a BOSS, I immediately shouted, “Take action together! I’ll fight against this big one. You take out the bow and shoot a few first!”

Han Yuan, Xiao Li and others had no teamwork experience, so they did not know how to cooperate with me. They simply took out the swords and rushed to hack.

When I got close to this BOSS and read its properties on the personal channel, I was shocked by its rank. Was it actually Deity Tier? God! There was a Deity Tier BOSS in this wild place in the south. Unbelievable?!

[Divine Dragon Emperor] (Deity Tier BOSS)

Level: 157

Defense: 17000

Skills: ???

Introduction: Divine Dragon Emperor, used to be the Fire Dragon King. When the Dragon had a disaster, the Fire Dragon King led hundreds of fire dragons to escape, and killed tens of thousands of guards in the Well of the Gods and Demons, so it was chased by Da Lun and Xi Fu. In the end, Divine Dragon Emperor was captured by Goddess Xi Fu, and Xi Fu launched a curse full of sin, transforming the Fire Dragon King into a horse, driven by humans by generations.

I would have begun to sympathize with the Divine Dragon Emperor if it weren’t so tyrannical. Both its Attack Power and Defense were very high, but its health was only 100 million, which did not match its God class BOSS identity. I guessed the reason must be that it had been cursed, so its ability had been greatly weakened. However, this was also good news for us, otherwise, how could the 1,000 Royal Army soldiers resist it?


The icicles behind me sporadically condensed into wings, and I instantly entered the effect of Ice Wings. After [Wall of Dou Qi] was equipped, I chopped the body of BOSS with Zhen Yue Blade.


Obviously, this time, the damage was not so serious. Divine Dragon Emperor became furious, raising his four hooves, and from the sharp horn on his head, a blazing flame suddenly burst out and bombarded on my Violet Heaven Cape, then an impressive pain enveloped my whole body. That was really a blow similar to the dragon’s breath, which directly reduced my 30,000+ health. It was unbearable, so I immediately set an [Azure Dragon Crossbow], withdrew and threw the Zhen Yue Blade to fight against this beast.

Holding their weapons, Han Yuan and Xiao Li advanced forward and stood beside Divine Dragon Emperor. The two guys’ health was much higher than mine, so they could hold their own, and it was enough for me to maintain the remote output.


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Han Yuan’s long broadsword bloomed a flash of blood on the butt of Divine Dragon Emperor. Immediately targeting at the BOSS, I gave him a [Great Realm of Desolation] blow, then after giving full health for myself, I continued to approach him and activated a combo, then retreated again. Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and dashed out, lingering around the BOSS and launched constantly attacking as well, meanwhile, the Royal Army was discharging arrows around the boss, and another group of cavalrymen was waving weapons and shields, battled with a group of Fire Dragon. In an instant, the flame tinted the whole hillside red. And in the distance, it could be seen that many barbarians were coming out of the cave and watching the scene of the fight on the mountain in amazement.


The attack of the BOSS was so fierce that Han Yuan’s chest had shed blood after a few collisions. I said hurriedly, “Retreat, charge after bandage, it’s an order!”

Giving the BOSS a violent slash, Han Yuan immediately retreated. I and Xiao Li pincer attacked the BOSS, maintaining the Tag Battle situation. Getting through the war in Revered One’s Empire, Han Yuan had been upgraded to Demon Tier BOSS, which was almost close to the Deity Tier BOSS. He couldn’t be killed here, or it would be a great loss for me.

Sophisticated in using the gun, Xiao Li shot the Divine Dragon Emperor constantly and its HP decreased gradually. With the help of the Royal Army, the HP of the Divine Dragon Emperor had fallen to about 30%!

“Howl…” roared the Divine Dragon Emperor.

The Divine Dragon continued roaring with anger and then surrounded itself with several pillars of fire. The crowd, including me, were hurt and even a dozen of the Royal Army soldiers were burned to death. I withdrew and used [Hand of Hell] with a hand. Fortunately, it froze the BOSS, for 10 seconds!

Han Yuan and Xiao Li took the opportunity and made a fierce attack, and at the same time, the Royal Army also swung their swords and blades towards the BOSS. The Divine Dragon Emperor looked more miserable than before and couldn’t bear the injuries anymore. The scales on its whole body were rolled up under such violent attacks, and its blood was splashing, like spurting magma. It kept screaming and soon was at the point of death.

“Howl…” roared it again.

It used its final skill again. This time, the final skill was a more large-scale fire blast. I quickly stood in front of the Royal Army, and then commanded, “All back!”

As I was the highest commander of the Royal Army, Han Yuan, Xiao Li and others all backed up. But I still continued standing around the BOSS. I released the [Halberd Flame] and [Chi You Body] at the same time. Within the 25 seconds of unrivaled effect, I constantly ravaged the boss. Suddenly I opened my hand and used [Nine Heavens], then countless brontosaurus raged on the hillside. The BOSS gave out miserable wails and its sharp horns on his head struck my chest several times. When the [Chi You Body]’s effect ended, it immediately provoked my defense with two dragons. Because it was cursed and had only one hundred million HP, it couldn’t last for a long time. With the combo skill of Zhen Yue Blade, its rest HP was taken away. After a wailing cry, this time the God level Boss’ decayed body finally fell down on the ground.

Chapter 831 – Fire Dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 832 - Divine Dragon Horse (Part 2)

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